RHB Premier Banking Malaysia: Requirement Benefits

RHB Premier Banking Malaysia Login Requirement Benefits

rhb premier banking

This Premier Banking is an online banking service that has been established by RHB Berhad. It is designated to fulfill the financial needs of customers by providing and delivering the best financial solutions to them.

RHB Berhad, a fully integrated financial institution that is ranked among the top banks in Malaysia, offers seamless customer experiences.

It creates wealth management solutions for their customers by providing banking services such as RHB Premier Current Account/-I, Junior Savings Account/RHB Children Account-I, RHB Multi Currency Account/-I, investment, insurance/Takaful, RHB Trustee, and more.

Thus, RHBpremier is one of the products and services offered by RHB Berhad to meet the financial preferences of individuals and families.

RHB Premier Banking Requirement

To be part of the Premier Banking customers’, an individual needs to fulfill all the eligible requirements set under these banking institutions.

Among the requirements that the customers are entitled to are as follows;

  1. Has a minimum of RM200,000 in deposit, investment, or Bancaassurance/Bancatakaful.
  2. Has a minimum of RM100,000 in deposit, investment, or Bancassurance/Bancatakaful for a year upon enrolment, and for RHB customers, they need to have a minimum of RM20,000 in monthly gross salary with Mortgage Facility, Auto-Finance, or RHB Credit Card customers.
  3. A minimum of RM20,000 in monthly gross salary is maintained with RHB Premier Joy@Work with a waiver of the asset under management requirement for a year upon enrolment.

How To Apply & Register

Any individual interested in this may make an online application to enjoy the products and services.

The application can be made online through https://www.rhbgroup.com

Benefit & Privilages

The customers that fulfilled the eligible requirement set under this Premier Banking will be entitled to enjoy the privileges provided by them.

Below are the privileges’ that have been offered by RHB to their customers;

(i) RHB Wealth Management

One of the perks offered to customers is managing their wealth by providing wealth accumulation, protection, and distribution.

There are several products and services offered to the customers, such as RHB Premier Current Account/-I, Junior Savings Account/RHB Children Account-I, RHB Multi Currency Account/-I, investment, insurance/Takaful, and RHB Trustee.

All those products can be applied by the customers to manage their wealth accordingly. High returns will be allocated to the customers depending on their financial management.

A wide range of priority services will be given to the customers to grow their wealth.

Thus, customers can enjoy countless privileges that are well managed by the financial professional according to the products and services selected by the customers in order to fulfill their financial needs in the long run.

(ii) Birthday & Lifestyle Privileges

Customers who have an account will be entitled to enjoy birthday and lifestyle privileges.

The customer will be given many returns during their birthday’s month; for example, the customer will be charged a low sales charge of 1% for any unit trust investment made by them through this account.

Apart from that, customers will also be entitled to a special discount when making any banking transaction with RHB merchant partners.

Hence, this is the way of rewarding and expressing gratitude to the loyal customers.

(iii) Special Offer RHB Green Financing

It also offers green financing activities in which they support the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy while addressing global challenges by building a better and greener future.

One of the products offered under RHB green financing activities is RHB Vehicle Financing-I.

This green program offers customers lower monthly installments by making hire purchases with RHB Premier.

Many great incentives can be enjoyed by the customers throughout this program.

Thus, this program aims to create the sustainability of financial management while at the same time encouraging a better future.

(iv) RHB Multi Currency Account-i

RHB Multi Currency Account-i is one of the products established under this Premier Banking.

It stores up to 32 foreign currencies in an account where customers can use it worldwide.

Other than that, this account is capable of protecting the customers’ monetary value by strengthening the other currency’s value to ensure the foreign transaction can be transacted smoothly.

Besides that, other benefits that can be enjoyed by customers are instant foreign currency conversion, hedging against market fluctuations, offering attractive returns, and many more.

Therefore, this RHB Premier is greatly suitable for all customers as it can be used worldwide across the globe.

(v) RHB Trustee

Exclusively for RHB Premier customers, RHB offers RHB Trustee products and services.

The services offered under this RHB Trustee are will/wasiat and trust. This is to ensure that the next generation is well taken care of and well managed in terms of finances.

Besides that, it is to ensure that wealth is managed by a professional trustee. In a nutshell, customers can enjoy 15% off for any will or wasiat writing and trustee services under the RHB Trustees.