MM2H Malaysia My Second Home 2024: Programme & Visa Requirement

Latest News MM2H Malaysia My Second Home 2024: Programme & Visa Requirement

mm2h malaysia requirements

Malaysia MySecond Home Programme is a program established under government initiatives, provides for foreigners from all over the world to live in Malaysia for a long period of time.

This program was initially proposed and implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) and the Immigration Department of the Home Affairs Ministry to encourage foreigners to legally live in Malaysia.

Foreigners that register under this program will be entitled to a long-term social visit pass that allows them to enter Malaysia several times within 10 years.

Therefore, it is important for every foreigner who intends to work and live in Malaysia to apply for this visa permit to enjoy some benefits of living in Malaysia.

How To Register MM2H Malaysia My Second Home Programme

Foreigners from any country may apply for this Malaysia MM2H visa permit.

Registration needs to be done through the Malaysia Immigration Department for them to live in Malaysia legally and acquire or purchase any properties in Malaysia.

Below are the guidelines that need to be fulfilled to register for this programme:

malaysia my second home programme
  1. The applicant needs to check their eligibility requirements to fit the scheme.
  2. Prepare the required documents for the applicant.
  3. Then, submit the application by submitting the documents along with the application form that is available at
  4. The application will be processed and reviewed by the authorities.
  5. Once the application is approved, prepare for relocation and all the related arrangements.
  6. The applicant ought to attend the briefing that has been organized by the authorities, as it is mandatory for Peninsular Malaysian applicants only.
  7. Finally, the applicant needs to complete all the necessary immigration procedures upon arrival in Malaysia to gain the visa (social visit pass).

Required Document To Register

Upon registration, the applicant needs to provide and prepare the required documents to be submitted to the authorities.

This visa is entitled to anyone who provides the complete application form and required supporting documents.

Below are the required documents that need to be prepared by the applicant to register for this program;

  1. A letter of application from the main applicant.
  2. A copy of resume or Cover Letter of the main applicant.
  3. A copy of Form Imm.12 IM.12.pdf, as shown in Figure 1.0, is available on the JIM website.
  4. An original and a copy of the applicant’s passport.
  5. To apply for this MM2H visa, you must provide an original and a copy of your conditional approval letter.
  6. A copy of clearance letter or certificate from government agency.
  7. A certified copy of the applicant’s marriage certificates (for applicant with spouse, applicant’s child birth certificates, and applicant’s latest three months’ bank statements as financial proof.
  8. A certified copies of the latest three months’ payslips, income statements, or pension slips of the applicant (whichever is more suitable with the current situation upon registration).

MM2H Requirements in 2024

All foreign applicants need to pass the program requirement in 2024 to gain this visa so that they can enjoy living in Malaysia for a long period of time.

The foreigners who fulfilled all the criteria set by the Malaysian Government may stay in Malaysia as long as possible according to their visit visa’s’ terms, either 5 years or 10 years.

Below are the MM2H requirements 2024 that were set by the government based on the three (3) categories listed below;

Fixed DepositRM500,000RM2,000,000RM5,000,000
Term5 years renewable15 years renewableEligible to apply for Permanent Residency (PR)
Age Minimum age 30 years old for main applicant
Maximum amount of Fixed Deposit Withdrawal of 50% allowed after 1 yearFor property purchase (RM750,000+), medical and/or tourism expenses within MalaysiaFor property purchase (RM1.5 million+), medical and/or tourism expenses within Malaysia
Required days in Malaysia per year for age 30-4960 days per year for main applicant or spouse or dependents
Required days in Malaysia per year for age 50+60 days per year for main applicant and spouse
DependentsMaximum child age 35 and single
Parents & In-LawsAllowed (Must be aged 60+)
Medical ReportRequired for each person
Medical InsuranceRequired for each person aged 59 & below
Police Criminal ClearanceRequired for each person aged 18+

What is Minimum Income For MM2H Application?

The main applicant needs to meet some financial conditions in order for them to gain the visa.

They need to meet a minimum monthly income of RM40000 as a proof of strong financial condition.

How Much to Renew My Second Home malaysia Programme

This visa needs to be renewed annually. The yearly fee for this visa is around RM500 to RM550 per person.

Can My 2nd Home Malaysia Visa Holder Work Part Time?

The visa holder is eligible to work as a part-timer if they want to earn income in Malaysia.

They are allowed to work part-time for any local Malaysian company.

They are restricted to working only for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Hence, they are legally working in Malaysia even though they are visa holders.

Is There Tax Exemption For Mm2h 2024?

The holder who earns income from any employment in Malaysia will be entitled to income tax.

However, they will tax-exempt any pensions remitted into Malaysia. Thus, other than that, they will be entitled to a tax charge.

Can Applicant Buy Property in Malaysia

This MM2H 2024 programme is intentionally introduced to encourage foreigners to live in Malaysia.

Not only that, they are allowed to buy any property in Malaysia once they are visa holders.

With a qualified financial position, the visa holder may enjoy many benefits of living in Malaysia, including buying or purchasing properties there.

Is Applicant a Permanent Resident in Malaysia

The visa programme is only a pass visa that allows foreigners to stay with multiple entries in Malaysia. They are not permanent residents. Their visa does not lead them to apply as a permanent resident.

Can MM2h Visa Holder Open Business in Malaysia

The visa holder is not allowed to be employed at any company in Malaysia. However, they are allowed to open their own business in Malaysia.

They can incorporate their business as a private limited company and earn income from it.

How To Renew Malaysia My Second Home Program

This visa needs to be renewed once it has expired. It is important to make sure that the holder is legally staying in Malaysia.

my 2nd home malaysia

The applicant needs to complete the MM2H renewal visa form along with the required documents and submit those applications to JIM.

The renewal of this social visit pass needs to be submitted and applied for within a month of the expiration date of the visa.

Once it is renewed, the visa holder can continue to live in Malaysia within the stipulated visa period.

How To Withdraw Fixed Deposit

The fixed deposit of the visa holder is entitled to be withdrawn after a year.

The withdrawal is only applicable for purchasing property in Malaysia, purchasing a car, paying for children’s education, and any medical expenses for visa holders.

Withdrawal can be done by submitting the letter of intention to withdraw the fixed deposit account along with supporting documents such as a copy of the MM2H visa, the passport’s visa holder, the fixed deposit certificate, a receipt of the payment made, and the Conditional Approval Letter.

All those documents need to be submitted to the authorities. Finally, the withdrawal can be obtained by the malaysia my 2nd home visa holder once it is approved.