How To Apply For eGate Malaysia: Eligibility & Requirements

How To Apply and Register For egate Malaysia: Eligibility & Requirements

How To Apply For e-gate Malaysia

eGate is an electronic gate system that is installed at the airports in the country, including Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia.

This automated gate is located at the departure hall of the airport to allow Malaysian travellers to pass through without needing to pass through passport control security.

Most countries around the world use this system to speed up the passport control process.

Hence, this eGate technology is established to make it easier for travellers to pass through while at the same time reducing the time they take to line up in order to allow them to fly abroad. 

How To Apply & Register To Use Egate Malaysia

Malaysia Automated Clearance System (MACS), a service of autogate in Malaysia, allows non-Malaysian investors, business persons, and professionals that frequently entering and exiting Malaysia to pass through the passport security control.

This egate application was developed to minimise the time spent by frequent travellers at the immigration passport control and reduce the usage of passport pages for passport stamping.

This MACS service is built specifically for frequent travellers of Singaporean citizens and permanent residents to travel between Malaysia and Singapore for the purpose of studying, working, and staying in Malaysia.

As a result, MACS registration requires Singaporeans to apply and register in order to become MACS holders.

It is to encourage travellers between these two countries to have a better immigration process during entry and exit of the country.

This MACS pass needs to be applied for and registered at the MACS counter at the IRDA office.

Online appointments need to be set through the appointment link address at

Once the application date is obtained by the applicant, they need to present themselves at the IRDA office for the registration and identity recognition processes.

The submission of relevant documents needs to be done during registration.

Once the registration is completed, the applicants will be entitled to obtain the MACS stickers as a pass to go through the MACS lanes.

Thus, this MACS holder, who is a frequent traveller, has a priority to enter and exit Malaysia gracefully.

When To Register Egate Before Enter To Malaysia

The registration of eGate can be made online through

The registration needs to be done at least three (3) days before the travel date.

E-Gate Guide For Foreigners Entering Malaysia

This eGate is located at the departure hall of the immigration gates across the Singapore – Malaysia border.

It is to make it easier for frequent travelers to pass through the immigration process.

Therefore, the eGate system is introduced, and travelers need to register to use it.

Below are the steps on how to use autogate malaysia;

  1. The traveler needs to be present at the eGate lanes at immigration clearance.
  2. They need to open the first page of the passport.
  3. Then, locate the passport on the machine reader.
  4. Look at the camera to identify the identity of the passport holder.
  5. Next, follow the instructions and collect their passport.
  6. Finally, the eGate is opened.

Which Country Can Use Autogate in Malaysia

Generally, the autogate facilities that are located at the international airport of Malaysia are limited to Malaysians.

However, there are some countries from 10 countries that allow travelers to use the autogates when arriving in Malaysia.

Among the 10 countries are Australia, Brunei, Germany, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Thus, this will create a hassle-free border crossing for foreigners to enter and exit Malaysia.

Can Foreigners Use Autogates in Malaysia

Effective January 27, 2024, the Malaysian government has announced that the use of the autogate system in Malaysia is also applicable to foreigners from low-risk and G7 countries.

This initiative is to address the long queue for travelers to pass the immigration clearance checkpoint.

The allocation of the autogates at the international airport and immigration center to cross the Malaysian border will be increased to implement this initiative.

Hence, this government initiative is intended to encourage the entry of foreigners while at the same time reducing congestion at Malaysian immigration.


1. What The Issue If The Egate Cannot Open

In most cases, there is some scenario where the eGate cannot open even though they place the passport at the passport detector machine correctly.

It might be because their fingerprints cannot be detected and their identity has not been recognized by the camera.

Besides that, it might also be because the passport they hold is less than six (6) months old.

Because of that, the eGate will not open, and it will be a hassle for the foreigners to pass the immigration clearance.

Therefore, they need to pass the manual immigration process to make sure they are not denied the right to fly abroad.

2. Why am I Not Eligible For Egate

To be simplified, the eGate system is allowed only for Singaporean citizens, Malaysian permanent residents, or MACS pass holders.

Other than that, they will be denied the eligiblity to pass through the eGate to enter and exit Malaysia.

They need to pass through the manual immigration process to allow them to travel to or from Malaysia.

3. Do Foreigners Need To Carry Passport In Malaysia

Every foreigner who wants to enter and exit Malaysia’s border needs to bring along their passport.

A passport is an important travel document that every traveler should have.

This passport will be used to enable the traveler to pass immigration clearance.

Furthermore, the travelers need to hold a passport that is valid for at least six (6) months from the travel date.

In a nutshell, only foreigners with a valid passport are eligible to enter and exit Malaysia.