Perodua Axia Price Malaysia 2024: Monthly Payment & Fuel Consumption

Perodua Axia Price Malaysia 2024: Monthly Payment & Fuel Consumption

perodua axia price 2024

This model is a local city car that has been produced by a Malaysian automobile manufacturer, i.e., Perodua. It was officially launched on September 15, 2014, as a replacement for the Perodua Viva, which has been used by Malaysians since 2007.

It is the first national energy-efficient vehicle (EEV) established in Malaysia. As time goes by, Axia has currently launched their second-generation model, which is an all-new Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) model equipped with high safety and great features at an affordable price.

Hence, the new Axia significantly creates a better drive experience than the first-generation model of Axia.

There are some slight differences between both the old model and the New Axia. Below are the differences between the two Axias in terms of their safety, features, and prices;

Perodua Axia Price Malaysia 2024

The new Perodua Axia 2024 delivers an impressive performance that makes the driving experience better than before.

The intelligent safety and high-end features make the journey smooth and fun, whether for a short or long journey.

Therefore, this new Perodua Axia is demanded by Malaysians because its advanced technology features fit the price range of each model.

Below is the price of the Perodua Axia 2024 according to the models sold in Malaysia;

1.Model G38,600
2.Model X40,000
3.Model SE44,000
4.Model AV49,500

Difference Between Old Model and The New Axia

The first-generation Axia was launched as a city car for all Malaysians at an affordable price.

Launching date15 September 201414 February 2023
VariantsComes in four (4) variants such as Standard E, Standard G, Special Edition and Advance.Comes in four (4) variants such as G, X, SE, and AV.
Average Price (RM)24,600 – 42,53022,500 – 46,000

The Axia initially launched with a size of 3,640 mm long, 1,620 mm wide, and 1,510 mm tall, which is quite shorter than the new one. It is built on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform.

The interior design of this Axia in terms of seating position, steering wheel and column, boot space, and rear passengers is provided within the size of the Axia itself.

This made the car fit comfortably and was specifically suitable for small families or young millennials. The exterior design has an “A-wing” look.

For safety reasons, the Axia was previously equipped with ABS with EBD and brake assist, a touchscreen multimedia system, corner parking sensors, a buzzer, and a multi-information display.

Unfortunately, there is no stability control associated with the car. With all the features allocated on this Axia, it makes them affordable for all for city or town driving.

The new Perodua Axia 2024 is longer, wider, more comfortable, and more spacious than the previous model, which promises improved safety, driving dynamics, and comfort for the driver and passengers.

  • This model is built on the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) platform that has been used by Ativa and Alza. O
  • ther than that, the new Axia offers better interior space, which includes improvements to the seating position, the angle of the steering wheel and column, and boot space.
  • The new design of this new model is more compact, and the look is more aggressive, “X-like.”
  • In terms of safety, the new Axia is equipped with airbags, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), traction control, automatic high beam, autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning/prevention, a blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert, and an all-seat seatbelt reminder.
  • Thus, the size of the new Axia, which measures 3,760 mm long, 1,665 mm wide, and 1,505 mm tall, makes it suitable for city cars and long-distant driving.

Is Bezza And Axia Same?

Bezza and Axia are manufactured by the same company, which is Perodua.

Both are Malaysian national cars that come with great specifications, features, equipment, and variants at affordable prices.

Even so, Bezza and Axia are not the same. They have their own specialties in providing driving experiences to their owners.

Technically, Bezza is a sedan, while Axia is a hatchback. In terms of safety, designs, prices, and features, they have their own specialty.

How Many Litres Is A Full Tank?

The new Perodua Axia has entered Malaysia’s automobile industry, where a new benchmark has been set by providing full safety and advanced driver assistance features.

It comes in four (4) variants with a 5-year or $150,000 standard warranty.

The latest model is equipped with a more advanced dual-mode CVT (D-CVT) engine to create a smooth journey with increased fuel efficiency.

The new model has claimed that it can drive up to 27.4km per liter. Hence, this means that an Axia’s full tank is a 36-liter tank of petrol with a driving range of up to 800km for frugal driving.

Is This Model Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency means a car acquires a low consumption of fuel over a long distance of driving.

Most people will look for a cost-effective car, which means a car with low fuel consumption and low maintenance.

This is a significant advantage that will be considered by car buyers, as it can minimize the monthly expenses of the owner.

Thus, the Axia is one of the cars that promotes fuel efficiency and is capable of traveling over 20km for every liter of fuel.

This will give an extra point to the car buyer for choosing Axia as their transportation.

What is the Axia Fuel Consumption Per 100Km

The fuel consumption of the Axia varies depending on the model itself.

It can also be affected by some factors, such as road, traffic, and weather conditions, driving style, and vehicle speed and condition.

Generally, the average fuel consumption of Axia cars is as follows;

G and X4.29 Liter
SE and AV3.65 Liter

Manual Or Auto

All four (4) variants of Axia are paired with an advanced dual-mode CVT (D-CVT).

Basically, it operated in both, manual or auto transmission car.

How Much is Axia Monthly Payment

Most people will choose to buy the car with a low monthly payment.

This is very important to fit their monthly commitments, especially for those who earn a low monthly income.

The monthly payment for every Axia is different according to the amount of the down payment made by the buyer.

This means that the higher the down payment, the lower the monthly payment.

As a result, buyers need to pay a higher down payment to pay a lower monthly payment. Regardless of that, the average monthly payment for Axia 2023 is around RM400–RM500 per month.

How Much Axia Maintenance Cost

The use of the D-CVT system has an impact on Axia’s maintenance costs.

However, it is still economical and affordable for car owners. Most likely, the maintenance cost of the Perodua Axia can reach RM2,000.

However, the cost varies depending on the type of maintenance and mileage of the Axia itself. It can be as low as RM200.

Therefore, every Axia’s owner needs to make sure their car is regularly serviced in order to reduce any unwanted problems that may arise with the car.

The maintenance cost can be referred to through the Perodua official website at