Work From Home Malaysia: Best Online Part Time Job 2024

Work From Home Malaysia: Best Online Part Time Job 2024

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What are the benefits of having jobs for extra income in malaysia? Sideincome becomes one of the sources for generating extra income for society. The rising standard of living urges most of society to earn an extra income. There are many advantages that can be obtained by individuals who generate extra income by doing more than one job at a time or side hustle malaysia. Among its advantages is that this extra income can accommodate a person’s real or monthly income. It’s because there are some individuals who can’t fulfill their desires because they have high commitments that require extra income job .

For example, a monthly salary is received only to finance daily expenses such as buying daily supplies, paying for cars, paying bills, and other commitments. Therefore, other desires, like eating at restaurants and traveling, require an individual to have an extra money and side income jobs from home.

Besides, this extra income is important when individuals face an emergency. Emergencies like sickness that requires a lot of funds, accidents, car damage, and so on. This emergency will require money at an immediate rate. Thus, this extra income & side hustle malaysia can be used as savings in times of emergency.

In addition, extra income job including side income jobs from home needs to be earned due to Malaysia’s uncertain economic situation. Inflation and recession can occur at any time if there is no development in economic activity in Malaysia. It’s a preparatory step towards facing the economic downturn that could lead to job losses.

What Is The Best Work From Home Malaysia in 2024

Anyone can choose to do any income part-time job for the purpose of generating side income.

The easy job with high salary in malaysia given depends on the type of side jobs chosen. It varies depending on the working hours, the earnestness, and the effort of the individual in doing the job.

Is it difficult to earn RM100 per day? How to earn rm100 per day? Here are some online part time jobs work from home malaysia that can help you achieve your goal

Here’s a list of part-time jobs that offer easy job with high salary in malaysia;

Earn Side Income Malaysia by Becoming a Grab Driver

Grab is a well-known e-hailing company in Malaysia. Many in the Malaysian community choose to be e-hailing drivers to generate extra income.

These Grab drivers must have their own vehicles to enable them to run this Grab service.

Besides, a lot of people today choose Grab as their public transportation from one destination to another. Grab drivers can choose to provide part-time or full-time e-hailing services.

Individuals can choose to do it part-time & side hustle malaysia to generate side income with a monthly salary of up to RM4000, depending on the number of orders and job received by the driver.

Part Time Job 2024 As Foodpanda Rider

Foodpanda is an online food delivery company. The person who registered with Foodpanda will become the Foodpanda rider.

This Foodpanda rider will deliver the customer’s ordered food via the Foodpanda app online. This work can also be done side jobs / income part time job 2024 & business in malaysia, depending on the shift chosen by the rider.

The salary rate received by the Foodpanda rider can reach up to RM3000 per month, according to orders received during the shift performed.

Sideincome As Corporate Travel Consultant

Corporate travel consultants are professionals who help manage business trips and make travel arrangements for a company.

They will negotiate on matters involving business trips, mainly involving corporate workers.

They’ll negotiate with vendors and suppliers to get the best deals according to a company’s travel policy. The roles and responsibilities of corporate travel consultants vary depending on the type of business they run.

As a corporate travel consultant, they need to recommend the best choice for the business trip, starting with the booking of tickets, accommodation, and travel packages involved, making travel arrangements carefully, managing business travel challenges so they are stress-free, ensuring travel safety and comfort, and networking and negotiating with many government and private agencies.

Therefore, these travel consultants operate 24/7, and individuals can choose to do it part-time to generate extra income.

You will be paid from RM3,000 up to RM4,000, depending on the type of business trip that is managed.

Earn Side Income Malaysia by Becoming a Golf Caddy

A golf caddy is an individual who serves as an assistant to a golf player. It’s done part-time.

They’ll accompany the golfers on the golf course. Their job is to help the golfers, from preparing the golf gear, picking the golf ball, and measuring the golf field.

This side jobs in malaysia as caddy girl is common among women. This golf caddy will be paid RM1,500 along with extra tips that can reach up to RM3,000.


A bartender is a waiter who prepares and distils alcoholic beverages as they are on the bar menu or as provided according to the customer’s wishes.

This barman’s job can be done part-time / side jobs malaysia. The bartender’s salary is around RM2,000 a month.

Side Jobs Malaysia as Fast Food Crew

Fast food crews like McD, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, and other fast food companies are responsible for providing the fast food ordered by customers and delivering the food to them.

Usually, this fast food restaurant operates for 24 hours. Therefore, it requires individuals to work a shift or part-time.

Thus, individuals who want to generate extra income can work part-time at any fast food restaurant with salaries of up to RM2,500 a month.

In conclusion, Grab drivers and Foodpanda riders are the highest-paying part-time jobs due to the high demands of the community.

The reservation will increase if it’s done in the city area. In fact, it can also be done full-time to get a better salary.

How Can I Make Easy Side Income Malaysia in 2024

Sideincome can’t be generated just by providing physical services. It can also be done online.

Side income generated online is easier because it’s more flexible, but creativity plays an important role.

Among the examples of online jobs that can generate side income in Malaysia are:

1. Freelancer Job in Malaysia as Writer, Web Designer Or Graphic Designer

If you’re looking for part-time freelance jobs Malaysia, here are some options for you to consider.

  • A freelancer is an individual who performs work regardless of working hours and is paid according to an agreement between employer and employee.
  • Among the freelance jobs are freelance writers, web designers, or graphic designers.
  • These are paid salaries after their work is completed within a time frame set by the client. It’s even flexible in nature, where employees can choose their working hours at any time.
  • Revenue can be generated from this freelance part time jobs malaysia after the requested work is done according to the satisfaction and request of the client.

2. Side Income Jobs from Home: Start Youtube Channel

We believe that starting a YouTube channel is one of the best part time jobs in Malaysia.

  • The YouTube channel is a platform used by society today to promote and broadcast videos in various fields such as education, religion, fashion, finance, and many more.
  • Starting a YouTube channel is a step towards generating online part time income malaysia.
  • YouTube channel owners just need to upload their videos and get likes, shares, and subscribers for their videos.
  • Revenue can be generated if the audience that is watching the YouTube video is reaching a high number.
  • It’s very simple, but then the YouTube channel created must be creative, different from the other YouTube channels, and able to attract an audience.

3. Side Job Malaysia Online As Tutor

  • These online tutors are a lot done by teachers and lecturers. This method makes it easier to generate income online. Students can also learn from home.
  • They just need to have a phone or laptop to access the class online. It’s even widely used by higher educational students nowadays.
  • Online tutoring can be done individually or in groups.
  • The study modules will also be given online. Now, teaching and learning sessions are easier.

4. Social Media Marketing

  • Products and services’ marketing can now be done through social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Shopee, Instagram, and more.
  • It’s easier for customers to buy online without going to a physical store. It even saves time.
  • Nevertheless, this social media marketing tool plays a huge role. It has to be creative, informative, and able to attract customer interest.
  • Basically, generating part time income from home busness in malaysia through marketing is easy if it’s done with the right methods.

5. Side Hustle Malaysia As Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is very much done by society today. This is because sellers don’t have to hold their products.
  • They become the middleman and are responsible for marketing the following products or services: delivery of goods and stock management, which are done only by the owner of the product.
  • This is one of the most enjoyable ways to generate income & sideincome. The more customers make orders through sellers, the more income can be generated.

Can You Work Part Time In Malaysia As a Student

This part-time job and side hustle malaysia can be done by anyone, including students.

side income malaysia

Students can do a part time job 2024 to accommodate their study expenses and, at the same time, build networking skills and gain work experience.

This part-time work is usually done outside of school hours. For example, working in a burger stall at night.

SOURCE: Shopify


1. How many hours is a part time job 2024 a day in Malaysia?

Pursuant to the Employment Act 1955 of Malaysia, the government has established that a part time job 2024 for individuals is not more than 32 hours per week.

It is important that workers and employers do not violate the established labor laws that can burden workers.

2. Is part time job allowed in Malaysia

This part-time work is allowed in Malaysia as long as the job is legal.

Nevertheless, it must be subject to working hours that have been fixed at a reasonable wage rate.

3. What are the working hours for part time in Malaysia

There are no fixed working hours for part-time workers. Workers can choose to work at any time.

Nevertheless, the average working hour rate per week for part-time workers must be between 30% and 70% of the normal working hours of 48 hours.

4. Can earn extra income in Malaysia RM100 a week?

The salary rate for a part-time worker varies according to the scope of the work done by the worker. It depends on the working hours, the type of work from home jobs malaysia scope, and other factors.

Therefore, it is reasonable for a part-time worker to earn an additional income & sideincome of RM100 or more in a week.

Some even receive less or more than RM100, depending on the scope of their job.

Finally, an increasing standard of living causes the price of goods to rise. A salary rate at the same level may not be able to accommodate the rise in the price of this commodity.

Thus, this part time work from home plays an important role in covering the daily expenses of the community, especially the family.

Therefore, in order to survive, each individual must have extra income & part time income from home by doing side jobs outside of their real working hours.