ASM Dividend 2024: Amanah Saham Malaysia ASM2 ASM3 Wawasan History

ASM Dividend 2024 payout date: Amanah Saham Malaysia ASM2 ASM3 Wawasan History

asm dividend 2024

What is ASNB ASM Dividend 2024 Malaysia? Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB) has provided a fund, namely Amanah Saham Malaysia. Funds under amanah saham malaysia are fixed-price funds that are subject to NAV change, particularly those provided to Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera.

However, it offers a low return compared to ASB.

This ideal investment is expected to profit from long-term growth, in which the dividend payout to the investor is quite low compared to other investment instruments.

Hence, amanah saham has declared a dividend rate of 4.5% for the year ending March 31, which has been distributed to investors out of their units allotted by April 1.

How To Open Account & Buy ASM Online

Amanah saham is one of the secure investment options offered limitedly to investors. Hence, it is quite challenging to acquire these units under amanah saham malaysia.

However, any investors who are interested in investing in this amanah saham malaysia can purchase the units online.

Below are the steps to make an investment in ASM Malaysia;

  1. Download ASNB apps and register in the ASNB account.
  2. Verify the account by uploading ID and photos of the investors.
  3. Then, setup the username and password.
  4. Once the registration of account is done, login into the account.
  5. At the main menu, choose the investment fund i.e amanah saham malaysia
  6. Make a payment to the unit allotted by the investors.
  7. Lastly, the number of units purchased will be reflected in the investor’s account.


What is The Minimum Investment For Amanah Saham Malaysia

ASNB has announced an increase in the unit allocation for amanah saham malaysia up to RM5 million.

On the other hand, the minimum investment in amanah saham malaysia is 10 units.

By time, investors can make additional allotments of the units invested through their ASNB accounts, subject to availability up to 100 thousand units.

How Long Does a Stock Stay in Amanah Saham Malaysia Fund

The stock that is secured in the amanah saham malaysia account will last until the investors withdraw their investment.

amanah saham malaysia 2024

Difference ASM VS ASM2 Wawasan vs ASM3

Amanah saham malaysia, asm2 wawasan dividend 2024 and asm3 dividend 2024 are investment instruments that offer a fixed-price unit.

A unit of the amanah saham malaysia is equivalent to RM1 if you tried to find asm1 asm2 asm3 difference. All these investments are in the form of cash and the EPF Members Investment Scheme.

Table 1.0 shows the differences between asm vs asm2 vs asm3.

There is no time limit that requires the investors to withdraw their investments.

Launch dateIt is launched on 20th April 2020.It is launched in 28th August 1996.It is launched in 5th August 2009. 
Assets breakdownIt is a mixed asset class that combined of 73.08% in equities and 26.92% in other market instruments.It is a mixed asset class that combined of 79.39% of equities and 20.61% of other market instruments.It is a mixed asset class that combined of 73.5% of equities and 26.5% of other capital market instruments.
Sector of investmentInvested in financial sectorInvested in the financial and services sectorInvested in the services and trade sector
Financial Year End31 March31 August30 September

ASM 2024 Dividend VS FD

Dividend amanah saham malaysia and Fixed Deposit (FD) are both the safest and most secure forms of investment in the financial market.

In addition, both are low-risk investments that have been offered to all investors with low returns for long-run investments.

However, ASM and FD are slightly different in some ways, as they both have their own benefits.

Amanah saham is an equity investment fund with a fixed-price unit trust of RM1.00 per unit. This fund has been introduced under Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd’s (ASNB).

It has been introduced with the purpose of providing a long-term investment opportunity to investors with a competitive return compared to other investments.

In addition, there is no limit to the amount of investment depending on the available units, as it is limited by the initial amount of investment of RM10.

Meanwhile, FD is an investment fund that allows investors to earn a fixed interest rate or profit rate over a stated period of time. It can be 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and so on.

The investors can earn a profit from the amount invested within that tenure. On the other hand, it is a safe and secure investment with a low return over that period of time.

Unlike Amanah Saham, FD can only be withdrawn after a certain maturity period.

Hence, FD has been introduced with the purpose of maximizing depositors’ savings in the short term. 

ASM Dividend Calculation VS EPF

Amanah Saham Malaysia and Employees Provident Fund (EPF) are both investments that are entitled to a dividend payout over the investment or savings made for the entire year.

However, both offered different dividend rates depending on the net profit earned by the institutions.

A.S.M is an investment based on the income funds invested by investors from time to time.

For the assessment year, every unitholder or investor will be entitled to a dividend payout.

The dividend rate will be announced by the board at the end of every year. It will benefit the investors according to the number of units acquired by the unitholders.

For year-end, 4.50% was disbursed to the investors accordingly.

Furthermore, every individual that contributes to EPF is entitled to receive a dividend every financial year.

Dividends will be paid to the members of EPF based on two (2) types of saving; conventional saving and Syariah saving.

Generally, this retirement incentive through monthly contributions will be entitled to the dividend payout, which helps the contributor increase their savings as it is part of the long-term investment.

For year-end 2022, 5.35% was disbursed to the contributors accordingly.

Amanah Saham ASM ASM2 ASM3 Dividend History Last 5 Years

YEARASMAsm2 Wawasan DividendASM3
20234.5%31 August30 September
amanah saham malaysia dividend history for the last 5 years

Above are the amanah saham malaysia dividend history for the last 5 years for ASM, ASM2 Wawasan and ASM3.

It shows a slight difference in terms of dividend rates received by the investors over the year.

There is a positive improvement for amanah saham malaysia, however, the dividends for ASM2 and ASM3 keep decreasing over the year.

Hence, the dividend history above shows the performance of the amanah saham malaysia dividend account over the past 5 years.

ASM Dividend Payout Date 2023

For year 2023, the dividend payout is as the date stated below;

20231 April 2023Will be announcedWill be announced

How To Calculate Amanah Saham Malaysia Dividend 2023

The amanah saham malaysia dividend 2024 calculation that has been distributed over the year will be calculated monthly.

However, the payout will take place every financial year. Generally, a.s.m is known as fixed price unit investment.

By mean, it is calculated based on the average sum of minimum balance units every month within the distribution period.

The total of monthly minimum balance units will be multiplied by the dividend rate declared for the particular financial year.

Therefore, the final amount will be the amount of a.s.m dividend payout received by the investors for that current year.