High Dividend Stock Malaysia (Best & Highest in 2024)

Best and High Dividend Stock Malaysia in 2024

best and high dividend stock malaysia 2024

A lot of people have already begun to consider the potential returns of investing in the Malaysian stock market.

Many stocks are now offering dividend returns to investors. This investment provides consistent and continuous returns.

The question now is which dividend stock in Malaysia can provide a high return and which one is the best.

Which 5 Company Gives Highest Dividend Stocks in Malaysia

Dividend contribution is mostly dependent on the retained profit of the company earns during the financial year.

It can only be distributed if it is sufficient for the long-term survival of the company.

Below are five (5) companies that pay the highest dividend stocks payout in Malaysia;

  1. Paramount Corporation Berhad
  2. Kerjaya Prospek Group Berhad
  3. Maybank
  4. UOA Development Berhad
  5. Bursa Malaysia Berhad

Best Dividend Stocks Malaysia 2024

The dividend yield means how much money is paid by the company to its shareholders every year.

Other than that, it shows the performance of the company for the entire year.

The best company with a higher dividend yield will attract more investors to invest in it.

IHH Healthcare is one of the corporations that shows the best dividend yield, which is 9.82% for the year 2024.

It shows better operations of the company in terms of managing debt and sales for the entire year.

Diagram shows a graph of the dividend yield for years 2024 up to the present that reflects the performance of the corporation.

Top 10 Highest Dividend Stock in Malaysia

Dividends would be the main focus for investors to take into account before they start to invest.

Stocks that offer a high dividend return will attract a higher number of investors to invest in them.

It is important to make sure that the investors can potentially grow their wealth and profit from their investment. The top ten (10) highest dividend stocks in Malaysia are;

  1. Paramount Corporation Berhad
  2. Kerjaya Prospek Group Berhad
  3. Malayan Banking Berhad
  4. UOA Development Berhad
  5. MBSB Bank Berhad
  6. Hap Seng Consolidated (HAPSENG)
  7. Axiata Group (AXIATA)
  8. Sime Darby
  9. RHB Bank Berhad
  10. United Plantations (UTDPLT)

Top 3 Safe High Yield Dividend Stocks Malaysia

Most of the investment companies in Bursa Malaysia, especially blue-chip stock companies, distribute their dividend payouts out of their stocks with a high dividend yield.

This is favourable for investors to increase their investment, and this can only attract more investors to invest.

Below are among the top three (3) safe high-yield dividend stocks in Malaysia;

  1. MBSB Bank Berhad, with a dividend yield of 11.97%
  2. Malayan Banking Berhad (MAYBANK) has a dividend yield of 6.64%.
  3. Zhulian Corporation Berhad (ZHULIAN) has a dividend yield of 6.49%.

How To Choose Good And Best Dividend Shares in Malaysia

Hypothetically, the good and best dividend shares are contributed by well-established companies or institutions.

Correction; the good and best dividend shares actually came from well-managed companies for the entire year.

best dividend shares malaysia

The company’s debt load, financial cash flows, earnings, and strategic plans need to be taken into account before investors choose to invest in that particular company.

This is because, without any deep analysis, companies can lead investors to face losses when their investments seem to face failure. Therefore, there are some tips to choose the good and best dividend shares before starting to invest;

Strong Cash, Low Earnings Expectations

As a mature company, they need to have futuristic strategies for both short-term and long-term survival.

They need to figure out how to sustain themselves over a long period of time.

A company with a huge amount of capital and strong cash to manage and sustain the company has the potential to provide a good dividend to its shareholders.

Apart from that, as an investor, they need to have a mindset of low earnings expectations to encourage them to keep developing the performance of the company.

When the expectation is low, the shareholders will build up the strategic plan in terms of marketing, financial performance, operation, and management of the company to boost it to the maximum level to gain profit and alleviate losses.

Thus, good and better dividend share yields are literally derived from strong cash with low earnings expectations.

1. Steer Away From Debt

Most of the time, the company needs to create debt to develop the company’s operations.

A company cannot and will not succeed if it does not have any liabilities.

The liabilities are essential to encouraging the performance of the company.

However, it needs to be minimized. This is because the huge amount of debt can risk the ability of the company to sustain itself in the long term.

In addition, the company that is associated with high debt will not provide the shareholders with the best dividend.

Therefore, it is advisable for every investor to choose a company that steers away from debt that can affect the return on investment of the company.

2. Sector in Trend / In Demand

Investing in sectors that are highly in demand and in trend will create a high potential for shareholders to gain the best dividend shares.

Obviously, the in-trend and in-demand sectors operate their businesses very well, which can affect the earnings and profit of the company.

Generally, companies with high profits will give and pay their shareholders the best dividend.

For example, by investing in health sectors during the COVID phase, investors will acquire the best dividend shares because of the high demand for health tools such as medicine.

The high demand can increase the production and suppliers of the product and service, and indirectly, it can increase the revenue and earnings of the company.

Hence, according to the simple hypothesis, high retained profit will lead to good and high dividend shares, which can benefit the shareholders at all costs.

Which Share Gives Highest Dividend in Malaysia

Most of the companies in Malaysia offer dividends to their investors out of a portion of the company’s profit gained quarterly, twice a year, or annually, depending on the company’s dividend policy.

Principally, it is one way for the company to reward its shareholders and attract more investors to invest in their company.

highest dividend shares malaysia

These payments of dividends can be in the form of cash, stocks, or maybe other assets.

Among the well-established companies that declare and give higher dividends to their shareholders are as follows;

Genting Malaysia5.79
Petronas Chemical Group Berhad3.33
Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)4.35
MISC Berhad5.00
Petronas Gas Berhad4.27
Sime Darby5.78

Referring to the table above, the dividend yield declared by the company out of their shares is prominently dependent on the financial performance of the company throughout the year.

Obviously, most investors will seek out companies that offer a high dividend yield in order to build their wealth.

When the company is capable of giving a high dividend, it definitely has the ability to sustain its businesses and provide consistent value to its investors.

Leading the charge is Genting Malaysia, where the company has recorded the highest dividend compared to other companies.

This figure indicates that Genting Malaysia’s business strategies and performance prevail over the economic conditions excellently.

It seems likely the company can sustain its financial performance and management well in the long term.

As a result, Genting Malaysia Berhad gives the highest dividend to its shareholders and investors.

Which Bank Stock Gives Highest Dividend Share in Malaysia

As an investor, banking institutions could also be an option to invest in.

The investors can grow their wealth through bank stocks, which are solid dividend investments and provide excellent long-term investment opportunities.

Since banking institutions are highly regulated by the banking industry, their ability to sustain themselves in the Malaysian stock market is secured, as the bank’s stock investment provides consistent and continuous returns to its investors.

The risk associated with bank stock investing is also controllable, even in tough economic conditions.

Below are some of the bank stocks in Malaysia that give a higher dividend to their shareholders;

MBSB Bank 11.97
RHB Bank7.38
Maybank Berhad 6.64
CIMB Bank5.30

According to the above list, MBSB Bank, RHB Bank, Maybank Berhad, and CIMB Bank are among the banking institutions that offer a high dividend payout every year.

These banking institutions have proven that their company’s financial health is affirmative.

On the other hand, the company’s retained profit illustrated that the company earned a high profit throughout the financial year.

In a nutshell, MBSB Bank is one of the bank stocks that acquired the highest dividend yield out of the shares invested by the shareholders. It is recorded at 11.97% higher than others.

It reflects that MBSB Bank managed to operate their business operations excellently for the entire year.

Because of that, their dividend yield has accelerated, which has enabled the shareholders to grow their wealth and sustain them in the long term.