Pro Bono Lawyer: How To Get Free Legal Advice Malaysia From Government

Pro Bono Lawyer: How To Get Free Legal Advice Malaysia From Government aid service in 2024

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Court cases involving Shariah, criminal, and civil cases are discussed in the courts by lawyers appointed by the guilty party, better known as the plaintiff, to obtain defense and also by the accused, who are more commonly known as defendants, to defend their fate. However, not all individuals are able to appoint a lawyer to defend their fate because the cost of these legal services is high.

Therefore, the Malaysian government has established several government agencies that offer free legal assistance to individuals who are unable to obtain legal services. 

Among the organizations that offer free legal advice from lawyers are the Legal Aid Department (LAD), the Bar Council, and the National Legal Aid Foundation (NLAF). These three legal agencies offer free legal aid malaysia services that include legal advice and legal representation for cases brought to court. Individuals applying for legal aid have to undergo a means test to qualify for the aid.

Next, a merit test is also imposed on the applicant for this body to weigh the merits of the application case and see if the case is eligible or not to be granted the assistance of the guarantor. In conclusion, these three legal aid agencies provide free legal services to help individuals who need legal aid defend their fate, either in the form of advice or trial cases. 

Here are three (3) agencies that offer free legal aid malaysia and free lawyer service Malaysia, along with the eligibility conditions for obtaining such services:

The Legal Aid Department is the legal government body that provides legal proceedings for Shariah (such as free divorce lawyer in malaysia), civil, and criminal cases. This free legal aid malaysia by government lawyer malaysia is subject to the Legal Aid Act 1971 (“LAA 1971”).

This legal Bureau only controls court cases where individuals plead guilty to their charges and assistance is given to lessen whatever sentence they receive. 

Generally speaking, it’s subsidized legal aid.

This means that these aid applicants need to make funding to the LAD much cheaper than appointing a personal lawyer, depending on their annual salary and individual case.

This aid deserves to be given free government lawyer of charge to individuals with an income of RM30,000 per year or less.

2. Bar Council

Another legal assistant that offers a free legal service is the Bar Council. This legal body is a legal agency that provides truly free assistance that can be applied for not only by Malaysian citizens but also by foreigners or non-foreign immigrants. (PATI).

The assistance provided by the Bar Council is financed entirely by the lawyers who handled the case.

Therefore, anyone can apply for assistance through the Bar Council of their respective states.

However, the Bar Council only handles court cases relating to family law, employment law, Sharia law, and criminal cases.

The National Legal Aid Foundation (NLAF) is also one of the legal agencies that provides free legal aid malaysia to individuals who are unable to obtain an adequate defense in court.

The foundation was founded in 2012. The assistance offered under this foundation covers all kinds of criminal offenses except those that lead to the death penalty.

The government has allocated RM10 million in aid to the NLAF to help those who are applying for humanitarian aid under the NLAF for you to apply and to get government lawyers for free. 

All individuals with Malaysian citizenship status are eligible for custodial assistance under this NLAF regardless of their income, as are non-Malaysia citizens under the age of 18 in the current year for assistance in arrest, imprisonment, application for bail, and reduction of sentence.

While for legal aid for trial and appeal cases, only Malaysian citizens and non-citizens under the age of 18 who earn less than RM36,000 per year can apply government lawyers for free, for this assistance service, a proficiency test will be conducted to determine the eligibility of the individual to receive this NLAF assistance. 

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NOTICE: Currently, there is no availability of free legal advice online Malaysia.

What Does Pro Bono Lawyers Malaysia

Pro bono lawyers Malaysia means an individual lawyer who performs professional work in providing and conducting voluntary legal services, either for free or for a low fee.

This service is provided free of charge and at a reduced cost for the benefit of the public. This lawyer free service is also available to help those who can’t afford to pay for it.

How Do Pro Bono Lawyer Malaysia Get Paid If They Win

Pro Bono is a lawyer who runs legal services just like the legal aid agencies in Malaysia by offering free lawyer service in malaysia. It’s done voluntarily without any fees.

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A pro bono lawyer malaysia is a private lawyer who works for a law firm that handles cases in any field of public interest.

All costs and financing of pro bono lawyer services are covered 100%. Nevertheless, if the case in question wins in court proceedings, the guarantee fee will be charged based on the percentage value of the compensation received by their client.