Etiqa Car Insurance: Motor Takaful Renewal

How to renew Etiqa car Insurance Online & etiqa motor insurance online takaful Renewal Motorcycle

renew etiqa car insurance online renewal

What Does it mean to renew insurance in malaysia? Every motor vehicle owner is obliged to have motor vehicle insurance to enable them to renew their road tax.

More than that, this motor vehicle insurance is mandatory and renewed every year after the end of the period to provide protection to drivers and passengers while on the road.

This insurance renewal is a policy of protection that every vehicle owner must pay annually at the rate fixed by the insurance company. It needs to be done to ensure that every road user drives their motor vehicles legally on the road.

Failure to online renew motor vehicle insurance etiqa or from other companies could lead to road users being charged by the Department of Road Transportation (JPJ) in the event of a roadblock.

How To Renew Etiqa Car Insurance Online

Etiqa is one of the insurance companies that offers etiqa takaful car insurance services to its customers.

There are many advantages that etiqa takaful car insurance offers in protecting vehicle owners and other road users in Malaysia.

Now, subscriptions and etiqa car insurance renewal can be done online. It’s easier and saves time.

Here are the ways to renew Etiqa car insurance online: 

  1. The user should browse the site to renew etiqa car insurance
  2. Click on the “Apply Online” button. 
  3. Enter the vehicle registration number, motor vehicle location post code, and user identification card number.
  4. Then, click on the “Get My Quote” button. 
  5. Display the total price of consumer etiqa to be paid along with the coverage covered by Etiqa. 
  6. Next, click on the “To Declaration Page” button. 
  7. In the Declaration section, mark the box for the specified terms and conditions. 
  8. Click on any method of payment for user’s etiqa takaful car insurance. 
  9. Click on the “Pay Now” button. 
  10. Finally, make the payment and renewal of user’s car insurance successfully.

How To Renew Etiqa Motor Insurance Online For Motorcycle Renewal

Etiqa also offers motorcycle insurance renewal services online.

Motorcycle owners and riders can subscribe to Etiqa to get protection from this company.

Here are the ways to renew motorcycle insurance with etiqa motor insurance online: 

  1. Navigate the etiqa motor insurance online website
  2. Select the type of insurance offered and click on the “Apply etiqa online insurance” button. 
  3. Enter the user’s motor vehicle registration number and click on the “Find My Vehicle” button. 
  4. Enter the user’s motorcycle information details correctly and completely and click on “Get a Quote.” 
  5. Insurance rate sums and user motorcycle information will be displayed. 
  6. Next, click on the “To Declaration Page” button. 
  7. In the Declaration section, mark the box for the specified terms and conditions. 
  8. Click on any method of payment for the user’s motorcycle insurance. 
  9. Click on the “Pay Now” button. 
  10. Finally, make payment and renew etiqa online insurance for the user’s motorcycle insurance successfully.

How To Cancel Etiqa Car Insurance

Etiqa policyholders can choose to cancel their car insurance policy if they meet the terms and conditions for making an application for cancellation of the policy.

The cancellation of this insurance can be made if it is approved and certified by the master contractor.

There are two (2) ways to cancel a car insurance policy with Etiqa. Here are the ways:

  1. Policyholders can call Etiqa customer service at 1300 13 8888 and declare their wishes.
  2. The policyholders can send an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] by submitting a form for cancellation of their car insurance policy, which can be uploaded through the website

In approximately three to four working days, these cancellation requests will be processed by Etiqa’s insurance agency to authorize cancellations of their car insurance policies.

Policyholders who qualify for the cancellation of the insurance policy will be admitted and their application will be approved.

What Is Insurance Extension vs Insurance Renewal

Extension insurance and renewal insurance are different types of insurance.

Extension insurance is an insurance policy connection caused by the change of owner of a motor vehicle from an old owner to a new owner for the purchase of a used car and the connection of the insurance policy from 6 months to a year.

This insurance policy connection can only be made through the same insurance company.

Meanwhile, renewal insurance, on the other hand, is a renewal of insurance policies that have expired for a year.

This renewal can be done by choosing any insurance company that exists in Malaysia, whether Zurich, Allianz, MSIG, Etiqa, or more.

Takaful Car Insurance Renewal Online Vs Conventional

Car owners can choose to renew their car insurance, whether it’s takaful or conventional.

Both provide protection to the car owner, but the protection aspects covered are different.

Takaful insurance is governed by Shariah and government laws; unlike conventional insurance, it is governed by government laws only.

Both this takaful and conventional car insurance can be renewed online.

However, not all insurance companies offer Takaful insurance to their customers.

How To Renew Car Insurance Cheaper

The amount to be paid by the car insurance policy holder varies depending on the selected insurance company and the type of coverage offered to the customer.

It’s customary that the cost of reforming insurance policies is the main concern of policyholders.

Cheap car insurance would be the choice of all policyholders. Therefore, there are several ways to renew car insurance at a cheaper price.

First, customers need to make a comparison of the car insurance offered by all insurance companies.

Nevertheless, the coverage provided must be taken into account as well. In addition, the no-claim discount (NCD) value also plays a role.

This means this discount is given to the policyholder if there are no claims made by the policyholder when wanting to renew the car insurance.

Finally, avoid subscribing to the car insurance that’s on the add-on list without essential requirements.

Customers will pay a higher car insurance price if their add-on coverage is unnecessary. Therefore, every customer needs to be wise when managing their car insurance.

How Many Days Before Carr Insurance Renewal Is The Cheapest

Renewing car insurance earlier than the specified expiration date can guarantee a cheap subscription price.

It’s one way to get car insurance cheaper. In order to renew car insurance at a cheaper price, insurance policy holders must do so at least two months before the expiration date of the policy.