Socso Payment Date 2024 Schedule & Contribution Table

Socso Payment date 2024 schedule: Perkeso socso Claim For Accident & Death

socso payment date 2024

Is perkeso and socso malaysia the same? PERKESO and SOCSO are the same government entity.

Both have the same functions and responsibilities in protecting the social security of private sector workers in Malaysia by providing protection related to occupational disasters such as workplace accidents, service illnesses, and even deaths.

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Currently, government agencies like SOCSO are more committed to efficiently protecting contributors’ welfare.

Socso Payment Date 2024 Schedule

Below is a list of socso payment schedule 2024 dates for pensioner in Malaysia who make socso contribution table;

January17 January 2023
February1 March 2023
March31 March 2023
April17 April 2023
May25 May 2023
June23 June 2023
July1 August 2023
August1 September 2023
September29 September 2023
October1 November 2023
November7 November 2023
December19 December 2023

How Much Socso Claim For Death in Malaysia

The heir of the deceased can make a SOCSO claim for the death of a contributor up to RM2,000.

This claim can be made by the heir who deserves to make it.


Can I Claim Socso For Accident At Home

SOCSO provides protection to employees in the event of work accidents, emergency accidents, commuting accidents, occupational diseases, and death arising out of their employment.

Therefore, SOCSO does not cover any accidents that occur at home.

Can I Claim Socso After Retirement

There are two (2) types of schemes provided under SOCSO, which are the employment injury scheme and the invalidity scheme.

Thus, in the case of retirement, other than due to either one of the schemes, the contributors cannot make any claims.

Socso Claim For Critical Illness in Malaysia

According to the Fifth Socso Schedule of Employees’ Social Security Act 1969, SOCSO provides protection claim for employees associated with critical illness due to occupational diseases that occur during their employment period.

Is Socso A Health Insurance

SOCSO is part of the health insurance programs that are set up for all workers who make contributions to SOCSO.

However, this health insurance only covers for any accidents and deaths that occurred at the workplace or in the event of commuting during the working hours.