Average Salary Malaysia 2024: Basic for Fresh Graduate

Basic & Average Salary Malaysia 2024 Per Month for fresh graduate

average salary malaysia 2024

What is the full meaning of salary? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a salary is a fixed amount of money earned by an individual who works for a job. It can be paid either on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. Usually, this salary will be paid directly into the individual’s bank account or in cash. There are several types of salary, which are basic salary, wages, and net salary. All these salaries will be paid to the individual who performed their job according to the demands of employers or clients.

Commonly, these salaries will be determined by the employer based on the level of job ranks, skills, educational qualifications, and risk associated with the jobs they acquire.

Therefore, this salary is crucial for every employee or worker in return for the job performed.

Salary can also be a source of motivation for workers to increase their productivity in their jobs.

What Is Basic Average Salary Malaysia

Basic salary means a fixed amount of money paid by employers before any additions or reductions in the overall salary received by the employees.

In short, basic salary means the initial payment received by the employee before being deducted by the EPF and SOCSO or included with extra compensation such as overtime fees, allowances, and bonuses.

Hence, this basic salary will be stated in the offer letter and employment agreement before an employee is offered or enters into the job or service.

What Is The Highest Salary For Fresh Graduate Malaysia 2024 Per Month

There are 14 states in Malaysia that fresh graduates can choose to work in.

However, every state offered a different range of salaries, especially to fresh graduate. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is the top state that offers the fresh graduate jobs

This is because most of the economic activities are centred in Kuala Lumpur.

Most of the services sector, such as finance, professional jobs like engineering, medical, educational, and more, food and beverage services, e-hailing, retail, and others, operated in that metropolitan area. All these jobs contribute to the development of Malaysia’s economy.

Therefore, fresh graduates who work in Kuala Lumpur tend to receive a higher salary than those who work in other states.

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the highest median fresh graduate salary malaysia 2024 is RM5,088 monthly, which generates 15.4% of Malaysia’s total economic activity.

Hence, it is undeniable why most fresh graduates choose Kuala Lumpur to start their career and develop their working skills rather than working in their hometown.


Fresh Graduate Salary in Malaysia Per Month For Diploma Holder

Educational qualification is one of the benchmarks that employers will look into before they hire an employee.

It is important to ensure that the position offered to the employee fits with their educational qualifications. It depends on the job scope required by the employers.

For the diploma holder in Malaysia, their range of salary that they can demand is limited to RM2,750 per month, depending on the job scope, state of the workplace, types of jobs, and many more.

This salary rate has been set to make sure that employers do not violate the rights of employees who hold diplomas by underpaying them.

How Much Do Master Graduate Earn in Malaysia

The monthly salary expected to be gained by the master graduates is in the range of RM5,001 to RM10,000.

It fits with their knowledge and expertise in certain fields. The employers need to consider paying the master graduates this range of salary if they hire them in their company.

Therefore, their qualifications must be aligned with their monthly salary to encourage graduates’ employability and reduce unemployment among higher-level graduates.

How Much Is Average Salary in Malaysia Per Month

 Based on the Salary and Wages Survey Report 2021, the malaysia average salary per month recorded and received by employees in Malaysia is RM3,037.

It is contributed by the economic and social activities that were operated in Malaysia after the COVID pandemic.

In addition, Malaysia’s economy is currently in the development phase towards becoming a better and more developed country.

However, this average salary in malaysia rate can be varied according to some factors, such as industries, experiences, and economic conditions over the years.

Fresh Graduate Salary Malaysia 2024 Per Month: The Highest

Malaysia’s employment market offers many job opportunities to Malaysia’s fresh graduates in order to recover the economic activities in the country.

There are various fields of employment open to Malaysians to alleviate poverty and unemployment.

It is significant for economic development. Minimum wages have been set by the government to avoid underpaying employees, especially fresh graduates.

However, every job that is available in the industry pays a fresh graduate a different salary rate.

The highest-paying job for a new graduate is software engineering. The career offers a pretty lucrative salary, and they can make a good income.

They are expected to receive an average of RM66,000 annually, excluding any competition, bonuses, allowances, and any other benefits.

It is pretty good earnings for the fresh graduates to gain as Malaysia is currently moving fast in expanding the IT sector as a daily routine associated with technology.

How Much Is Pilot Salary Per Month

The aviation industry is one of the crucial industries in Malaysia, as it is part of the air transportation that connects Malaysia with other countries.

The rise in job demand in the aviation industry has taken place locally and abroad, which has affected the salary of these aviator-donning sky wizards.

Therefore, the average salary of the pilot is between RM5,400 and RM16,900 monthly, depending highly on the aviation skills, experiences, qualifications, types of airlines, and training hours.

In conclusion, a pilot’s job is an exciting and challenging one, as it requires high skills and is associated with high risks, especially when handling flights.

How Much Do Cabin Crew Salary

All airlines have their own cabin crew. Cabin crew’s salary is varied depending on the airline and individual’s experiences in the aviation industry.

A cabin crew is expected to earn around RM2,000 to RM4,000 per month on average. Bonuses and allowances will be given if they perform their job well.

How Much Does Shopee Malaysia Pay Fresh Graduate in Malaysia

Shopee Malaysia offers various job opportunities with a different range of qualifications in business and management, creative arts, engineering and mathematics, IT and computer science, law, legal studies and justice, medical and health sciences, and teaching and education.

It also opened the door for fresh graduates to gain experience and skills in Shopee, which is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Malaysia.

The estimated salary paid to the fresh graduate who works at Shopee Malaysia is around RM2,500 monthly.

How Much Petronas Fresh Graduate Salary Malaysia 2024 Per Month

PETRONAS is an oil and gas company that operates across the country. They hire a fresh graduate that graduated from the University of Petronas, with the best salary range starting at RM3,150 per month.

There will be an increment over a year or after the probationary period, depending on the terms of their working contract.

Nevertheless, it is different according to their job scope and department.

What Is The Fresh Graduate Engineer Salary in Malaysia

As a fresh graduate engineer, they tend to earn a pretty good salary depending on their expertise, such as electrical, civil, mechanical, chemical, and so on.

The average range of the engineers’ salaries is between RM3,400 and RM4,800 for fresh graduate in 2024.

This profession is in high demand and is needed by every company in Malaysia.

How Much Does Micron Pay Malaysian Fresh Graduate Salary Per Month

As a Micron Technology’s fresh graduate, they can earn approximately RM4,000 on average.

The company offers a range of job opportunities with this good salary rate.

Fresh graduates can broaden their skills, knowledge, and working experiences if they apply for jobs in Micron.

How Much Does AMD Pay in Malaysia

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) offers plenty of benefits and rewards to their employees through Total Reward Programmes.

Those rewards and salaries are paid accordingly based on the personal performance of the employee.

The average salary paid by AMD is around RM4,000 every month; however, it depends on the type of job they hold.

What Is The Basic Manager Salary

The estimated basic salary of a manager in Malaysia is above RM5,000, regardless of their field and industry.

There will be a manager in every company in Malaysia who is responsible for managing the company. They will be paid accordingly, suitable for their job scope.

Therefore, as a manager, they are entitled to receive such a salary.

Do Software Engineer Have a High Salary

Software engineer is a high-demand job among Malaysians. It is widely needed by the company in Malaysia, as most of the job system uses software.

The average monthly salary received by the software engineer is RM4,100 to RM6,000, or more, depending on their expertise and knowledge.

This kind is considered one of the highest-salary jobs in Malaysia.

How Much Does A Staff Technician Salary

The salaries of staff technicians in Malaysia differ from one another depending on their field of service.

The common average range of salary for a basic technician without any specialties is around RM2,400 monthly. However, it can be higher if the technician staff has certain specialties.