Education Loan Malaysia: How to Get Study Financing For Student

Education Loan Malaysia: How to Get financing from education loan mara & maybank education loan for international student

education loan malaysia

A study loan malaysia is a form of financial loan given to students to pursue their studies at a higher level. These loans must be repaid by the students after they end their studies. Nevertheless, there are some financial institutions that offer these educational loans and convert them into scholarships depending on the results of their studies.

These study loan malaysia are given with the aim of reducing their financial burden by covering their tuition fees, housing, books and writing supplies, study equipment, and daily expenses.

Not only that, the initiative was implemented to encourage eligible students to pursue their studies at a higher level without having to worry about their financial problems.

Therefore, there are many financial institutions or legal bodies in Malaysia offering these educational loans to students.

How Can I Get Education Loan Malaysia

There are many financial institutions or corporate bodies in Malaysia that offer educational loans to students. Among them are the following:

1. Alliance

Alliance Bank’s banking institute offers an educational loan known as AllianceSave Education.

Applications for this educational assistance can be made via

This application can be made by students to obtain financial loan assistance to cover the cost of their studies at a higher level.

2. Hong Leong

The Hong Leong Bank Foundation has created an educational loan in the form of a scholarship for students aimed at developing innovative programmes to pursue education and enhance community development in Malaysia.

This scholarship is funded by the Hong Leong Bank Group company.

Students who meet all the eligibility requirements outlined under the Hong Leong Bank Foundation financial assistance can make this application at


HSBC is one of the banking institutions that offers educational loan aid known as HSBC Premier Education.

It was introduced with the aim of nurturing their educational journey in a better direction.

Applications can now be made online at


The National Institute of Higher Education (PTPTN) offers financial assistance in the form of loans to students who want to pursue their studies at a higher level.

PTPTN is a supervised agency under the Ministry of Education of Malaysia (KPM).

The advantage of this PTPTN is that it offers a low interest rate compared to other educational loans, and students will also be excluded from repaying their loans if they receive excellent results at the end of their studies.

Therefore, students can make an application for this PTPTN loan through the PTTTN website at

5. Student Loan Malaysia from Bank Rakyat

The Bank Rakyat Foundation is a banking institution that offers educational loans known as Pinjaman Pendidikan Boleh Ubah (PPBU) to students who want to pursue their studies to the level of undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, professional certificates, and doctorates in philosophy.

The purpose of this student loan malaysia offer is to help the social and economic development of the Malaysian people in a more advanced direction by promoting further education through this offer.

This loan is only available to students who complete their studies full-time.

Applications for this student loan malaysia can be made through the official portal of the Bank Rakyat at

student loan malaysia

(i) Bank Rakyat Student Loan Malaysia Review, OK or NOT?

Bank Rakyat’s education loan that was introduced to students turned out to be very beneficial to them.

This loan has greatly helped Malaysian students continue their studies at a higher level and produce successful human capital.

Not only that, but this education loan has eased the burden on students who have financial problems to continue their studies at a higher level. 

In addition, students will also be exempt from making repayment loans if they get excellent results, i.e., a CGPA of 3.5 or above.

Not only that, the amount of repayment that must be paid by students who receive this loan will be given a discount according to the level of the student’s decision, and this repayment is also exempt from any interest rate.

Therefore, there are many advantages that students will receive if they accept this bank rakyat study loan.

(ii) Bank Rakyat Malaysia Student Loan Interest Rate

Bank Rakyat’s education loan is based on the “Qardhul Hassan” concept. This means that this financing is interest-free.

There is no interest rate charged on this financing.

Students only need to repay their bank rakyat student loan according to the loan amount.

(iii) Bank Rakyat Education Loan Eligibility

Students who meet the eligibility requirements set by Yayasan Bank Rakyat will receive this loan.

Some conditions have been set to allow the student’s application to be approved, and they are as follows: 

  1. Students are Malaysian Citizens.
  2. Students must be no less than 18 years old when the application is made and no more than 30 years old after graduation for Skill Certificate, Diploma, Vocational Diploma, Bachelor, and Professional Degree Applications. Whereas, for master’s and PHD applicants, students must complete their studies before the age of 45.
  3. Study full-time.

(iv) How To Apply Bank Rakyat Education Loan 2024

Students who meet Bank Rakyat’s financing eligibility requirements can apply for this financing online.

Students who have financial problems continuing their studies at a higher level are encouraged to apply for this educational loan.

The following are the ways to apply for Bank Rakyat education loan: 

  1. Visit the official website of Bank Rakyat at
  2. Click on the “Register” button to make the application.
  3. Then, the student needs to fill in all the student’s personal information completely and correctly. 
  4. Click on the “Register” button after all the required information is filled in completely.
  5. Finally, applications for education funding that have been successfully submitted and are awaiting approval will be announced via the Bank Rakyat website, email, or SMS to students.

6. ECM Libra

The ECM Libra Foundation is now offering financial assistance in the form of loans to all students in Malaysia who want to take their studies to a higher level.

Nevertheless, these student loan malaysia give priority to students who are needy and underprivileged.

This loan covers the cost of study, living expenses, and other expenses related to their studies to ease the burden on students throughout their studies.

Applications for this loan can be made through the website

7. Education Loan Mara For Student

The Pembiayaan pendidikan Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) is a loan offered to students that is divided into four (4) levels of study: pre-registration loans, preparatory levels, diploma and degree levels, and postgraduate and professional levels.

Not only that, the mara study loan is also offered to students who want to continue their studies abroad.

This mara student loan can be applied for online via the website:

8. Kuok Foundation

The Kuok Berhad Foundation offers scholarships and financial assistance to underprivileged public university students to pursue their studies at higher levels.

This aid is given to reduce the poverty gap and bridge the economic gap among Malaysians.

Eligible students have been established by applying for this study loan assistance via  online.


SOCSO also provides educational loans to students, but only to the dependent children of SOCSO beneficiaries.

This educational financial aid is in the form of a loan and needs to be repaid after students finish their studies.

This loan covers the cost of studies such as first-university enrollment, tuition fees, examination fees, and laboratory fees.

Students eligible for the qualifications established by SOCSO can apply for this educational loan by downloading the loan application form via the website,  then submitting the form along with supporting documents to the SOCSO officer near the student.

A successful applicant will receive the educational loan from this SOCSO.

10. Loan for Students by Yayasan Selangor

The Selangor State Foundation has created an educational loan known as PBUDN for students born in Selangor.

This loan for students is dedicated to Selangorians who wish to advance their studies to the level of full-time certificates, diplomas, and undergraduate degrees in all fields recognised by the government.

This PBUDN application can be submitted through the website

11. Loan For Studies by APU 

The educational loan offered by Asia Pacific University (APU) is a variable education loan from FELDA.

It is dedicated to students who are children or grandchildren of FELDA employees or explorers.

The repayment of this loan must be made by the student after the end of the period of study, but a reduction in the rate of repayment will be given to the student if the student’s results are good.

Applications for this loan for studies can be made through the official APU portal at

12. MAYBANK Education Loan Malaysia

Maybank Berhad is one of the banking institutions that offers education loan maybank to eligible students.

Many benefits are given to students under this maybank education loan, including financing up to RM400,000.

This study loan maybank is known as Maybank Education Financing-i.

Applications can be made by downloading the application form at, and the complete form must be emailed to [email protected]

13. Cimb Bank Study Loan

The educational loan introduced by CIMB Bank is a loan in the form of a scholarship. It is known as the ASEAN Scholarship.

Applications for this cimb bank study loan can be made through the website, and eligible student will be selected through five (5) stages to gain this cimb education loan.

14. Kojadi Education Loan

Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Berhad (KOJADI) offers a special educational loan scheme to KOJADI members.

This kojadi student loan malaysia covers students’ studies to link their studies to the diploma, degree, and postgraduate degree levels, both part-time and full-time, either at educational institutions in Malaysia or abroad. There are 13 educational loan programmes offered by KOJADI.

Therefore, a student who is a KOJADI member can make this loan application by sending the form of application for membership and the loan application form to the KOJADI office.

15. OCBC 

OCBC Bank offers educational loans to students who want to pursue their studies at a higher level, and this bank covers any shortfall up to RM250,000.

These loans can be made by students who wish to continue their studies at any educational institute in the country or abroad. This loan can be settled at any time within a seven-year repayment tenure.

Students who qualify can fill in their personal and educational information on the website and submit it.

If successful, the OCBC bank will contact the student regarding this educational loan.

16. MIED 

The Maju Institute of Educational Development (MiED) is an institute that offers education funds in the form of loans.

These loans are offered to students who need to continue their studies for tertiary education at any public, private, or foreign educational institutions that have been recognised by the government.

Priority will be given to students who obtained admissions into TAFE and AIMST University.

Applications can be made by filling out the permohona form online at  and then sending the application form to the MiED office together with the relevant supporting documents.

17. Loan For Student Loan From RHB 

Educational loans in the form of scholarships are offered by the RHB Foundation to students through the X-Cel Star Scholarship program.

This loan for student loan offered specifically to students belonging to the B40 family.

Applications can be made through the website

18. Education Loans by MBSB 

MBSB is a banking institution that offers educational loans known as “Education-i Financing”.

It is an education funding facility under Shariah that offers financial assistance to students who continue their studies in public and private educational institutions.

Applications can be made online by students who are eligible for this education loans at

19. Affin Education Financing-i

AFFIN Education Financing-i is an educational loan offered under the banking institute AFFIN Bank.

The scheme is designed for eligible students from selected universities and colleges to receive this financial assistance for their educational plans.

It is given to students aimed at covering their study expenses in order to have a good learning experience.

This affin bank education loan can be applied for online through the official AFFIN Bank portal at

Which Banks Are Best For Education Loan Malaysia

Bank Rakyat is one of the best financial institutions that provides educational loans that help students finance their education in Malaysia or abroad.

Applicants can apply online through the official portal of the Bank Rakyat. This educational loan can reach a whopping RM1,000,000 and be repaid within 20 years.

Many advantages are offered under this bank’s education loan.

Which Bank Provides Cheapest Education Loan Malaysia

Maybank is among the banking institutions that offer the cheapest educational loans.

The amount of financing from maybank student loan is up to RM150,000. It’s a lot lower than at other banks.

Which Education Loan Offers the Lowest Interest Rate In Malaysia Besides Bank

PTPTN is among the institutions that offer education loans that have a low interest rate compared to other financial institutions.

It’s funded by the Malaysian government.

The interest rate offered by PTPTN is 1% p.a. It’s one of the lowest interest rates applicable to students repaying their loans.

Can International Students Get Education Loan In Malaysia

The education loans offered in Malaysia are not only focused on Malaysian students; they are also offered to international students who continue their studies in Malaysia. It aims to encourage more international students to study in Malaysia.

Among the educational loans available to foreign students in Malaysia are the Malaysia Government Scholarship provided by the Ministry of Education, the PTPTN study loan, the KOJADI education loan, and the KUOK Foundation.

All of them are the agencies that provide education loans to international students to obtain study facilities and relieve their burden of joining studies at universities in Malaysia.

Student Loan Malaysia For Overseas Study From Bank Rakyat

This bank rakyat student loan Malaysiacan be applied for by students who want to continue their higher education.

This malaysia student loan for overseas study only subject to government and private universities and high-skill institutes recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

These universities, regardless of whether they are pursuing their studies locally or abroad, as long as it is recognized by the Malaysian government, they will be entitled to receive this bank rakyat education loan malaysia study overseas 2024.

We hope you can get this study loan to study abroad and achieve your dream.