Malaysia Airlines Check In Web Online

MAS Malaysia Airlines Check In web online for domestic and international flight time

malaysia airlines for international flight to check in

Malaysia Airlines is a national airline of Malaysia that offers world-class travel experiences to its customers locally and internationally.

This airline was founded and operated by Malaysia Airlines Berhad since 2015, providing and serving the best hospitality to its passengers to fly around the world.

Currently, Malaysia Airlines connects Malaysia with 1,000 destinations across the globe, both domestically and internationally.

Therefore, this airline is ranked 26th among the best of 30 international airlines as rated by Skytrax through the services and hospitality given to passengers along the journey.

How To Do Malaysia Airlines Web Check In

Passengers that book a Malaysia Airlines’ ticket need to make sure they check-in their ticket an hour before the departure time.

The check-in can be done online through the web check-in of Malaysia Airlines at the airport.

Below are the ways to do mas online check in ticket through web check-in;

  1. Passenger needs to search
  2. Fill up the booking reference number/ e-ticket number and last name of the passenger.
  3. Then, click on “Check me in”.
  4. Tick on the passenger’s name and click on the “Next” button.
  5. On the add-on pages, passengers will be given the option to add baggage, meals, and seats.
  6. After that, choose the preferred booking pass option and the boarding pass will be generated.
  7. Finally, the passenger has successfully checked in.

How To Do Malaysia Airlines Online Check in Via App

Other than that, ticket check-in can also be done via Malaysia Airlines apps.

It is much easier and saves time. Below are the steps to do online check in through the Malaysia airlines apps;

  1. The Malaysia Airlines apps need to be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Then, open the apps.
  3. At the main menu, click on the “Check-in” icon.
  4. Then, fill up the booking reference/ e-ticket number and last name of the passenger.
  5. After that, click on the “Start Check-in” button.
  6. Verify the passenger’s information details and click on “I agree and wish to continue.”.
  7. Passengers will be given the option to add baggage, meals, and seats (if necessary).
  8. Finally, the passenger has successfully checked in.

How Early Can You Check in Mas Airlines

Only passengers with a check-in ticket will be entitled to flight departure.

Otherwise, passengers who fail to do online check in in their tickets will be denied entry to the flight. A boarding pass will be given upon check-in.

Passengers can start checking in to their flight as early as 48 hours up until 90 minutes from the time of departure.

Thus, early check-in can make it easier and more hassle-free for the passenger. 

How Long Before My Flight Do Mas Check In

The final check-in time for any Malaysia Airlines flight is 90 minutes from the departure time.

Any passenger who fails to check in before that time period will be denied the right to fly.

They need to buy a new ticket if they still want to fly with Malaysia Airlines.

However, every passenger is encouraged to check-in at least two (2) hours before the departure time.

Malaysia Airlines Check in Time

Any passenger with a check-in flight ticket will be eligible to get on the flight.

At the same time, their seats will be reserved. Therefore, check-in is very important before they can depart the flight.

Malaysia Airlines offers two (2) types of check-in methods: online check-in and counter check-in.

  • Passengers who have any problems checking in online may choose to check in their flight ticket at the counter.
  • For another reason, checking in at the counter is recommended for passengers with checked-in luggage.
  • Thus, the check-in counter will be opened a day (24 hours) before the scheduled departure time and close an hour prior to the departure time of the passengers’ flight.
  • This is to ensure that every passenger is ready to be boarded.


1. Do I Have To Check In At The Airport If I Check In Time Online?

Malaysia Airlines’ passengers can choose to check-in either online or at the counter before the flight within the check-in period.

If the passenger has already checked in online, they don’t need to check in in person at the MAS counter at the airport.

It will create double-booking check-ins.

2. What Happens If You Don’t Online Mas Airline Check In

If the passenger encounters any problems checking in online, either through mobile apps or a website, they need to come to the airport early to do a counter check-in.

The passenger needs to make sure that they do the check-in within the time period stated by the airlines.

Failure to check in on both methods may prevent the passengers from traveling to another destination.

3. Do You Get Better Seats If Do Mas Airline Check in Early?

Passengers who buy the flight ticket with Malaysia Airlines will be entitled to a seat.

Their seats will be reserved once the check-in is made. However, the seat reserved for the passenger who did not make a purchase will be randomly assigned.

For Malaysia Airlines, passengers will be given the option to choose their seats freely at a certain spot. To be seated in the better seats, they need to purchase the seat.

Therefore, checking in early does not guarantee a passenger will get better seats unless they make a purchase.