Tesla Malaysia Price 2024: Model Y Car X Model 3 Model S

Tesla malaysia price 2024: Car tesla Model Y tesla Model X tesla Model S tesla Model 3

tesla malaysia price 2024

What Is Tesla car Malaysia price 2024? Tesla is an American company that produces electric automobiles, solar panels, and batteries. It is one of the most popular car brands in the world. According to the Investment, Trade, and Industry Ministry’s statement, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority will introduce Battery Electric vehicles along with the development of technology in Malaysia.

Recently, Tesla car was officially launched in Malaysia on July 20. It has been introduced with the purpose of encouraging the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in Malaysia. Currently, it begins with low-volume production to fulfil local demands.

At the same time, it will eventually start to expand into high-volume production if it starts to have a place in Malaysia’s market. Fast charging and regular charging stations will be set up in many places once they are widely used by Malaysians. The first supercharge station will be located at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Tesla was brought into the Malaysian market purposely to promote low-carbon mobility among Malaysians. Apart from that, it has been introduced to support the EV industry in line with other developed countries.

How Much Is A Tesla Malaysia Price 2024

How much is price in malaysia? Please figure out here how much all the model tesla price including tesla model 3 price malaysia 2024

Tesla Model Y price malaysia 2024RM199,000 (official price)
Tesla Model X price malaysia 2024RM489,000
Tesla Model S price malaysiaRM379,960
Tesla Model 3 Malaysia PriceRM234,554

Is Malaysia Tesla Available

Tesla officially launched its operation in Malaysia on July 20. The Tesla Model Y is the first model offered in Malaysia.

It seems to be the most affordable SUV Tesla can afford for Malaysians.

The starting car price for the Tesla Model Y in Malaysia 2024 is RM199,000.

Therefore, the launch of the Tesla electric vehicle in Malaysia is to promote the use of electric vehicles that offer low-carbon mobility.

What Are The 4 Tesla Models in Malaysia

Tesla.malaysia Inc. is an electric automobile company that comes in four (4) different types of models.

All those models are specifically designed with advanced technology and innovation.

Besides that, all four models are created with their own specifications, uniqueness, and benefits. The four models are:

1. Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a car model that likely has the same design lines as Jaguar.

It was launched in 2012. Model S has two (2) types of versions: Model S and Plaid. This model is operated in all-wheel drive (AWD) with a range of up to 396 miles to 405 miles and 0-60mph in an average of 2.5 seconds.

Model S also comes with autopilot assistance such as self-parking, self-driving, traffic light and stop sign control, auto lane changing, and autosteer when driving in the city.

The range cost of the Tesla Model S is around £91,980.

2. Tesla Car Malaysia Price For Model X

The Tesla Model X is an SUV-style electronic vehicle that provides seven seats. The innovation that went into this model is superb.

The unique features of this model include rear Falcon Wing doors and a tri-motor arrangement. Model X comes in two (2) types of versions:

Model X and Plaid, with three different seating configurations, which are 5, 6, and 7 seats.

Both models operated in all-wheel drive (AWD) with a range of up to 333 miles to 348 miles and 0-60mph in an average of 3.0 seconds, which includes autopilots in both.

The list price of the Tesla Model X is around £98,980.

3. Tesla Model Y Malaysia

The Tesla Model Y malaysia is a compact SUV-style electronic vehicle that provides five seats.

The innovation that went into this model is superb. The unique features of this model include Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability.

Model Y comes in three (3) types of versions: Model Y, Long Range and Performance.

All those models operated in all-wheel drive (AWD) with a range of up to 279 miles to 330 miles and 0-60mph in an average of 4.5 seconds.

The list price of the Tesla Model Y is around £44,990.

4. Tesla Model 3 Malaysia Price?

The Tesla Model 3 is alternative option to Tesla Model S. It is the most affordable Tesla with specification same with Tesla Model S. This model is launched in 2016.

It comes in form of four-door sedan. Model 3 comes in three (3) types of versions: Model 3, Long Range and Performance.

All those models operated in all-wheel drive (AWD) and RWD with a range of up to 272 miles to 325 miles and 0-60mph in an average of 4.2 seconds.

The list price of the Tesla Model 3 is around £42,990. The question is: What is the Tesla Model 3 Malaysia price?

What Is The Lowest Price Tesla Car

The Tesla car that offered the lowest price is the Model 3. It is a four-seat sedan that comes in three different versions.

It is affordable to all levels of street users. Generally, it costs around £42,990.

What Tesla Model Is The Best

Among the four (4) models, the Tesla Model Y is the best model compared to others. It is the most favourable and highly configurable.

Apart from that, the Tesla Model Y comes with updated new features, entertainment, improved safety for all passengers, and a better range.

What Is Better Tesla Model 3 or Model Y

In terms of all the features invented on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, the Tesla Model Y is far better compared to the Tesla Model 3.

The model comes with upgraded features and the latest technology and innovation.

However, the Tesla Model Y is significantly more expensive than the Model 3.

Why Is Tesla So Famous

  1. Tesla.malaysia is a car brand that was introduced by Elon Musk. It comes with a unique and incredible luxury automobile.
  2. It is not just a normal automobile that is marketed in the car industry; it is an electric vehicle with unbeatable performance when driving on the roads.
  3. Not just that, it comes with the latest innovations in car models that have not been adopted by any car brand.
  4. Tesla is leading in EV production that introduces the use of battery power systems. It runs without any gas and needs to be charged upon usage.
  5. The advancement of technology installed in Tesla’s cars is the main reason that makes tesla.malaysia very famous in the EV industry.
  6. For us, the price they offer to Malaysians is quite competitive.
  7. Furthermore, tesla provides various conveniences to road users, especially in terms of safety, technological advancement, customer satisfaction, luxury, and vehicle omission.

Why Are Malaysian Like To Buy Tesla Model

Tesla car in Malaysia sounds very familiar nowadays, as it ranks among the highest in demand by customers in the automobile industry compared to Volkswagen, Toyota, Stellantis, Mercedes, and many more.

All of them are global car brands that have a place in the world market.

Currently, Tesla has beaten other car brands to that position. It introduced the world to gasoline-free vehicles, all of which are all-electric.

Apart from that, the advancement of technology offered by Tesla attracts customers to buy it.

Tesla’s main focus on its car production is technology, environmental friendliness, safety, and luxury.

All these elements have been implemented on Tesla car models, giving satisfaction to the buyers.

Why Is Tesla The Greatest Investion

Tesla is known as the greatest invention because of the advanced technology installed in its car models. It is inspired by a Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla.

Every single model produced by Tesla is an extraordinary invention, such as the Tesla coil, which transmits electricity wirelessly; the Tesla turbine; the radio signal over 50 miles; the magnifying transmitter; the induction motor; the development of alternating current (AC); hydroelectric power; neon lights; and the Tesla valve.

All those elements are implemented in the Tesla car model, which gives satisfaction to the customers.

Is BYD A Competitor To Tesla? Is Tesla OR BYD Better

BYD and Tesla are both major electrical vehicle (EV) companies. However, they are founded in different countries, which are the United States and China.

They are competing with one another in the EV industry. They have their own identity that is illustrated on their products.

Generally, Tesla car models focus on luxury design and advanced technology. It is a bit pricey, as all the elements used in car production are based totally on technology.

Meanwhile, BYD is a car model that focuses on environmental friendliness as it promotes safe battery technology and device manufacturing.

It is affordable for customers to buy it. Overall, both have their own pros and cons.

Technically, Tesla is better than BYD as it is a technologically based car model that is in line with current customers’ expectations and demands.

Why Used Price From The ‘Grey Market’ Suddenly So Cheap

Grey market Tesla might face losses due to the official launcing of Tesla price Malaysia recently. Grey Market is a third party that imports Tesla car models from the United States.

Since the launching event happened in Malaysia, the company offered Tesla car model pricing as low as RM199000, which is cheaper than used Tesla malaysia price and from the grey market.

Hence, since Tesla enter into Malaysia market, used Tesla malaysia price and the grey market Tesla affected in term of sale price which can create loss to them.

Is A Tesla Tesla The Safest Car

Reliability and safety are two of the features that will be considered and looked into when buying a car, regardless of the brand.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Tesla was recognized as the safest car in the world in 2024. Tesla is engineered with a combination of passive safety, active safety, and automated safety.

Safety technology has been installed in the Tesla car model, such as autopilot, automatic emergency braking, structural soundness, lane departure warning, and a low center of gravity, making Tesla one of the safest cars in the world.

All these features are integrated into the Tesla to avoid rollover accidents and decrease the accident rate when driving on the road.


1. Why Are Tesla’s Named After Nikola

The Tesla Company is named after Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla is a Serbian-American inventor and electrical engineer who is an expert in the electrical and automobile fields.

The name was chosen because of the invention made by him for the Tesla car model.

The invention is incredibly extraordinary compared to other EV cars.

2. Tesla Accident rate vs Other Cars

Tesla offered high reliability and safety to its customers.

They promise a reduction of 80% in car accident rates compared to other car companies.

The element of full self-driving (FSD) engaged with the Tesla car models boosts the confidence of buyers to own Tesla cars.

3. How Much Safer Is Tesla Autopilot Than Human

Most of Tesla’s car models are equipped with autopilot features.

Even in Malaysia, the latest models of local brands are also equipped with autopilot features.

This feature seems to be an advantage for the car driver and passenger in avoiding car accidents.

The cars that use autopilot are nine times safer compared to human’s drivers.

Thus, the invention of autopilot features in the current car models has reduced the accident rate on the road.

P/S: In our opinion, the best ev car in Malaysia is Tesla