Epf Dividend 2023: Kwsp Interest Rate Payout Date in 2024

How to calculate Epf Dividend 2023 payout date in 2024, KWSP Interest Rate announcement and percentage in Malaysia history for last 10 years

when declare epf dividend 2023 interest rate in 2024

What is epf 2024 dividend? Every individual that contributed to The Employees Provident Fund (epf kwsp) is entitled to receive dividend every financial year. Dividend will be paid to the members of EPF based on two (2) types of saving which is conventional saving and Syariah saving.

The Board was recently declared that the divident kwsp rate for year end 2022 is 5.35% that will benefit to all EPF member as a whole. This dividend in malaysia payout is amounting up to RM51.14 billion will be distributed to 15 million EPF members. 

The current EPF 2023 dividend rate has shown a positive saving return which is higher that dividend rate declared in year 2020. However, the rate is slightly lower than last year which epf percentage is 6.1%.

EPF Chairman Tan Sri Ahmad Badri Mohd Zahir concluded that the current dividend still maintained its resilience despite of constant global market downturn. 

When Will Declare Epf Dividend 2023 Payout Date in 2024

Based on the talk of economists who say the dividend this time is higher.

For the financial year 2023, those inquiring about the payout date and the expected bonus and interest payment in mid-March 2024 (one day after the announcement).

Malaysia EPF Dividend History Last 10 Years

The Employees Provident Fund provides retirement incentives for all employees and employers who work in the public and private sectors.

Epf Interest Rate 2023//
kwsp dividend history in 20215.656.10
epf divident 20204.905.20
epf divident 20195.005.45
epf divident 20185.906.15
epf divident 20175.406.90
epf divident 20165.70

It has been introduced to secure the future of workers who are not entitled to the government pension.

Generally, this retirement incentive through monthly contributions will be entitled to the dividend payout, which helps the contributor increase their savings as it is part of the long-term investment.

Based on the last 10 years, it seems that EPF Malaysia keeps maintaining kwsp interest rate history above 5% every year for its members.

Malaysia kwsp dividend history still managed its performance gracefully even though we faced the global crisis over these 10 years.

By the year 2017, the dividend rates had increased rapidly up to 6.90%, which was the highest dividend over the 10 years from 2013 to 2022.

It shows that the dividend history performance and investment are at an excellence stage. However, epf interest rate start to fluctuate after 2017 because of the slower global growth in major economies due to COVID-19.

However, various strategies have been implemented to increase the dividend over the year.

When Dividend For 2023 in Malaysia

According dividend announcement date from Chief Executive Officer Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah, EPF managed to control a stable return on dividend contributions for year end 2022 even in amidst economic challenges.

EPF has announced a dividend contribution of 5.35% for conventional savings and employee provident fund interest rate is 4.75% for Shariah savings.

This epf percentage malaysia, dividend epf return date will be credited to the contributors for both savings accounts by 4 March 2023.

EPF members can check their savings accounts via i-Akaun to see the amount kwsp interest rate 2023 received by the members.

EPF Kwsp Interest Rate Paid Until What Age Limit

At the age of 55 and above, every contributor of EPF member is eligible to withdraw their savings from the EPF account.

However, the contributors are free to keep some of their savings in the EPF account so that they will be entitled to receive the dividend annually.

Hence, all members can continue to benefit from receiving the annual dividend payout up until age 100. It is the maximum age limit to receive a dividend payout from epf kwsp.

EPF Announcement VS ASB Percentage

The Employees Provident Fund and Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB), both savings and investment platforms, are the most reliable platforms in Malaysia.

All investments and savings are secured by these institutions. The Malaysian government believes that both investment funds shall distribute dividends out of the profit gained from annual earnings.

In addition, both platforms provide a low risk return on investment over the long term. However, between both investments and savings platforms, they offered different features that would benefit the contributors as members. Below are the following:

1. EPF Interest Rate 2023 in 2024

  • EPF is a retirement fund scheme that has been introduced by the government to encourage Malaysian citizens to save for the future, especially for individuals who are not liable for the government’s pension.
  • EPF members, either employers or employees, need to make a monthly contribution based on the EPF rate implemented by the EPF.
  • This contribution will be used for investment.
  • Every EPF member will also be entitled to receive a dividend epf every year consistently based on the amount of contributions made by the EPF members.


2. Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB)

  • ASB is a government institution that manages the investments of unit trusts in Malaysia. It was launched by Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad on 2 January 1990 to help the Bumiputeras by providing alternative savings.
  • Investors can generate their returns consistently over the long term.
  • The cost of equity funds that can be invested by investors in ASB is fixed at RM1 per unit allotted.
  • Dividend payouts will be disbursed by ASB according to the investment made by the investors based on the unit trust acquired by the investors for the current year.

In conclusion, both EPF and ASB benefit their members accordingly. Generally, employee provident fund interest rate is one of the best investment instruments that offers secure fund savings with a stable dividend payout every year for long-term investment.

Is Dividend Taxable

Dividends that have been earned by the EPF member will be reflected in the savings accounts.

All these epf divident are tax-exempt.

The EPF members are not liable to pay any tax on the epf dividend history amount received by the year’s assessment.

How to Calculate EPF Interest Rate Malaysia 2023 Dividend

Upon retirement of the EPF members, they are allowed to withdraw their contributions and savings.

However, all contributions made by members of are subject to malaysia epf interest rate 2023. For year 2022/2023, EPF has imposed the interest rate fixed at 5.35%.

How to calculate epf dividend 2023 malaysia? Below are the steps to calculate the malaysia employee provident fund EPF interest rate 2023;

  • EPF Interest Rate = 5.35%
  • Savings Balance at 1 Januari = RM1,000.00
  • Monthly contribution made by members = RM100.00

How to calculate kwsp dividend rate history – Calculation Method :

  • Opening Balance RM1,000.00 x 5.35% x 12/12 = RM53.50
  • January – RM100 x 5.35% x 11/12 = RM4.90
  • February – RM100 x 5.35% x 10/12 = RM4.46
  • March – RM100 x 5.35% x 9/12 = RM4.01
  • April – RM100 x 5.35% x 8/12 = RM3.57
  • May – RM100 x 5.35% x 7/12 = RM3.12
  • June – RM100 x 5.35% x 6/12 = RM2.68
  • July – RM100 x 5.35% x 5/12 = RM2.23
  • August – RM100 x 5.35% x 4/12 = RM1.78
  • September – RM100 x 5.35% x 3/12 = RM1.34
  • October – RM100 x 5.35% x 2/12 = RM0.89
  • November – RM100 x 5.35% x 1/12 = RM0.46
  • December – RM100 x 5.35% x 0/12 = RM0.00
  • Total kwsp 2023 Interest Rate at 5.35% = RM82.94

What Is The Interest Rate For Senior Citizen EPF Account

Every member is entitled to get 5.35% interest rate 2023, which includes senior citizens who hold the employee provident fund account.

What Is The EPF Interest Rate For 60 Years Old

All EPF members are expected to make monthly contributions until they reach the age of 55.

However, they are given the option and opportunities to continue their contribution as part of their investment and savings.

epf return rate

The EPF return rate for individual members age 60 and above is 4%, contributed by the employers without any contribution on the employees part.

This EPF return rate is imposed on 60-year-old members for the purpose of encouraging the active participation of experienced senior employees in the economy.

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