Myptptn Login: Check Balance & Monthly Payment

How to apply Myptptn login Loan application online malaysia, maximum amount for diploma & degree, Check Balance to pay interest rate, Monthly Payment & full settlement discount 2024,

myptptn login 2024

What is PTPTN Loan. The National Higher Education Fund loan is an educational loan scheme that was established by Malaysian Government for Malaysian students.

It is provided with the purpose to help students with the financial assistance for them to pursue their studies to the higher level of education.

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This PTPTN loan also help students to finance their tuition fees and living cost during their entire study period.

How to Apply Myptptn Login Loan Amount Online Application

Students, who are eligible to apply the loan can submit their application to PTPTN malaysia institution and through online application.

The application processes are bit tedious. Below are the steps to apply PTPTN loan malaysia;

  1. Student must head on down to any banks to open a SSPN-i account in order for student to apply PTPTN.
  2. Next, buy PTPTN pin number at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) or purchase through online to be used for online application.
  3. Submit your application online through myptptn login, 
  4. Click on “Selanjutnya” button for first time application.
  5. Then, click on the “Pendaftaran Permohonan Pinjaman” to register the application.
  6. Fill up the personal information that have been requested completely and correctly.
  7. Click on “Daftar” button to register the loan application.
  8. After that, click on the “Bayar”.
  9. Make a payment and student may start to submit their application.
  10. Submit your application online through myptptn login,
  11. Fill up students’ IC number and password, then click on “Log Masuk” button.
  12. At the menu page, click on “Pendaftaran Baru” part.
  13. Next, fill up all personal information of student completely.
  14. Verify the application by clicking on “Yes” button.
  15. Lastly, the application submitted.

How Much Ptptn Loan Amount For Degree 2024 and Diploma

How to check ptptn loan amount?

Diploma and Degree are two different levels of education, however both are higher education that will be pursue by the students.

The amount of loan that will be given to the students are depending on the household income of students’ family.

Students will receive the higher loan amount if their family household income are below RM4000.

How to check ptptn loan amount? Table below illustrated the ptptn loan amount for degree 2024 and ptptn loan amount for diploma 2024.

ptptn loan amount for DIPLOMA 2024RM4,750RM3,560RM2,380
ptptn maximum loan amount for DEGREE 2024RM6,180- RM6,650RM4,630-RM4,990 RM3,090- RM3,330

How Much PTPTN Maximum Loan For Medicine Malaysia

The PTPTN amount varies depending on the course posses by the student.

It includes student who pursue their study in medicine field.

The maximum PTPTN amount for medicine courses is RM50,000.

Hence, the loan would ease the financial burden of the students.

Check PTPTN Interest Rate 2024

Most of the financial institution in Malaysia offer the financial assistance for students to pursue their studies to the higher level in Malaysia or outside Malaysia.

However, ptptn loan interest is one of the financial government agencies that provide educational loan with low interest rate.

The ptptn interest rate 2024 is subject to flat rate of Ujrah of 1% per annum.

How To Check PTPTN Monthly Payment

How much to pay ptptn monthly? Student needs to pay their monthly loan instalment after 6 months grace period after the graduation date.

Student can pay off their debt through PTPTN official website online.

They can check ‘how much to pay ptptn monthly’ at

  • Log in to the students’ account and click on the “Penyata Baki” to check the monthly payment of the loan.

How To Check PTPTN Balance

Loan PTPTN balance payment also can be checked through online.

Same goes with checking out monthly payment, this balance payment also can be check through myptptn login,

Log in to the students’ PTPTN account and click at the “Penyata Baki” part at the main menu.

The balance of the PTPTN loan will be appeared for payment and record. 

How To Pay PTPTN Loan Using KWSP Maybank2u CIMB Bank Islam

Student who defaults in their monthly loan repayment will be received warning letter and lastly will be blacklisted by receiving loans from any institutions.

Hence, every borrower ought to pay their loans accordingly without any missed to avoid from been blacklisted in the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS). 

  • Repayment of PTPTN loan can be paid through KWSP and any online banking of financial institution such as Maybank2U, CIMB Click, JomPay and Bank Islam Online.
  • Repayment PTPTN that been made through KWSP can be done by individual borrower that has i-Akaun account.
  • They need to make the withdrawal application through KWSP i-Akaun account of the registered borrower. 

However, PTPTN repayment will be easier if it is made through online banking. Borrower needs to log in into PTPTN official website.

  • Then, click on the “Penyata Baki” part and the amount of the loan will be appeared.
  • Next, click “Pay” button to make payment. Student needs to choose online banking method and choose any financial institution that offered online banking.
  • Finally, click “Pay” and the payment is made.

After the application is made through online, they need to go to the KWSP counter to verify their withdrawal by thumbprint.

Lastly, the payment will make directly to the PTPTN institution.

Check PTPTN Discount 2024 For Full Settlement

Ptptn discount 2024 how to apply? Malaysian Government has introduced an incentive of discount for PTPTN full settlement 2024.

Discount of 20% is given to the borrower who intended to make full settlement on their PTPTN loan 2024.

This discount is given to the borrower to ease the borrower’s financial burden and encourage the borrowers to settle down their loan without any defaults.