My jpj Register & Login Check Road tax

My jpj register and Login Roadtax Digital to check and view road tax during roadblock

my jpj app registet

What is this app offer to check road tax digital? This digital road tax is a digital mobile application introduced by the Department of Road Transport to make it easier for the public to transact JPJ services. Many services can be done through this application, such as reviews of vehicle and driver licenses, JPJ summons checks, traffic error complaint reports, digital license display, and online license renewal.

Thus, the application can be downloaded via the mobile phones of road users online.

Thus, the public no longer needs to come to the branch to run the services as they are already available in the application, which is time-saving for the public because it can be accessed at any time.

How To Make MYJPJ Register App To Check Road tax

This application is now widely used in the community with the purpose of promoting the use of digital applications.

It is even encouraged for all users to download this application.

Users need to register accounts beforehand to allow them access to this account. The following are the ways to register roadtax digital;

  1. The user should download the application via the user’s mobile phone (HERE) and (HERE)
  2. Open the application and click on the “Login” button. 
  3. Enter the ID card number and click the “Send” button. 
  4. Enter the required information completely and correctly, and then click on “Send”. 
  5. Enter security questions, set the password, and click “Submit”. 
  6. Finally, the user registration succeeded


How To Get My jpj Login Roadtax Digital App

In the world of digitalization and technology, road tax is now digitally accessible online.

Users or vehicle owners can display their digital road tax through the app.

Users need to log in to their account and click on the e-LKM digital display.

check road tax

This page will display the user’s digital road tax when there is a roadblock conducted by this agency. Thus, Figure 1.0 shows the digital display of the e-LKM available in the portal.

How To Get Digital Road Tax For Company Car

The digital road tax application embodied in the app was launched in early February 2023.

However, the enforcement of road tax digitization is limited to the owners of private vehicles. Not for company car road tax.

This is because the implementation of this digital road tax is still in its initial stages.

Thus, the company’s cars still need to display the physical road tax as practiced before.

How To View Road Tax & Check Online

How to show road tax in my app?

Within the digital road tax application, there is a service known as e-LKM. e-LKM is a digital display that allows users to obtain a digital version of the Motor Vehicle License.

With this check road tax, it can make it easy for road users to go anywhere without having to attach a motor vehicle licence or road tax anywhere in the front of the vehicle mirror.

Users can access this apps to check road tax online.

This e-LKM can be accessed by registered users through the official portal of the Department of Road Transport online. 

How To Register Reference Number

For the purposes of account registration in roadtax digital, there is one “Reference Number” space that needs to be filled in by the user.

However, it is not mandatory for the user to fill in the section if the user does not have a serial number.

Anyway, this reference number registration can be registered at any nearby branch. It can’t be done online.

Why Cannot Login

Once the registration of the account is successful, users can start accessing the application anytime and anywhere. It could be logged in easily.

However, there are a few users who have trouble logging into this account.

Among the reasons that a user’s account could not be logged in are;

  1. The user forgot a valid password.
  2. The user entered the wrong password when trying to log in.
  3. The user’s mobile phone device does not have an internet network.
  4. The user’s application has a technical problem.
  5. The user’s mobile phone is out of battery.

What Is The Function Of This Apps

This application is designed to facilitate public when involving JPJ’s affairs. Many benefits and functions of this application include;

  1. Users can make vehicle licence-related checks, such as checking the latest number and expiration date of the motor vehicle licence (LKM). 
  2. Users may make checks related to the driver’s licence, such as the driving licence expiration date and the driver’s test results. 
  3. JPJ-related checks like demerit points, summons, and blacklists can be made in the application. 
  4. This J application is a link to the vehicle number assignment application (JPJeBid) and queue number application (JPJeQ). 
  5. Users are able to make a traffic error complaint report (eAduan@JPJ). 
  6. Users have access to LMM and LKM digitally in the user’s profile. 
  7. Users will be able to renew the Malaysian Drivers’ Licence (LMM) and Motor Vehicle Licence (LKM)—new functions in the future that will be notified soon.


1. Who Developed This Apps

This app was developed by the Department of Road Transport for public use. It was launched in February 2023.

Nowadays, more than 2 million users use the app to access and review JPJ-related affairs.

2. Is it Free To Download This Apps

The application can be downloaded for free from the user’s mobile phone.

It can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. No fees are charged to the user.