Best Epf Investment Fund: Kwsp Top Portfolio in 2024

Best Epf Investment Fund: Kwsp Top Potfolio in 2024

best epf investment fund malaysia

The Employment Provident Fund (EPF) is a scheme offered by the EPF’s statutory body to EPF members.

This investment allows EPF members to use their Akaun 1 savings funds to be invested through designated fund management institutions (FMI), including Trust Unit Management Company and Money Group Management Company.

Only members who qualify to invest and have allowable savings can invest in epf investment portfolio 2024 scheme.

It was created to encourage EPF members to invest and increase their savings through this investment.

Apply Kwsp Investment Malaysia Using i-Invest Portal

EPF investment Malaysia can be done online using the EPF official website at

This investment can be applied through the i Invest kwsp portal (, which is designated for every member who is interested in making an investment using their savings.

Here are the ways to apply for an investment scheme using the i-Invest portal; 

  1. Users should browse the official EPF portal at
  2. Log into the user account by entering a valid user ID and password. 
  3. Then, click on the “Login” button.
  4. Next, on the main page, click the “kwsp i invest” section. 
  5. In the “Buy” section, click on any fund management institutions that users want, as shown in Figure 2.0.
  6. Verify the investment transaction made. 
  7. Finally, the investment succeeded.

How Does This Investment Work

i-Invest EPF is a portal used by EPF members to invest using EPF Account 1 investment. This investment is made using the existing savings in Account 1 of the member.

This scheme will allow members to transfer a portion of the savings in Account 1 to the FMI that has registered under the EPF.

Investors need to select any desired FMIs and make such investments using funds through Account 1.

All profits and losses of this investment scheme can be checked through on the “Fund Tools” section.

Nevertheless, these EPF investors will not receive any dividends from their investments.

For members under 55 years of age, if a member sells the investment or FMI is terminated under SPA, FMI will return all sales of the investment to the EPF.

Eligibility To Invest EPF Money Using Kwsp I Invest

There are several eligibility criteria that EPF members must meet before they start investing in i-Invest.

The following are the eligibility criteria that have been set by the EPF to allow them to invest using EPF Account 1; 

  1. Members are Malaysian citizens, permanent residents (PR), or non-citizens who registered as EPF members before August 1, 1998. 
  2. Members must be 55 years of age or below. 
  3. Members must have sufficient savings in Account 1. 
  4. The application for this investment scheme must be made through the counter/agent FMI or i-Akaun (Member) online,

How Much Money Can I Invest?

The amount of EPF savings that can be invested is 30% of the amount of basic savings surplus accumulated in Account 1.

Nevertheless, the minimum amount eligible to be spent for investment purposes is RM1,000.

A sum that is less than the minimum amount and the savings do not exceed the amount of the base savings surplus is not eligible to invest in i-Invest.

Therefore, the calculation of i-Invest’s eligibility should be done first before making an investment.

Required Documents

Some of the documents required to make an i-Invest investment application. Below are all documents that needed to be provided to make this application;

  1. EPF Application Form 9N (AHL) and Document Checklist (it can be found at any FMI agent or counter). 
  2. A copy of Identity Card document or passport.

Best EPF Investment Fund & Top eQuity Portfolio

What are the best kwsp investment fund 2024?

Every investment will be directed to the fund management institution (FMI), consisting of the Trust Unit Management Company and the Money Group Management Company.

These companies will manage EPF members’ investments well to make a profit, and the Kwsp investment portfolio 2024 includes…

1. How to Invest in Kwsp Public Mutual Investment

  • There are various funds provided by Public Mutual to EPF investors. It consists of equities, mixed assets, and bonds that are still active.
  • It offers diversification of funds with selected overseas and domestic funds and creates opportunities to optimize members’ EPF savings to grow retirement savings.
  • Investors can refer to the official Public Mutual portal at for more investment information.

2. CWA Investment

  • CIMB Wealth Advisor (CWA) is a lending facility that empowers investment opportunities to gain a better return for investors.
  • Many benefits and privileges offered to investors include acceptable collateral, flexible financing, and promotions.
  • This investment will be directed to CWAs regulated by CIMB Bank’s banking institutions, which can be applied through the website

3. Kenanga Investment Kwsp

  • Kenanga is one of the fund management investment companies (FMI) listed under the EPF.
  • It offers an investment scheme that can be invested through a member EPF account.
  • This investment encourages members to diversify their investment portfolios to provide a lucrative return.
  • All information concerning KENANGA investments that can be made through the EPF official website can be reviewed at

4. Using Affin Hwang Asset

  • The EPF Members Investment Scheme was also introduced by Affin Hwang Asset, now known as AHAM Capital Asset Management.
  • A variety of funds that can be invested through this company include equities, mixed assets, money markets, and bonds, all of which are still active. Many advantages are offered by this company.
  • Investors can get investment information through this one of kwsp investment list 2024,

5. RHB Asset Management

  • EPF funds can also be invested in RHB Asset Management. The fund will be managed by the banking institution, RHB Bank.
  • All information about this investment can be referred to at

6. How to Invest in Kwsp TA Investment

  • There are six (6) schemes approved under TA Investment, which are TA Comet Fund, TA Islamic Fund, TA Small Cap Fund, TA Dana OptiMix, TA Islamic CashPLUS Fund, and TA Dana Focus.
  • All six funds are actively operated under TA Investment Management Berhad.
  • This TA Investment investment application can be made through an i-Akaun (Member).

7. Hong Leong Asset Management

  • Similarly, with the banking institution Hong Leong Bank Berhad, investment funds can be invested in Hong Leong Asset Management.
  • This investment can be made using the user’s EPF savings fund.
  • These banking institutions offer attractive returns to their investors. Information about this scheme can be referred to at

8. Epf Investment In Eastspring Investment

  • This pension scheme investment is offered through Eastspring Investment.
  • Many of the advantages provided include promising higher returns compared to fixed deposits, diversification of EPF retirement savings, flexibility in choosing a fund manager, and Shariah compliance.
  • All those benefits are entitled to the investors that invest in i-Invest and choose Eastspring Investment as their investment platform.
  • All the investment information can be found at

9. Amanah Saham Nasional

  • Amanah Saham Nasional investments can also be made through the i-Invest.
  • This investment fund will be funded using the members’ EPF savings. In fact, any returns from the investment in these unit trusts will be used by members.
  • Investors can refer to the official Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad Portal to find out more about this investment.

10. Manulife Investment Management

  • Manulife is a well-known investment company in Malaysia. Many of the investment funds offered to the community include EPF investments.
  • Individuals can browse to learn about this investment as well as the benefits and returns it offers to EPF investors.

11. Principal Asset Management

  • Principal Asset Management is a body that manages asset investments.
  • This investment can be made through the i-Akaun EPF member application.
  • All information related to Principal Asset Management can be found at

12. Investment epf Ifast Capital

  • iFAST Capital is an investment company that manages a wide range of local and international investment portfolios, including those in Malaysia.
  • Many advantages and benefits are offered to the investors in this company. EPF funds can also be invested in iFAST Capital.
  • It can be referred to at

13. Epf Scheme 2024 By Phillip Mutual

  • Phillip Mutual is a trust unit that distributes more than 103 EPF funds from over 13 EPF providers.
  • The funds invested in Phillip Mutual will be monitored accurately according to current market prices and guarantee investment returns to investors, especially EPF investors.
  • A variety of funds and portfolios are offered under Phillip Mutual.

In conclusion, Principal Asset Management and AHAM Capital Asset Management are among the best EPF investment management platforms.

Both offer and guarantee high returns as well as secured investment savings.