Best Travel Credit Card Malaysia For Air Miles

Which the top, good and the Best Travel Credit Card Malaysia in 2024 for air miles & free airport lounge access

top best travel credit card malaysia 2024

A travel credit card is defined as a card that can be used internationally or locally for any purchases specifically used for travel expenses. It can be used for any purchases, either online or in-store, and it is also applicable for cash withdrawals at ATMs while traveling.

Any purchases made using a travel credit card will be entitled to any rewards, cashbacks, miles, and points.

All of those can be used to redeem any travel expenses, such as flight tickets, free airport lounges, hotel stays, car rentals, and many more.

Hence, it is recommended for travelers to have a travel credit card that may help them to earn travel rewards and, at the same time, improve their travel experiences. 

Best Travel Credit Card Malaysia (OVERALL)

Below are the top and best travel credit card rated good by travelers and mostly used among travelers in Malaysia in 2023 for air miles, free airport lounge access;

1. The Platinum American Express by Maybank

The Maybank Visa Platinum credit card is one of the best travel credit cards that travelers favorably use.

Any purchases and expenses can be made from all over the world, as they are recognized worldwide.

There are plenty of benefits offered by this credit card, especially for travel expenses usage, such as earning 300,000 welcome Membership Reward points with spend of at least RM20,000 that applicable within 90 days of card issued and annual fee payment, earning 5x Membership Rewards Points for every RM1 spent, entitled to platinum concierge service, redemption of miles point through Frequent Flyer Programme, accessing to complimentary airport lounges worldwide, entitled to dining and special privileges, and receiving travel insurance coverage of up to RM2,000,000 when you purchase the travel tickets fully charged on this credit card.

best the platinum american express credit card

Thus, travelers who have qualified and fulfilled the eligible requirement to acquire this credit card may make an application for this travel credit card online through

2. Uob Infinate Credit Card

The UOB Visa Infinite credit card is also one of the most used credit cards among travelers.

It provides various privileges to the users, such as 12X complimentary airport lounge access within a calendar year, 12X complimentary limo service to KLIA with spend on airlines, hotels, and or travel agencies using this credit card, 8X UNIRM for overseas spend, 5X UNIRM for dining spend in Malaysia, and RM400 cashback with 3X retail spend as a welcome gift to the users.

Travelers who are interested in applying for this travel credit card can do so online through

3. Maybank 2 Card Premier Reserve American Express

Malaysian travelers with a minimum income of RM100,000 annually may apply for a travel credit card, which is the Maybank 2 Cards Premier Reserve American Express.

This credit card user may enjoy countless benefits and privileges, such as travel insurance coverage up to RM1,000,000, dining privileges in participating restaurants, access to golf privileges from all over the world, and earning TreatsPoints for any purchases and expenses worldwide.

Maybank 2 Card Premier Reserve

With all those benefits, travelers may apply for this travel credit card online through

4. Cimb Travel World Elite Credit Card

Travelers can also apply for a travel credit card with CIMB Bank Berhad, known as “CIMB Travel World Elite.”

It offers bonus points of RM1 equivalent to 1 airline mile,  12X access to Plaza Premium First per calendar year, in-flight WiFi and data roaming throughout the travel journey, a complimentary 5-star hotel stay as restricted to some terms and conditions, travel protection, and any other exclusive deals to the users.

This credit card has also been awarded “Best Credit Card for Affluent Clients” by the Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards 2023.

best cimb travel world elite credit card malaysia

Thus, any travelers that fulfilled all the eligible requirements to earn this travel credit card may apply for this credit card online through

5. Singapore Airlines Krisflyer American Express® Platinum

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express® Platinum Credit Card is a travel credit card issued by a banking institution, Maybank Berhad.

This credit card was created especially for Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer’s members.

Among the benefits that have been offered to this credit card holders are: earning KrisFlyer Miles directly for every purchase through Singapore Airlines, Scoot Airlines, and KrisShop; upgrading membership; complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounges worldwide five times a year; and lifestyle privileges as stated under the terms and conditions of this credit card.

Therefore, this credit card can be applied for through once the travelers are eligible for those application requirements.

Best Travel Credit Card For Air Miles Redempation in Malaysia

The significant feature that frequent flyers look into when they want to apply for a best credit card for air miles redemption.

Every point earned by the credit cardholders when purchasing any related travel expenses is entitled to air miles redemption, in which they can redeem their air miles by getting free flight tickets or any services offered by airlines.

Below are the top and good travel credit card Malaysia that offer great air miles redemptions;

The Platinum by Maybank7000 TreatsPoints earned by the credit cardholders entitled to redeem 1000 Enrich/KrisFlyer / Asia Miles.
Singapore Airlines Krisflyer American Express 1 Membership Rewards® Point entitled to redeem 1 KrisFlyer Mile.
Maybank 2 Premier7000 TreatsPoints / Membership RewardsTM points can redeem 1000 Enrich / KrisFlyer / Asia Miles by the credit cardholders.
CIMB World Travel EliteThe credit cardholders entitled to redeem air miles from 11 airline partners; in which RM1 can redeem 1 airline miles with Malaysia Airline, Airasia Rewards, Flying Blue Air France, British Airways, Etihad Guest, and Eva Air; and RM1.50 can redeem 1 airlines miles with Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Emirates Skywards, Japan Airlines, and Miles & Smiles Turkish Airlines.
UOB Visa Infinite9000 UNIRinggit entitled to redeem 1000 Enrich Miles, KrisFlyer Miles or Asia Miles.

RECOMMENDED: Malaysia Credit Card With Airport Lounge Access

Any travel credit cardholder will be entitled to free airport lounge access.

This is one of the bonus points for all travelers, as they can access this airport lounge without being charged.

This is crucial for travelers who have a long period of transit during their travel journey.

Hence, below are some of the best travel credit cards that offer free airport lounge access to their cardholders in Malaysia;

UOB Visa Infinite CardEntitled to 12X complimentary accesses annually to airport lounge in Asia Pacific.
HSBC TravelOne Credit CardEntitled to 6X complimentary accesses per year to airport lounge in KL International Airport (KLIA), Singapore Changi Airport and Hong Kong International Airport. 
Hong Leong Emirates HLB World Elite CardEntitled to complimentary of 1x airport lounge access per year.

Best Credit Card Malaysia For Travel Malaysia & Overseas Spending

As frequent flyers and shopaholics, credit cards are very important for them to spend abroad.

urthermore, spending with a credit card will allow them to earn cashbacks, rewards, and miles.

Below are the best travel credit cards that provide the best overseas spending benefits for their credit cardholders in Malaysia;

UOB Visa Infinite CardThe credit cardholder can enjoy 8X UNIRinggit for every RM1 spent in foreign currencies.
HSBC TravelOne Credit CardEntitled to 8X Reward points on all foreign currency spend using this credit card.
RHB Visa InfiniteRewarded with 5x Loyalty Points for every RM 1 spend abroad.

Best Travel Credit Cards Malaysia For Insurance Coverage

Travel insurance coverage is a protection insurance policy that needs to be subscribed to by all travelers when they travel domestically or internationally.

This travel insurance can keep the policyholders on a safe journey, and if any unwanted events occur, it can reduce their financial burden.

Therefore, below are the best travel credit cards that provide the top travel insurance coverage in Malaysia;

UOB Visa Infinite CardEntitled to sum insured of up to RM500,000.
Hong Leong Emirates HLB World Elite CardThe credit cardholders can enjoy travel insurance coverage in term of travel medical up to USD500,000, travel accident up to USD500,000, and trip inconvenience up to USD7,500.
Maybank 2 Cards PremierTravel insurance covered the credit cardholders to enjoy complimentary accidental death and disablement coverage of up to RM1,000,000.
CIMB World Travel EliteEntitled to 360 travel protection up to USD500,000 that includes travel accident & insured journey, travel medical benefits, trip inconvenience protection, luggage protection, flight delay, and overseas covid-19 diagnosis quarantine allowance.

Best Benefits Using Travel Credit Card Malaysia

A travel credit card definitely offers countless benefits and privileges to its holders.

All those benefits can be earned by them throughout the travel journey. Among the benefits offered to travel credit card holders are;

(i) Best Air Miles Bonus Using Credit Card

Which is the best credit card in malaysia for airmiles?

First things first, a traveler needs to look into the benefits of air miles bonuses offered by financial institutions that can benefit travelers by maximizing rebates and elevating their travel lifestyles.

Most of the time, the financial institutions will have a program called the “Frequent Flyers“ program, in which this program will encourage the frequent flyers to gain any bonuses and rewards such as anniversary bonuses, welcome bonuses, air miles bonuses, birthday reward bonuses, and many more while making purchases throughout the travel journey.

For example, the Hong Leong AirAsia Gold Visa credit card offered 3,000 points as Welcome Bonus and 3,000 points as Quarterly Bonus for its holders.

Nevertheless, travel credit cards can help users earn and collect various bonuses that can be used to offset any travel services.

(ii) Free Airport Transfer

One of the travel credit card perks offered to travelers is free airport transfers by Grab or limousine services, depending on the type of credit card used.

This free airport transfer is important to reduce the hassle of finding any transportation to or from the airport to go to the destination that the traveler wished for.

For example, Hong Leong Emirates HLB World Elite Card holders will be entitled to complimentary limousine services for the users during the pick-up and drop-off at the airport.

Therefore, they don’t need to worry about the transportation from and to the airport, as they are provided with those services.

(iii) Best Credit Card For Free Airport Lounge Access

The most interesting privilege offered to travel credit card holders is accessing the free airport lounge in Malaysia or overseas.

The lounge is basically designated for travelers who need a rest during their transit period in a private area with luxurious treatment.

Most of the best travel credit card holders will be accessible for free airport lounge access, right?

best free airport lounge access malaysia

For example, travelers who hold a UOB Visa Infinite Card have the right to 12X complimentary access to selected airport lounges in Asia Pacific, such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

However, each one of the best credit card for travel malaysia has different privileges to the right of complimentary for airport lounge access.

(iv) Golf Privillages

Not all travel credit cards come with golf privileges. One of the travel credit cards that offers golf privileges is the RHB World MasterCard Credit Card, with which the holders will get special golf privileges.

They can attend any golf clubs that are provided under the list that the financial institution has set up.

Generally, the gold privileges are free green fees that are discounted at prestigious golf clubs nationwide or worldwide.

(v) Free Travel Insurance

It is a necessity for all travelers to have insurance covered throughout their travel journey. It is crucial to be worry-free when traveling domestically or internationally, as we don’t know what will happen in the future.

This insurance is intended to prevent any unwanted events that can cause inconvenience to travelers, such as delayed flights, missed flights, losing personal belongings, damaged personal belongings, and more.

Hence, travel insurance is provided to the credit card holders to cover them when facing these problems while traveling.

One example of travel insurance coverage offered by Maybank 2 Cards Premier is that the traveler will be entitled to travel insurance coverage up to RM1,000,000 for any travel accidents.

(vi) Restaurant Reservations, Ticket Booking, Transportation Arrangement

Apart from that, travelers who acquired the travel credit card mostly focused on the perks, such as restaurant reservations, ticket bookings, transportation arrangements, and many more. They will enjoy all those benefits when they swipe the credit card.

For instance, the Standard Chartered Journey Credit Card offers deals such as earning miles points to get free flight tickets from participating frequent flyer programs and dining and shopping deals.

With all those benefits, a travel credit card is very significant to all frequent flyers, as it offers various perks that can be enjoyed by the users while traveling.

(vii) Cashback and Rewards For Overseas Spending

Every travel credit card spending overseas will be rewarded with points, cashbacks, and rewards.

Multiple points and rewards can be earned by credit card holders when they swipe their cards. For example, any overseas spending of RM1 will be rewarded with 8 points.

Furthermore, the accumulated points from overseas spending can be used and redeemed for any other travel services, such as airfare, airport lounges, entertainment onboard, membership upgrades, and many more.

Thus, travelers will enjoy spending abroad as they will be entitled to these cashbacks and rewards.