Malaysian Online Passport Renewal: Price & Check Status

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malaysian online passport renewal malaysia

What is renew malaysian passport online? How much is the price?

Passport Malaysia is a travel document that every individual who wants to travel abroad must have it. It serves as an identity document for a Malaysian citizen when abroad.

The validity period for passports issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department (MID) is 5 years from the date the passport is issued.

Therefore, passports that exceed the validity period of 5 years are considered expired and need to be renewed if you want to travel abroad.

Malaysian Online Passport Renewal

For renewal passport purposes, it can be done for renew passport online.

The process to renew passport online is fast and easy for applicants to renew passport malaysia online.

This malaysia passport renewal application can be done on the website at

How Much Is The Passport Malaysia Renewal Fee in 2024

This renewal can be done at any MID branch nearest to the applicant. Each renewal will incur a fee for the applicant.

The renewal price fee in Malaysia for 2024 is RM200 for each renewal by new applicants and RM100 for senior applicants, children, students who are following overseas degree programmes, and pilgrims for a valid period of 5 years.

Malaysia Passport Price For 5 Years

A passport price malaysia 2024 for renewal will cost up to RM200 for a period of five years.

Any renewal is entitled to a 5-year period.

Applicants cannot choose any period of renewal other than 5 years in order to renew their passport.

What Documents Do I Need To Renew Malaysian Passport

Individuals who wish to renew their passports must prepare and attach the following documents together for the purpose of obtaining a new passport:

  1. A printed copy of the online application made by the applicant through the official MID portal (for renewal other than through the counter).
  2. Old passport.
  3. Applicant’s identification card or applicant’s birth certificate for applicants under the age of 18.

The documents must be brought with the applicant to renew the Malaysian passport. It must also be accompanied by the renewal fee.

Can I Do Malaysia Renew Passport At UTC

Pasport Renewal can also be done at any Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) branch where there is a Malaysian Immigration Department (MID).

However, it is subject to only a few conditions that allow physical renewal through any MID at UTC.

Can I Renew Malaysia Passport Without Appointment

Before 11 May 2022, online appointment was established for the purpose of renewal by Malaysians.

However, this online appointment system (STO) was abolished to facilitate the applicant’s affairs in making this travel document application.

Furthermore, DIM has extended their operating hours for handling passport matters for international travel by allowing renewal without an appointment.

However, renewal without an appointment is subject to some types of renewal only. Hence, applicants can just walk-in to the immigration department to apply for renewal.

Is There A Walk In For Renewal Passport Online Malaysia

Renewal can be applied through any MID branch by simply walk-in to any MID branch nearest to the applicant.

There is no online appointment need to be made by the applicant for this matter after 11 May 2022.

How Can I Check Passport Status Application

Checking the status of the passport application can be done online through the DIM’s official website.

The purpose of this review is to find out whether it is approved or not, and the following are ways to check the status of renewal in Malaysia:

check passport status
  1. Visit the website after renewing a passport online in Malaysia
  2. Enter the applicant’s information completely and click on the “Search” button.
  3. Finally, the status renewal of the passport application in Malaysia will be displayed for the applicant’s reference.

What Happens If I Lost My Malaysian Passport

Renewal is usually done due to expiration, loss, or defects in the individual’s passport.

For the purpose of losing the passport, the owner of the passport will be fined RM200 for this offense.

The owner needs to report the loss of the passport immediately to the DIM.

It is intended to prevent the use of lost passports by irresponsible individuals. In addition, the individual that lost their passports also will be denied from traveling outside Malaysia.

How Much Is The Penalty For Lost Passport

The following are the penalties to be paid by applicants who lose their Malaysian passport due to their own negligence:

Normal applicantsRM400RM700RM1200
Applicants under 12 years old @ applicant who aged 21 and above who pursue their studies oversea.RM300RM600RM1000

How Do I Renew My Lost Passport

This international travel document is very important to prove the identity of an individual’s nationality.

Failure to present a passport when traveling abroad may be subject to legal action.

For individuals who have lost their passports, renewals must be made to allow the individual to travel internationally.

However, there are some steps that need to be followed to renew a lost passport:

  1. Applicants must make a police report when their passport is lost.
  2. Then, a copy of the passport loss report received from the local police station must be submitted to renew the passport.
  3. Next, immediately attend the Enforcement Division of the Malaysian Immigration Department.
  4. Fill out the lost passport form provided by the immigration officer.
  5. Finally, the renewal application is processed, and the applicant will receive a new passport with a passport loss fine payment.


1. Will Malaysia Passport Number Change After Renewal

Each passport holder has a different passport number. It is an individual identity number, which means that each passport number is different from the others.

Not only that, but the applicant’s passport number also will change every time the renewal is done.

The passport holder will have a passport number according to the latest passport issue.

Will passport number change after renewal malaysia? This means that the old passport number is no longer valid if it has expired or if the passport is renewed.

2. Can I Renew My Expired Malaysian Passport Online?

A renewal of an expired passport must be done if the individual wishes to travel abroad.

This renewal can be done online only (except for special case), as shown as above