Best Car Insurance Malaysia 2024 For Auto Vehicle

Which Top company for auto vehicle & Best Car Insurance Malaysia 2024

best car insurance malaysia 2024 for auto vehicle

Every car owner is obliged to have motor vehicle insurance to enable them to drive their car legally on the road. This car insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicle owners, as it provides protection to drivers and passengers while on the road.

Car insurance is a policy of protection that is given to the owner of the car in the event of something unwanted happening. It must be subscribed to and acquired annually as per the regulation set by the Department of Road Transportation (JPJ). Insurance policy holders will be protected if they are involved in circumstances such as accidents, fires, thefts, injuries, and deaths.

Therefore, according to the Road Transport Act 1987, every owner of a motor vehicle is obliged to have insurance, as it can help relieve the financial burden of the policy holders from any aspects that may affect the owner of the motor vehicle.

It is a legal requirement that must be complied with by all motor vehicle owners to have this car insurance.

Top Company & Best Car Insurance Malaysia in 2024

There are several of the insurance policies available in Malaysia that can be chosen by the car owner as their protection.

Below are the insurance companies in Malaysia plans that can be subscribed to by the car owners;

1. Etiqa

Etiqa is a popular insurance company in Malaysia. Etiqa is often awarded as the best insurance company in Malaysia. The service offered guarantees protection for customers from all angles.

Its effective service in providing protection to policyholders is by reducing the financial risks faced by insurers.

All claim processes at Etiqa are managed by professional individuals, and many discounts are given to customers when signing policies with these insurance companies.

Etiqa offers car protection to customers, and these insurance policies can be purchased or subscribed to through the official Etiqa portal on the website

Etiqa provides protection to drivers and passengers in case of accidents, theft, and damage to their vehicles and motorcycles.

Not only that, it also protects third parties in cases of accidents involving insurance policy holders.

best etiqa car insurance malaysia

2. MSIG Car Insurance

MSIG offers a protection plan to car owners.

Among the protection benefits provided under this plan are comprehensive coverage, third-party coverage, full special perils coverage, waiver of compulsory excess, strike, riot, and civil commotion protection, and 24-hour unlimited towing service.

msig car insurance

Thus, subscriptions can be made at

3. Takaful Ikhlas

Takaful Ikhlas also offers a car insurance protection plan to their customers as one of their products and services.

There are two (2) types of policies covered under car insurance, which are IKHLAS Private Car Comprehensive Plus Takaful and IKHLAS Comprehensive Private Car Takaful.

Both provide loss and damage to the car, third-party death and bodily injury, third-party property damage, waiver of compulsory excess for an unnamed driver, complimentary Bantuan IKHLAS Road Assist Service, and other necessary protections.

takaful ikhlas car insurance

Therefore, the car owner can choose to subscribe to this car insurance policy at

4. Takaful Malaysia Company

Last but not least, the Takaful Plan myClick Motor is a protection plan offered to drivers and car owners.

Complimentary personal accident coverage for policyholders and passengers of the insured car, 24/7 roadside assistance such as minor repairs, battery assistance, towing, jumpstart support, and fuel delivery, cashback is given if the policyholders don’t make any claims, and the policyholder will be entitled to a 6-month repair warranty are part of the benefits given to the policyholders.

best takaful car insurance malaysia

Subscriptions can be made at

5. Zurich Takaful Car Insurance

The Zurich car insurance plan offers a variety of benefits to drivers and car owners under the Z-Driver and Z-Driver Assist plans.

Among the benefits of protection provided under this plan are protection against loss and damage to the vehicle as a result of an accident, death or injury to a third-party body member, and property damage to third parties.

The protection services provided by Zurich are designed to meet customer requirements and are available 24/7.

zurich car insurance

Subscriptions can be made at

6. Allianz Car Insurance

The Allianz insurance company introduced an insurance plan known as the Allianz Road Rangers, which covers all motor comprehensive (private car) policyholders.

These insurance policies are designed to ensure the customer’s experience with insurance protection is effective and efficient.

It covers the insured party from accidents, fire, and theft of the car when involved in any unwanted events, losses and damages, bodily injuries, and any other extended benefits.

allianz car insurance

This insurance plan can be subscribed to via

Best Vehicle Insurance For Third Party

Third-party insurance is a basic insurance policy. It offers protection only to third parties. Insurers are not protected under this insurance policy.

The insurance company will only pay claims for damages, accidents, and deaths resulting from the insolvency of the policyholder against third parties.

Third-party insurance subscriptions are much cheaper than first-party insurance.

Therefore, the choice of this type of insurance is entirely dependent on the customer’s needs. Here’s one of the best for third-party policies;

(i) Pacific Third Party Motor Insurance

Pacific Insurance Berhad provides the insurance policy to their customers by providing an affordable and reasonable third-party insurance policy.

Among the protections and coverages under this policy are protection against liabilities to other parties in the form of injury or death and damage to other parties’ property due to the negligence of the policy holders.

(ii) Tokio Marine Third Party Motor Insurance

Other than that, Tokio Marine is among the insurance companies that offers the best third-party insurance plans for car owners.

The coverage is against third-party bodily injury and death and third-party property loss or damage.

All those protections are covered by this plan to ensure policyholders can drive their cars safely on the road.

(iii) Lonpac Third Party Private Vehicle

Apart from that, the third-party private vehicle policy offered by Lonpac Insurance Company is one of the good car insurance policies.

It provides essential and basic protection to car owners with a minimal cost of subscription.

The policy protects the policy holders against fire, lightning, explosions, and theft caused by third parties due to the policy holders’ negligence when driving on the road.

Top Car Insurance For Ehailing Vehicle

Every e-hailing car needs to have insurance protection that protects the driver and passengers as well.

Below are some of the car insurance policies available for e-hailing cars;

(a) RHB Car Insurance

RHB Insurance Berhad is one of the companies that offers the best ehailing insurance plans.

It covers the authorized ehailing driver from any loss or damage to the car, liability to third parties, legal liability to fare-paying passengers, and legal liability of fare-paying passengers for negligent acts and personal accidents.

All of those coverages are both protected under the e-Hailing (non-Tariff) and Grab Daily Private Hire Car Endorsement (non-Tariff) insurance policy plans.

Therefore, any ehailing driver can purchase an RHB insurance policy plan for their safety during their ehailing services.

(b) Kurnia Car Insurance

The Kurnia insurance company provides ehailing insurance plans for all ehailing companies, such as Grab and MyCar, as part of their essential protection.

The coverage and protection provided under this plan are personal accident coverage, liability to the third party, loss and damage to the ehailing car, legal liability for negligence acts by the passengers, and legal liability to fare-paying passengers.

All this coverage is given to the ehailing parties purposely to ease the financial burden and any injustice caused to ehailing drivers.

(c) Chubb

Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad (Chubb) provides an ehailing insurance plan as part of their products and services. Its purpose is to protect the e-hailing drivers against any untoward events that may occur while providing e-hailing services.

Chubb has recently implemented this policy to ensure the safety of the ehailing drivers, passengers, vehicles, and third parties by offering this affordable ehailing insurance in order to minimize losses and unwanted events throughout the ehailing services.

Among the coverages that lie under these plans are loss or damage to the car, liability to third parties, legal liability to or of fare-paying passengers, and coverage up to RM20,000 of personal accident coverage for the driver.

Thus, any ehailing driver can purchase and subscribe to Chubb’s e-hailing insurance plan as part of their ehailing services’ protection.

Which of the good car insurance Malaysia companies listed above do you prefer?