Pension Payment Dates 2024

Pension Payment Dates 2024 from Government Malaysia

pension payment dates 2024 by government malaysia

What is pension in Malaysia? A pension is a fixed monthly income payment provided by the government to a pensioner after retiring from his service as a civil servant. The amount of pension paid to pensioners varies depending on the duration of their service. These pensions are given to pensioners who have terminated their service with the aim of guaranteeing a good life after retirement and as a sign of appreciation for their service as civil servants.

There are several types of pensions entitled to the pensioners established under the Department of Public Service pension scheme, including compulsory pensions under Section 10 of Act 227/239, pensions by the Government or Minister under Section 11 of Act 227/239, optional pensions under Section 12 of Act 227/230, pensions due to the pensions of government agencies under Sections 10(5)(b), 12 and 12A/13 of Act 225/239, and the Parliamentary Termination Benefits Act (Saraan) of 1980.

Therefore, these pensions are very important to civil servants as one of the guarantees of a better life after the end of their service.

Pension Payment Dates 2024 in Malaysia

The public service pension payment dates 2024 will be paid to the pensioner or dependent who is eligible to receive it on a monthly basis.

The payment of these pensions has been established by the government every year so that these payments are harmonized for all pensioners.

Here is the jpa pension payment dates 2024 for each month;

Pension dates 2024 on January16/01/2023
Pension Payment Dates 2023 on February20/02/2023
Pension Payment Dates 2023 November20/11/2023
Pension dates 2023 on December14/12/2023

How To Check Pension Online Malaysia,

An application has been created by the government for pensioners to allow them to check their pension payments online.

This app is known as MyPesara. Not only that, it has also been created to make it easier for retirees to do their pension matters online.

Here are ways to make their pension check online;

  1. Pensioners need to browse jpapencen portal to check pension online malaysia,
  2. Click on the “Check the pension statement” icon. 
  3. Then, fill in the required information and click the “Send” button. 
  4. Finally, the pension status will be appeared.

Is It True No More Pension For Goverment Employees Malaysia

Every civil servant who retires from public service is obliged to receive a government pension malaysia 2024.

Nevertheless, the government is still in discussions to abolish this pension scheme and replace it with the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) pension scheme, as proposed by economists. It is due to the economic situation faced by Malaysia. Generally, the purposes of this initiative are to keep and maintain the country fiscal.

However, civil servants who are entitled to pensions will be required to receive the government’s pension.

This pension suspension is only applicable to civil servants who begin their service on January 1, 2024.

Anyway, the discussion of this pension scheme’s termination is still under consideration. It’s still not decided whether to continue or cancel. Therefore, this pension scheme continues as it was.

What Happens To The Pension Payment Dates 2024 After Death in Malaysia

Civil servants who die during their service as civil servants are still entitled to receive a pension.

Therefore, the government will disburse the payment of derivative pensions to the beneficiaries in the event of the pensioner’s death.

A derivative pension is a pension issued as a result of the death of a public service employee, as stipulated in the relevant Pension Act.

Thus, this pension will benefit the widow or widower, the parents of the deceased pensioners, and the unmarried children of the deceased pensioners who are 21 years old or below.

How To Transfer Of Pension To Spouse After Death Malaysia

A widow is eligible to receive a derivative pension if their spouse serving in the public service dies during their service period.

This derivative Malaysia pension 2024 is divided based on the distribution of shares allocated to the beneficiaries.

The widow or widower will receive two shares, and the children under custody will receive one share when transfer of pension to spouse after death malaysia completed.

Qualified beneficiaries can apply for a derivative pension by submitting the following forms and documents to the authorized authorities;

  1. Form JPA.BP.SPT.B01d – Application for Derivative Gratuity for death in retirement attached with valid letter of Declaration by the widow/widower and attach one (1) copy each of death certificate of the pensioner, marriage certificate, identity card of widow/widower, birth certificate and identity cards of children below 21 years old and no age limit for handicapped child (if applicable), adoption certificate adopted child (if applicable).
  2. Form JPA.BP.SPT.B06 Pin 2007 – Bank account information of the applicants with copy of bank book.
  3. Form JPA.BP.UMUM.BMJ – Application for aid to manage the corpse.
  4. Form JPA.BP.SPT.BO3a – Confirmation form of children studying at Institutes of Higher Learning (IPT) for deceased pensioners that have children study at IPT.
  5. Form JPA.BP.SKP.B08 (pinda) – Application letter to appoint representative under Scheme A with one (1) copy of the representative’s identity card.
  6. Original pension card.

Does A Widow Gets The Government Pension Payment Dates 2024

A widow or widower of the deceased pensioner who has died due to an accident, health, or something related to him or her may apply to receive a government pension malaysia 2024.

This pension will be given to them due to the death of their spouse, who works as a civil servant. It was intended to ease the burden and guarantee a good life for the dependents of the deceased. 

Can I Transfer Some Of My Pension To My Wife

The pension received by the pensioner is the monthly income that has been entitled to them due to their service in the public service.

Pensions 2024 Malaysia are designed specifically for them, under their name, and are subject to certain tax benefits that only apply to them as civil servants.

Thus, the transfer of half of their pensions to their wives cannot be transferred or given unless it’s in the case of demise.

What Is The Pensioner Increment in Malaysia

The government has agreed to raise the public servants’ pension rate to a 2% annual increment as stipulated in the amendments to the Pension Adjustment Act in 2013.

This increment is one of the initiatives to appreciate public service pensioners’ contributions and is for their welfare during this current economic situation.

In conclusion, this decision is expected by the government to reflect a positive impact on the integrity, accountability, and productivity of civil servants and retirees.