How To Buy Tesla in Malaysia Online

How to buy Tesla Model 3 Malaysia & Tesla Model Y Malaysia in 2023

how to buy tesla model 3 malaysia

Tesla is an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer founded in 2003. Not only that, but Tesla also produced solar panels and vehicle batteries under this brand.

The company is named after the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla.

Now, Elon Musk is the co-founder of the Tesla company, which leads all global product design, engineering, and manufacturing of the company’s electric vehicles, battery products, and solar energy products.

Tesla’s primary objective is to produce electric vehicles to promote green energy and reduce carbon emissions from vehicles that can reduce environmental pollution as well as accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

How to Buy Tesla Model 3 Malaysia

These Tesla electric vehicles were produced in three countries—Japan, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong—and then imported to Malaysia.

Individuals who want to buy or own these Tesla vehicles through any car company in Malaysia that has an authorized permit (AP) to import Tesla models from abroad enter the Malaysian market.

However, since its launch in Malaysia in July 2023, Tesla can now be booked and purchased online. Here are the ways to make Tesla model 3 Malaysia reservations and purchases:

  1. The buyer must browse the website
  2. Then, click on the “Customer Order” button on the model that has been launched in Malaysia, like tesla Model Y malaysia. 
  3. Select the variants, colors, and other additional functions that you want to apply to your Tesla. 
  4. Finally, click on the “Continue to Payment” button, and the booking is successful.

Why Can Buy Tesla Model Y Malaysia

Tesla vehicles can now be purchased online in Malaysia such tesla model y malaysia. This is because Tesla has now entered the Malaysian automotive industry.

However, it is limited to only certain models available on the Malaysian market like tesla model y malaysia.

These online purchases can make it easier for a buyer to own a Tesla model y malaysia without having to go through any vehicle dealer to get one.

tesla model y malaysia

Can Buy Tesla Model 3 Malaysia At Dealership

A Tesla buyer can get a Tesla model 3 malaysia through any recognized dealer, like Ras Niaga Sdn Bhd.

The dealer will manage the Tesla purchase from the initial stage of the purchasing process until the buyer successfully owns the vehicle.

Nevertheless, Tesla’s launch in Malaysia has interrupted Tesla dealers in Malaysia because its low market price has forced the Tesla dealer to compete with the official dealer of Tesla Malaysia.

Where To Buy Tesla Model Y Malaysia

Reservations and purchases of Tesla model y malaysia can now be made through any recognized dealer and online through the official Tesla Malaysia portal.

Tesla’s launch in Malaysia has made it easier for many car buyers to get these vehicles.

How Long Does It Take To Buy Tesla Model 3 Malaysia

Tesla is an international company in the United Kingdom that produces these electric vehicles.

Therefore, individuals who want to purchase a Tesla have to go through a long process. It’s because Tesla cars have to be exported from abroad and imported into Malaysia.

This Tesla model 3 malaysia still has no stock available in Malaysia. So, it needs to be imported. 

Individuals who make a purchase or a reservation for this Tesla on its launch date, which is July 20, 2023, are expected to receive their Tesla in early 2024.

All in all, it takes six months to one year for vehicle owners to own a Tesla due to its high demand and the desire of all high-tech car owners.

4 Reasons Why Would Anyone Buy This Brand

Recently, Tesla launched its vehicle model in Malaysia to enter the Malaysian automotive industry market. It’s sold for as low as RM199,000.

Many advantages are offered to a society that wants to own a Tesla electric vehicle, where everything is based on digital and sophisticated electronics.

The use of technology like autonomous driving is a major reason why an individual should buy and own a Tesla. Audio system technology, very clear cameras connected to the Tesla mobile app, and software updates make it amazing.

The technology used on Tesla vehicles is beyond the imagination compared to other EVs found in the automotive industry.

Not only that, Tesla uses autopilot features that are divided into two (2), which means that the auto-pilot functions to keep the vehicle in the middle lane and keep the distance of the vehicle ahead according to a certain acceleration.

The autopilot method used is aimed at reducing the rate of accidents on the road while driving. Therefore, these autopilot features guarantee maximum security for Tesla users. It also makes the driver feel like they are not driving.

Next, Tesla’s cars rely entirely on batteries. This is because the battery generates electricity.

Therefore, it needs to be charged. It does not use gasoline, as its goal is to promote the use of green energy to reduce pollution in the environment. Thus, this Tesla is very efficient for urban driving.

Finally, the Tesla has been nominated as the fastest car in the world. It is capable of producing high acceleration power to 100 km/h in a short period of 1.9 seconds.

At the moment, there’s no other brand of vehicle that can compete with Tesla’s. The maximum speed for a Tesla is 230 km/h. It also has an acceleration boost that can be increased to 3.7 seconds.

In conclusion, Tesla’s electric vehicles should be bought and owned by road users who understand the importance of technology, autopilot features, battery-based driving, and speeding. It’s going to give the Tesla driver an incredible experience.

Why Is Tesla Cheap in Malaysia

The price of the Tesla introduced in the Malaysian market starts at RM199,000. It’s very cheap compared to launch prices in other countries like Singapore and Thailand.

However, the price of RM199,000 is a basic price; it does not include taxes and other additional features or specifications that will be charged on their Tesla purchase.

Therefore, the price of a Tesla in Malaysia is cheap.

Why Can Tesla Model 3 Malaysia Sell Direct To Consumers

These Tesla reservations and purchases can be made directly by consumers without going through any supplier.

In fact, it is cheaper because it does not involve shipping costs, administrative costs, management costs, or other related costs.

In addition, direct sales to consumers can be done online directly from the factory.

5 Reasons Not To Buy A Tesla

Having a Tesla car is the dream of every car user who requires advanced technology in their vehicles.

However, Tesla also has its own weaknesses that have led many consumers to choose not to buy it.

One of the main reasons why Tesla shouldn’t be bought is the use of sophisticated technology that makes Tesla’s vehicle systems too complex.

The highways and weather conditions in Malaysia, like flooding, make it unsuitable to be owned by Malaysians. Not only that, but the system also used on Tesla needs to be constantly updated, and if there is a problem with the Tesla vehicle system, it can affect the user’s driving.

Next, the autopilot system used on the Tesla vehicle makes it unsuitable for driving on the roads in Malaysia. Tesla is still unable to track the safety signs applied all along the road in Malaysia.

Additionally, the autopilot system does not fully provide comfort to Tesla drivers, but drivers also have to hold the steering wheel and be alert to hazards around them to ensure safe driving.

Besides, Tesla cars rely entirely on electricity. It doesn’t require gasoline to allow users to drive a Tesla. However, Tesla needs to be charged to launch the drive.

With limited charging stations, it’s not suitable for Malaysians. Users also need to charge their Tesla for every 250 kilometres of driving to allow their vehicles to move.

The cost of replacing the battery is also high. Therefore, the Tesla car and its maintenance are costly.

This Tesla is suitable for highways and urban areas. Nevertheless, Malaysia is a country divided into rural and urban areas.

It’s less suitable for use in the countryside because of the unsuitable road conditions for Tesla. Therefore, Tesla is widely used by top businessmen in the metropolitan area.

Finally, Tesla is so fully equipped with advanced technology features that almost 50% of its car parts are based on touchscreens or sensors. Therefore, it needs to be properly maintained, including for washing vehicles.

Tesla’s washing can’t be done like any other vehicle; it has to be washed thoroughly by a skilled individual who is an expert in Tesla maintenance. 

Failure to manage Tesla properly could affect the system used on Tesla.

Should Buy Now Or Wait

Every vehicle on the automotive market has its own depreciation values. It’s a non-permanent asset in terms of value. Individuals who want to get a Tesla car at a cheaper price have to wait first and buy it later.

This is because when Tesla releases a new model, the price of the other Tesla vehicles will drop, making it cheaper than the launch price.

However, for individuals who care about technology, they can choose to get these Tesla cars nowadays.

This is because the technology and software used are updated according to the current technology, which is more advanced.

Therefore, it depends on the needs of the consumer whether they want to buy now or later.