Singapore Job Vacancy For Malaysian

Singapore Job Vacancy For Malaysian

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There are plenty of jobs in singapore and malaysia right now.

But, the salary offered by the Singapore company is very high due to the high currency exchange rate.

Based on the statistics, Malaysians are the largest number of foreign workers that work and earn income in Singapore.

Therefore, Singapore is a popular country that offers many job opportunities in a variety of industries and sectors for foreign workers, including malaysia work in singapore.

Can Malaysian People Work in Singapore

Singapore is a small and wealthy country, and Malaysia is the nearest country that borders Singapore on land.

It is separated by a strait; however, it is linked by a causeway and a bridge between the state of Malaysia, known as the Strait of Johor, and Singapore itself.

Since Singapore is very close to Malaysia, some Malaysians choose to work in Singapore.

The income earned by Malaysians is far higher than in Malaysia. The currency exchange itself, if it is converted from the dollar in Singapore to the ringgit in Malaysia, is quite lucrative.

Therefore, some Malaysians choose to work in Singapore. Singapore offers a wide range of singapore job for malaysian across diverse sectors with well-paid salaries.

Hence, any Malaysian who is interested in and intends to work in Singapore’s workplace is required to have a work permit, an employment pass, and a passport.

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore will pass the process of employing Malaysians before they can start working in Singapore.

Generally, Malaysians are allowed to work and earn money in Singapore as long as they are legally bound by the employment laws between the two countries.

Singapore Vacancy For Malaysian

Singapore provides a wide range of job opportunities in all sectors. It is open to all Singaporean and foreign workers, such as Malaysians.

Most of the time, Malaysians will look into jobs such as; warehouse assistant, cashier, data entry clerk, barista, customer service representative, receptionist, engineer, accountant, sales consultant, and many more.

All these job opportunities will engage Malaysia with Singapore’s services and productions.

Thus, a wide range of job openings attracted Malaysians to work in Singapore, while at the same time offering high salaries compared to Malaysia.

How Can I Move To Singapore And Get A Singapore Job

For a Malaysian to live and work in Singapore, they need to have a work visa.

The visa can be obtained and applied for through the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

A foreigner who wants to live in Singapore without any job is strictly against the law.

Only foreigners, either Malaysian or not, need to have a job in Singapore first before they can move there and stay there.

How To Find A Singapore Job Malaysia Easily

Nowadays, the internet is one of the online tools that help job seekers find jobs.

Job seekers only need to search through some websites. It is very easy.

It is not like the old days when everybody needed to walk around to seek a job.

One of the easiest ways to find job vacancy singapore for malaysian is through an online platform called Indeed at

If a Malaysian considers getting a job in Singapore, he or she needs to follow some steps, such as :

  1. doing research on the industry that they are interested in,
  2. designing a resume that fits the job,
  3. browsing the vacancy offered in Singapore,
  4. contacting the employment agency to arrange a job interview,
  5. meeting all eligibility requirements for working in Singapore,
  6. applying for a work visa once accepted to work in Singapore,
  7. getting to know more about Singapore’s work etiquette, culture, and employment law.

Hence, a job can be easily occupied if the job seeker follows the right steps.

Example Salary in Singapore for Malaysian

Below are some examples of jobs that offer a high-end salary for Malaysians;

Cleaner1,700 – 1,900 
Production operator1,700 – 2,300
Chef2,700 – 4,200
Waiter restaurant1,290 – 3,790 (11 per hour)
Housekeeping hotel2,250 – 3,630
Sales assistant2,338 – 7,400
Security guard2,000 – 2,500

What Is The Salary Difference Between Singapore And Malaysia

There is a huge loophole between the salaries offered in Singapore and Malaysia’s working sectors.

Cost of living and economic development play a significant role in determining the salary stage in a country.

As we can see, Singapore is a wealthy country; that’s why they offered a higher salary and better job opportunities to the workers.

Unlike Malaysia, Malaysia faced a lot of challenges in offering a high salary due to the economic performance that the nation faced.

As a result, workers who work in Singapore will earn a more lucrative salary than those in Malaysia.

The average salary range offered in Singapore is around SGD 4,500, whereas in Malaysia it averages between RM3,000 and RM5,000 monthly.

What Job With Accommodation Provided For Malaysia

The cost of living in Singapore is absolutely higher than in Malaysia.

For some Malaysians, they prefer to travel back and forth just to cut the cost of accommodation.

This will be a daunting challenge for foreign workers in Singapore. They might encounter a lot of difficulties travelling between both countries.

However, some jobs offered in Singapore provide their workers with accommodation.

Here are some of the job vacancy for malaysian in singapore that offer free accommodations to their workers:

  • Housekeeper and houseman
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Customer service officer
  • Barista with shift working hours
  • Personal assistant

Above are some of the job singapore for malaysian that have been offered, along with the accommodations.

It could be due to the working hours that it is difficult for them to travel from Malaysia to Singapore and vice versa.

Therefore, some companies in Singapore provide them with those benefits.

Does Malaysian Work in Singapore Need To Pay Income Tax?

Employees that are employed in any job need to declare their salaries to the authorities of the country where they earned their income.

For Malaysian workers, they need to declare their income tax by submitting e-filing via the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM).

However, this declaration of income tax only applies to Malaysians who earn income in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Malaysians who work abroad, such as in Singapore, are not entitled to any tax payments to LHDN.

This is because the income is earned outside of Malaysia. However, they need to declare their income to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

The income will be subject to tax payable according to Singapore’s employment law.

Individuals can refer to the website to declare and pay their tax.

Why Malaysian Prefer To Come To Get Job To Work

For Malaysians, salary disparities, cost of living, job opportunities, and potential savings are among the main reasons why some Malaysians prefer to work in Singapore.

It continues to be an alluring opportunity for some Malaysians.

Even though they need to cross the causeway, it is not such a big deal for them because working in Singapore offers a lot of advantages.

First and foremost, Malaysians prefer to work in Singapore because they will be offered a lucrative salary.

The average minimum monthly salary that can be earned by Malaysians ranges from SGD 3,500 up to SGD 6,000. Obviously, it is far higher than the salary offered in Malaysia.

Despite that, many industries in Singapore provide a better and more diverse job opportunity compared to Malaysia.

It can be in any working sector, such as finance, management, technology, tourism, and many more.

As a result, some Malaysians who have the desire to experience a new working environment with a diverse culture will prefer to work in Singapore.

Other than that, Singapore is an absolutely well-managed and well-developed country.

They have a strong economy that portrays a high quality of working life and living in Singapore.

Even though the cost of living in Singapore is significantly higher than in Malaysia, Malaysians still prefer to work there because of the currency exchange.

Thus, earning in Singapore and spending in Malaysia will create greater savings potential and financial stability.

In a nutshell, Singapore and Malaysia are separated by an arm of the sea, but Malaysians can still cross Singapore through the causeway.

It will be easy for them to work in Singapore. Traveling between both countries is possible.

Hence, they can still maintain close ties with their family members and friends in Malaysia by traveling back and forth every day.


1. How Long a Malaysian Can Stay in Singapore

Any Malaysian citizen who wants to stay in Singapore, they only entitled to stay up to 30 days with a visa-free.

Otherwise, they need to apply for Singapore visa that include employment pass, entry pass, work permit, personalized employment pass (PEP) and more.

2. What Is The Minimum Salary in Singapore For Malaysians

Different sectors offer a different minimum salary range. It depends on the sector employed by the Malaysian workers.

Basically, the minimum monthly salary that can be earned by Malaysians if they work in Singapore is around SGD 3000 depending on the industries they work in.

Therefore, some Malaysians choose to work in Singapore due to the salaries offered by Singapore’s companie

3. Is SGD3500 A Good Salary in Singapore

Good salary or not is very subjective depending on the people’s lifestyles. Some might say good, and some might not.

However, to be fair, a monthly salary of SGD 3,500 is most probably good for a fresh graduate to earn money in entry-level positions.

It is considered good because, most of the time, a fresh graduate does not have any commitment to be pressured.

4. How Much Do Malaysian Fresh Graduates Salary Make in Singapore

An average salary that can be earned by a Malaysian fresh graduate in Singapore is around SGD 2,000 up to SGD 3,500.

It is applicable to certain sectors. This means every sector offers a different minimum range of salaries.