Mycarinfo: Check Ism Ncd Enquiry Online

Mycarinfo NCD: Check Ism Ncd Enquiry Online


My Car info is an official portal that can be accessed by the general public to find out and check the information about a vehicle. The initiative was introduced by ISM Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad with the objective of ensuring users access vehicle information online through a single database.

Among the services provided to users on the My Car info portal website are vehicle market value checks, NCD inquiries, I-Search, and vehicle checks.

Thus, this platform can ensure vehicle owners enjoy peace of mind when selling and buying vehicles from other vehicle owners.

How To Check NCD Online Enquiry

There are two (2) methods can be used by the users to checks on the official portal, and here are the ways;

(i) My ISM NCD Car Info

Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad is the body that introduced the MyCarInfo registration and application.

This NCD can be checked through the official my car info portal online. Here are ways to make an NCD review online;

  1. Users need to browse the page at
  2. Then, click on the “Enquiry” section. 
  3. Next, click the “Find Out Your NCD Online” button. 
  4. Enter the vehicle registration number and ID number, and tick the “I’m not a robot” box.
  5. Click on “Get My NCD Report”. 
  6. Finally, the NCD owner’s information will be displayed.
ism ncd check enquiry

(ii) iSearch Mycariinfo NCD Enquiry

Checking this NCD can also be done via I-Search on the official portal. Here are the ways to make a check through I-search;

  1. Browse to the following page:  
  2. Click on the “I-Seach” section.
  3. Choose plans and click on the “Go” button.
  4. Then, enter the required vehicle information in full.
  5. Click on “Enquire”. 
  6. Finally, the NCD result will be displayed.

Check NCD Online, Mycarinfo

The NCD check can be done online through the official MyCarInfo portal. It is very easy and accessible at any time.

Information relating to the next NCD percentage, the next NCD effective date, the current NCD percentage, and the current NCD effective date will be displayed once the checking of the NCD is done.

By doing so, vehicle owners will be easier to track and update their NCD value when they make these insurance renewals, while reducing their annual insurance policy fees.

What is NCD Insurance

A no-claim discount (NCD) is a discount or bonus granted to the insured because there are no insurance claims made by them in that year.

This NCD rate will increase if no insurance claim is made by the vehicle owner.

However, this NCD can return to zero if the car owner makes an insurance claim against their vehicle in the event of an accident, theft, fire, or any other unwanted event.

How Is NCD Calculated in Malaysia

The Malaysian General Insurance Association (PIAM) and other existing insurance companies in Malaysia have set the NCD rate to be aligned according to the type of vehicle.

These NCD rates are different by type of vehicle.

Here is the NCD rate and how to calculate the NCD according to renewal percentage by no-claim period;

1st year0%0%0%
2nd year25%15%15%
3rd year30%20%20%
4th year38.33%25%25%
5th year45%25%25%
6th year onwards55%25%25%

This NCD is calculated by making a percentage discount according to the no-claim period over the policyholder’s premium insurance when renewing the vehicle owner’s insurance policy.

How Long Is NCD Valid For In Malaysia

This NCD is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of the insurance policy renewal made by the vehicle owner.

Not only that, this discount will be granted whenever a renewal is made, and it is capped at a 55% discount if no insurance claims are made during that period.

This validity set aims to encourage and ensure vehicle owners drive their vehicles safely and more seamlessly.

Can I Transfer My NCD To My Wife

Generally speaking, this NCD belongs to the owner of the vehicle, which is the policyholder of the insurance policy.

This NCD cannot be transferred to any other vehicle owner.

Somehow, in some cases, insured parties are allowed to transfer their NCDs to other policyholders holding the title “spouse or parent and child”.

However, it is subject to a one-time transfer that is non-reversible. These policyholders need to check these transfers with their insurance agents first.

What Happens To NCD After A Claim

In most cases, this NCD will be affected if the vehicle owner, who is an insurance policyholder, is involved in an accident.

In the event of an accident, insurance claims must be made by the vehicle owner to ensure that the insurer covers the financial burden encountered by the insurance policyholder due to the accident.

When an insurance claim is made, the vehicle owner’s NCD rate will automatically return to zero percent (0%) as per the first year of the insurance subscription.

This means that the car owner will have to pay a higher insurance rate during the renewal of the vehicle’s insurance because there is no exception to this NCD discount.

What Happen To My NCD If I Sell My Car

The NCD is a discount entitled to the insurance policyholder. It’s not on the vehicle.

This means that if a car owner sells their car to another individual, their NCDs will remain the same, and they can still keep the NCD rate and use it for another vehicle.

Can NCD Be Used On Two Cars

Generally speaking, this NCD can be transferred from one vehicle to another as long as it is under the name of the same vehicle’s owner.

Unfortunately, if the vehicle owner has two (2) cars, this NCD can only be used on one car at a time.

Therefore, vehicle owners must subscribe to other insurance policies to ensure that each of their vehicles has an NCD.