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Salaries are an amount of money paid by employers to their employees for any service or work performed in accordance with the scope of work agreed between employers and employees. The government’s salary is a salary that has been fully determined according to the level, position, or qualification of the public servant. This disbursement is made by the government to the public servant on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis.

The distribution of this salary has been set according to the grades and positions held by the civil servants.

These government salaries are administered by the Department of Public Service under the auspices of the Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia (AGD). It’s made up of a basic salary, a bonus, a surcharge, overtime, bonuses, and many more advantages.

Every civil servant can refer to the payslip as shown in Figure 1.0 to see the salaries earned each month.

How Can I Check Anm Payslip 2024 At

The government payout can be checked at online through e-Penyata.

e-Penyata is a payment system that is established by the AGD for all public servants to make it easy for them to check their monthly salary.

The payslip system can be accessed online. Here are the ways to check government payouts;

  1. Browse the official website as shown in Figure 2.0.
  2. Log in to the user’s account by entering the IC number or passport number, and a valid password.
  3. The user’s self-information will be displayed. 
  4. Click on the personal salary statement. 
  5. Choose the month to review the salary. 
  6. Finally, the public servant’s salary will be shown.

When Is The Next Government Payout 2024 Each Month

The Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia (AGD) has set a certain date for all government departments in all states in Malaysia to make salary payments on a fixed date.

It will be distributed to all civil servants on the same date.

These dates are harmonized so that every civil servant is not excluded or delayed from receiving a monthly salary.

Here are the dates of salary payouts credited to all civil servants in Malaysia;

How Much Government Servant Allowance In Malaysia

Civil servants are entitled to the allowances provided by the government. There are various types of allowances offered by the government to civil servants.

All of the allowances offered can be claimed, and the amount of allowance given is different according to the positions of the respective civil servants.

The following are the types of allowances granted to public servants;

  1. Fixed Allowance for Public Service (ITKA)
  2. Fixed Housing Allowance for Federal Public Service (ITP)
  3. Fixed Allowance for Main Position Public Service 
  4. Cost of Living Assistance (COLA) 
  5. Regional Relocation Allowance 
  6. Regional Housing Allowance (EPW) 
  7. Critical Service Allowance
  8. Store Management Duty Incentive Payment (BITPS) 
  9. Overtime Work Allowance 
  10. Out of Station Treatment
  11. SPR Allowance
  12. Travelling Allowance
  13. Attendance to the Event & Coronation Allowance
  14. Court Order Allowance
  15. Hotel Allowance
  16. Motorcycle and Bicycle Allowance
  17. Driver Allowance
  18. Fixed Allowance
  19. SPM Invigilator Allowance

How Much Government Payday 2024

Every month, civil servants will receive their salary on a date set by the government.

The salary of this civil servant is divided into two categories: retired civil servants’ salaries and those still serving in the public sector.

The dates of both classifications are different, which means two (2) dates of payday 2024 according to the classification.

What Are The Benefits Included In a Anm Salary 2024 Package

Many advantages are offered to individuals who hold positions in the public sector.

Those who serve as civil servants make a big contribution to the country’s economic growth.

Therefore, the government offers and provides a variety of facilities and advantages to the civil servants over all the efforts made against the government.

This includes the benefits of a government salary 2024 package that benefits public servants as follows;

1) Gov Salary On Time Payment

  • The salary paid to the public servants each month is on time. The date of the salary distribution is based on a schedule issued and set by the AGD.
  • Every public servant will receive this salary as the date is set.
  • The payment of this salary shall not be commenced or delayed even one day from the date specified, unless the government issues a notice under the circumstances stating otherwise.
  • It’s important for civil servants to plan their spending and monthly finances well.

2) Will Receive Pension

  • All civil servants serving in the public sector will receive pensions. This pension will be paid to civil servants who retire after reaching the age of 55 and above.
  • The benefit of this pension is to guarantee a comfortable life after retirement as well as to pay tribute to the service of public servants during their service in the public sector.
  • This pension scheme will be paid monthly according to the final salary of a civil servant during his service.

3) Easy To Get Government Loan

  • Public servants are also given the privilege of making government loans. There are various government loans offered to civil servants.
  • In addition, government loans will be easily approved if the applicant is a public servant.
  • It’s different from loans applied for by individuals who are not civil servants. It’s because the government guarantees the financial institutions with every loan made by public servants.
  • It gives priority to public servants to make loans for their livelihoods, like car loans, house loans, education loans, and so on.