Best Travel Insurance Malaysia: Compare International & Overseas

Best Travel Insurance Malaysia in 2024: Compare International & Overseas

best travel insurance malaysia

Travel insurance is an insurance policy that covers travelers from any risks and financial losses associated with the insured party throughout the travel period.

It covers the insured party, who is a traveler, from any unwanted event while traveling, such as illnesses, injuries, accidents, transportation delays, loss of important documents, and many more.

Therefore, choose best flight insurance insurance is very crucial to make sure the traveler can enjoy their trip worry-free if they purchase it.

If something out of mind happens, the insurance companies will act on behalf of them to assist and compensate them so that the travel journey will go as planned.

Best Travel Insurance Malaysia in 2024

There are various insurance companies in Malaysia that offer trip insurance to their customers with a diversity of coverage to ensure the insured party is protected during the travel journey.

Below are the malaysia best travel insurance malaysia options that have been offered by the insurance companies in Malaysia;

1. Generali Travel Insurance Malaysia

Generali is one of the largest and best flight insurance companies. This insurance company promises safeguards and protection for their customers in every aspect of life, including travel.

Generali is one of the types of insurance offered by the Generali Insurance Company.

Under this policy, this insurance is designated to benefit travelers by covering any travel inconveniences and expenses that may occur due to an unexpected event while traveling.

Thus, the travelinsurance Malaysia covered the insured party in terms of flight delay, baggage damage or delay, trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses, emergency medical transportation, rental car excess cover, losses of personal belongings, and many more.

Any further information and subscription to this insurance can be made online through

generali travel insurance

2. Etiqa Tripcare 360 Takaful

TripCare 360 Takaful is a insurance policy that has been established by Etiqa Insurance Company.

Etiqa is a popular insurance company that most travelers purchase insurance from.

Etiqa provides various coverages that include cashless medical care (for overseas trips only), loss of valuables, travel delay, loss of travel documents, additional adventurous activity coverage, death or permanent disability, and many more.

Apart from that, the process of making a claim for compensation purposes is easy and fast, which creates satisfaction for the customers.

Hence, the application of this insurance policy can be done online through

etiqa travel insurance

How To Apply Travel Insurance By Generali For Individual

Travelers that need to ensure their trip, either domestically or internationally, is going well as planned; hence, malaysia needs to be subscribed to and put on the list in the first place before traveling.

It will create a worry-free mind for the traveler when they encounter unexpected events during their trip.

There are several plans offered under Generali. One of them is a travel insurance plan that covers individuals.

Below are the ways to purchase and apply for Generali Insurance Company;

  1. Browse the website at
  2. Fill up all the travel information of the applicant completely, as required.
  3. Choose the type of plan as “individual/group.”.
  4. Tick on the declaration mentioned.
  5. Next, click on “Get Quote.”.
  6. Select the plan offered under the individual plan either classic or VIP and read about the coverage of the insurance plan chosen.
  7. Click on the “Next” button.
  8. After that, fill up the personal information of the applicant correctly and completely and click on “Review Details & Buy” button.
  9. Payments need to be made once the verification of the insurance subscription information is verified.
  10. Click on “Proceed to Payment”.
  11. Lastly, your top travel insurance malaysia is applied for and purchased.

How To Apply Generali For Family

Meanwhile, Generali not only provides insurance coverage for the individual; it also offers coverage for the family.

Below are the ways to purchase best flight insurance for your family through Generali Insurance Company;

  1. Browse the website at
  2. Choose Family Plan at the “Type of Plan” part.
  3. Then, fill in the travel information of the applicant with the number of family members.
  4. Next, click on “Get Quote.”.
  5. Select the plan offered, either classic or VIP, and read about the coverage of the insurance plan chosen.
  6. Click on the “Next” button.
  7. After that, fill up the personal and family information of the applicant correctly and completely, and click on the “Review Details & Buy” button.
  8. Verify the information that has been filled out.
  9. Click on “Proceed to Payment.”.
  10. Lastly, malaysia for the family is applied for and purchased.

What Is Travel Insurance Cover

Every traveler that looks for insurance to be purchased to cover them during travel will look into the coverage offered by the insurance companies.

It is crucial for them to claim compensation for any unwanted events that happen to them while traveling. Among the elements covered under a travel insurance policy are as follows;

(a) Personal Accident

The majority of travelers purchase insurance to protect themselves from personal accidents such as being involved in a car accident while traveling.

This personal accident may also affect the third party, for whom they need to pay the compensation that occurred because of them.

Thus, this insurance can cover them by paying compensation to the other party.

As a result, they can reduce their financial burden when facing this type of unexpected event.

(b) Flight Delayed

Most commonly, a travel insurance Malaysia policy will provide coverage for flights delayed with a compensation of a certain amount.

This is because a delayed flight can ruin the traveller’s plans for that trip.

The schedule of the trip might also be disrupted and need to be rearranged, which might create financial losses for the travelers.

That’s why some travelers are very furious when the flight is delayed, which can cause them to replan their travel’s itinerary, which creates inconvenience to other parties such as their travel partner, hotel, transportation guide, and more.

With this insurance, it absolutely ensures that the insured party feels relieved even though their flight is delayed.

Hence, they can make a flight delay claim based on their insurance policy’s terms and conditions to cover the cost of the trip earned because of the delay; for example, RM200 can be claimed for every 2 hours delayed.

(c) Flight Cancel

The worst thing that might happen while traveling was that a flight that had been booked for months was cancelled.

This can cause huge financial losses to the travelers, as they invested a lot of money in hotels, transportation, tour guides, and any other paid services.

So, travel insurance plays an important role in covering the insured person in this situation.

They may receive reimbursement for some prepaid and non-refundable expenses associated with the trip.

However, travel insurance can only cover travelers whose flight has been cancelled due to technical issues with the flight, illnesses, or injuries they have experienced that urge them to cancel the trip or have been cancelled by the airline company.

(d) Flight Reschedule

A flight reschedule can create a delay in the travel period of the travelers.

This can cause the traveller to rebook or rearrange their trip schedule to fit with the rescheduled flight time. In this case, the traveller who purchased insurance can make a claim on the flight reschedule, which falls under the responsibility of the airline itself.

Somehow, this flight might be rescheduled due to weather reasons and flight technical issues that required the flight to be serviced or put on hold first for the passengers safety.

However, no matter what, the traveller can make a claim on this flight reschedule reason to reimburse any expenses lost due to that.

(e) Pandemic

Currently, all travelers from all over the world are in the pandemic phase of COVID-19.

Therefore, some insurance companies offer insurance policies with COVID-19 coverage as part of their protection.

For example, a travel insurance company such as Berjaya Sompo Insurance offers COVID-19 insurance coverage known as SOMPO TravelSafe, which provides protection up to RM500,000.

This insurance claim can only be made if the traveller is tested positive for COVID-19 during their trip and their results are authorized by Malaysian authorities.

Hence, any travelers affected by COVID-19 illnesses during the travel period may make a claim to cover the cost of the medical expenses due to COVID-19.

(f) Hijacking

Hijacking is part of the trip interruption that can benefit the insured party in receiving compensation due to this accident. Hijacking is the act of a terrorist unlawfully taking control over a vehicle, aircraft, or ship while traveling.

This can result in their being unable to reach their destination peacefully.

Thus, some insurance companies covered the insured party in the matter of hijacking, as it was out of anyone’s control.

(g) Loss of Credit Card

A credit card is one of the most important things for travelers, as it is a source of finance for them during their travels. It must be kept safe all the time.

However, sometimes, in some circumstances, travelers might face a situation where their credit card is lost. Hence, some insurance companies offer coverage for the loss of a credit card during a travel period under a travel insurance policy.

What a traveler needs to do if they face this situation is to report the loss to the issuers, and they will replace the new credit card for them.

During that process, the insurance will protect the insured party financially, depending on their insurance policy.

(h) Missed Departure

Typically, travel insurance Malaysia covers the insured person for unexpected and unforeseen events, excluding any regular travel disruptions.

Generally, the event of a missed departure is a regular travel disruption that is obviously caused by the insured person itself, not the airlines’ faults.

Therefore, most insurance companies do not provide protection in the event of a missed departure.

Anyhow, there are some insurance companies that cover this matter.

The insured person needs to buy additional insurance coverage to specifically protect them in case of a missed departure to ensure they can catch up with their travel itinerary.

Back to the standard insurance policy, the insured person needs to go through what specifically the insurance policies cover when it comes to missed departures.

(i) Baggage And Personal Effects

Baggage and personal effects are one type of travel insurance coverage that purposely provides protection to travelers in regards to their personal belongings and luggage during their travel trip.

This includes the case of lost, stolen, damaged, and destroyed items in the baggage of the insured person during travel to, in, and from a destination.

Thus, this kind of event will be covered under the insurance policy as stipulated in the Schedule of Benefits that the insurance company offers.

(j) Baggage Delay

During travel, time is the most valuable thing that needs to be taken into account, as when the time is not aligned as planned, the trip might be disrupted.

Because of that, most travelers will go directly to the baggage pick-up point to collect their baggage once they land.

This is to ensure that they don’t drag their time, as everything is planned.

In the case of a baggage delay, it will cause the traveler to suspend their time while waiting for the baggage, which might cause them to miss the connecting flight, missed the scheduled activities, and so on.

This will create additional costs for them. Therefore, travel insurance policies provide coverage for delayed baggage to protect insured travelers from the costs incurred due to the delay.

(k) Money And Travel Documents

Anyone cannot go anywhere without money and travel documents, as all of them are necessary things that everyone needs to have.

In some circumstances, the money and travel documents might be lost or stolen by anyone during the trip.

This can absolutely ruin the vacation. So, insurance will mostly cover the insured person from all these travel-related inconveniences.

For example, Kurnia Insurance Company provides protection on travel insurance Malaysia known as “Kurnia Care,” which covers the insured traveler from issues relating to personal money and loss of travel documents by providing financial protection to them.

(l) Repatriation Of Moral Remains

Repatriation of mortal remains is a type of travel insurance that provides coverage and provides transportation to send a deceased person’s body back to their home country.

This insurance policy is specifically established for international travelers.

It covers the cost of making arrangements for transportation, repatriation of mortal remains, and the negotiation process between the authorities to send the bodies to their home country, which is up to the policy limit.

(m) Emergency Medical Repatriation

Travel insurance also covers the case of emergency medical repatriation, in which the insured person needs to be sent off to their own country because of their illness or disease, where medical treatment can be done only in their country.

This insurance is covered for this event to ensure that travelers with this type of medication can travel worry-free, and if anything happens, their well-being will be prioritized.

The insurance will protect and cover the insured person financially throughout the repatriation process.

Thus, every traveler needs to ensure their health conditions before travel to avoid this kind of event.

(n) Emergency Medical Evacuation

Travel insurance also provides benefits for emergency medical evacuation.

This emergency medical evacuation is needed when there is not medical equipment available in the current situation, which might risk the lives of the travelers, especially when they are on flights.

In this situation, the transportation needs to be prepared for them to send the person to the nearest hospital or clinic to save their life or any risk that may pose a threat.

Hence, travel insurance Malaysia provides coverage on this matter to protect their lives at any location they visit throughout the trip.

(o) Medical, Hospital And Treatment Expenses

AIG is one of the travel insurance policies that covers medical, hospital, and treatment expenses up to RM1 million.

Due to weather, diet, and related travel inconveniences, the traveler can be caught with illnesses and medical problems that require them to get medication and treatment at the hospital abroad.

Typically, the cost incurred because of these medical issues is definitely costly and pricey. So, this will create financial hardship for the travelers.

Thus, travelers who purchase insurance can feel relief as the insurance company will reimburse the cost of medical, hospital, and treatment expenses throughout the travel period.

(p) Hospital Allowance

A traveler who has been warded to the hospital while traveling will be entitled to receive the hospital allowance.

This is because the traveler might lose their source of income and incur any other daily cost due to the hospital stay.

Hence, travel insurance covers the traveler by compensating them with a hospital allowance to help them cover any losses that fall on them.

That’s why travel insurance malaysia is important because we don’t know where or how our health will be throughout the trip.

(q) Medical Treatment in Malaysia

Travel insurance malaysia not only covers international travel; it also covers local travel.

Travelers who need medical treatment during travel need to refer to a professional medical professional. This will cost the traveler due to the medical treatment they get.

Even in Malaysia, the medical treatment can be so high, depending on the treatment they get.

Travel insurance malaysia will cover the costs incurred when the insured person receives medical treatment.

So, every traveler who travels either abroad or locally needs to purchase insurance for their well-being.

(r) Compassionate Visitation Benefit (Due To Insured Person’s Death)

One of the events that the insurance company covers under its travel insurance policy is the compassionate visitation benefit.

In most cases, this compassionate visitation is for one relative or friend.

This visitation can also be claimed for up to RM10,000 for a single trip. If the compassionate visitation was due to the insured person’s death, then the visit was purposely to assist in the burial or cremation arrangements of the insured person according to the locality rules where the death occurred.

Thus, the insurance company that provides this protection will reimburse travel and accommodation expenses for them to assist with what matters.

(s) Compassionate Visitation Benefit (Due To Hospitalisation Of Insured Person)

The compassionate visitation benefit can also be due to the hospitalization of an insured person.

In this case, the insurance company will reimburse the eligible visitor for additional expenses as required by medical advice only.

Other than that, the compassionate visitation benefit is not allowed.

(t) Travel Insurance Malaysia for Child Care

Travel insurance is not only for adults; it is also for children. The insurance can be insured for the children in the event that they are traveling alone, with friends, or with family.

The importance of a travel insurance purchase for children is what it covers in terms of child care.

They make arrangements by paying additional expenses to the relative of the child to take care of the child in the event that the insured person is hospitalized.

Apart from that, this travel insurance malaysia coverage is to ensure that the child under care is protected along the journey.

(u) Accidental Death / Accidental Permanent Disablement

An accident is one of the unwanted and unexpected events that might happen while traveling.

It is crucial for every traveler to apply for travel insurance that covers them in the event of accidental death or permanent disability.

Most probably, the insurance company will cover any death that occurred due to a natural accident or disaster that occurred during the trip and any accidents that caused loss of limbs or eyesight during the trip.

In that way, the travel insurance malaysia will provide protection to the insured party in terms of financial and medical expenses.

(v) Child Education

Some people travel locally or abroad for educational purposes. This includes children who travel for their educational trips.

Nevertheless, some travel insurance provides coverage in the event of child education, also known as a “school trip.”

Most of the time, the teachers will apply this travel insurance for child education purposes.

This is to make sure that every child will be protected during the educational trip.

If anything happens during the child’s educational trip, the teachers and parents can claim compensation and reimburse the cost incurred due to the loss.

(w) Loss Of Use Of Entertainment Ticket

Usually, the entertainment ticket purchased has already been paid for by the buyer.

In the event of the loss of use of this ticket, most likely it will not be refunded or given a new ticket.

Meanwhile, if the person has travel insurance malaysia that covers the loss of use of entertainment, their money will be returned or they will be given a new ticket.

This can prevent them from paying double or paying a high price to get the ticket.

However, the insured person needs to ensure that the fault is not their own negligence.