Aeon Credit Login Personal Loan Check Status Online

How to open Aeon Credit Service login Online Check Status application Personal Loan, how long approval time & balance Credit Card in 2024

aeon credit login personal loan

AEONCredit Services (M) Berhad is a financial institution that offers products and services such as personal loans, debit and credit cards, insurance protection, and business financing.

The AEONCredit financial institution began to establish itself in Malaysia in 1997 with the introduction of the Easy Payment loan scheme.

It was introduced with the aim of preparing and solving the financial problems of customers to meet their daily financial needs.

Now, there are 71 AEONCredit branches operating across Malaysia.

How To Open Aeon Credit Online Card Service

AEON Credit online for credit card application can be applied easily, and they can also pass easily with not too strict eligibility conditions.

AEON Credit card application can now be registered and applied for through the official online portal login at

Complete the required information correctly and attach it along with the required documents.

Then, click on the “Send” button to send the credit card application.

What Is The Minimum Salary For Aeon Personal Loan

Customers can apply for a personal loan with AEONCredit Berhad.

However, the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria set by AEONCredit in order to approve the personal loan application.

One of them is the applicant’s minimum wage eligibility. Applicants for a personal loan that generates a monthly income of at least RM1500 of their gross salary can apply for this loan.

Aeon Credit Personal Loan Check Status

Applicants who have successfully applied for AEONCredit can only make an online loan approval check.

It’s so easy for applicants to know whether their personal loan application passes or fails. Here’s how to make a credit check for AEONCredit (M) Berhad: 

  1. View the page aeon login
  2. Then, enter the applicant’s personal loan reference number.
  3. Click on the “Check” button. 
  4. Finally, the applicant’s aeon credit personal loan check status will be displayed.

How Long Credit Approval

How long does it take for aeon to approve a loan?

Typically for aeon loan approval time, applicants who succeed in applying for AEON personal loans will have to wait up to three (3) working days for the loan to be approved.

For a successful loan, the loan money will be disbursed to the applicant’s savings or current account as registered.

Can I Withdraw Money And Cash From Credit Card

Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions set by them, AEON authorizes its customers who are Aeon cardholders to make cash and cash withdrawals from any cardholder’s account.

This withdrawal can be done at any ATM machine or using their ATM.

What Is Aeon Interest Rate?

Any financial financing requested by the client will be subject to interest rates. The interest rate charged is reasonable.

The interest rate charged is based on the length of the installment performed by the customer. It’s between 2.5% and 5.5%.

Aeon Credit Loan Balance Check

How do i check my aeon balance?

Check the balance of loan received by the borrower can be done online, by SMS, or by contacting customer service.

The easiest and fastest way to check balance is via online. Here are the ways: 

  1. Browse the official AEON login credit portal on the site. 
  2. Log in to the user’s AEON Credit login account. 
  3. Finally, the user’s loan balance check will be displayed on the main page of the official portal.

Aeon Credit Motorcycle Loan Balance Check

AEON offers a variety of loans, including motorcycle loans. Check the balance of the motorcycle loan can be done via aeon online login.

Here are the ways to make an AEON Credit motorcycle loan check: 

  1. Visit the following page aeon credit login, login
  2. Login to the AEON finance borrower’s account. 
  3. Finally, your loan statement will be displayed for checking purposes.

How To Apply For Aeon Installment

Customers can apply AEON Credit installment plan. This plan will facilitate AEON customers for payment by installment to alleviate the financial burden of customers as well as improve the quality of customer spending.

The way is simple: sign an agreement at any participating merchant.

Next, the customer needs to make a purchase of at least RM500 on a single receipt using the Credit Card.

After approval, the first installment for items purchased by the customer will be reflected in the next credit card statement.

How To Increase Credit Limit On Aeon Service

Customers can choose to increase the credit limit on their Credit. Here are the ways: 

  1. Customers need to download and complete the Credit Limit Review Form. 
  2. Attach all necessary documents according to the applicant’s category. 
  3. Finally, send all documents for the purpose of increasing the credit limits.

The Nature Of Business

AEONCredit is an institution under the auspices of AEON Financial Service Co.

aeon credit personal loan status

It provides a range of business solutions, including financing products, insurance services, card products, and any other financial solutions.

Specifically, the services offered this Management are credit cards, prepaid cards, easy payment schemes, personal financing schemas, motor vehicle financing, SMEs financing solutions, insurance protection, hire purchase installment, and many more.

Aeon Credit Customer Service 24 Hours Phone Number

Aeon offers 24 hours customer service to help their customers learn more about the services offered.

Not only that, it’s responsible for solving customer problems related to AEONcredit products.

Customers can contact the motorcycle loan customer service number at 03-2719 9999 with any questions related to credit’s services.