Buy Jpj Number Plate Online: Latest Running Car

Buy Jpj Number Plate Online: Latest Running Car

Buy Jpj Number Plate Online

What is the jpj number plate in malaysia? What is the car number plate in malaysia?

The Malaysian vehicle plate number is a combination of numbers and alphabets that must be displayed on the front and back of all motor vehicles in Malaysia, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, and vehicles with them.

Each plate number on a motor vehicle must be approved, operated, and supervised by the Department of Road Transport (JPJ) of Malaysia.

If the user fails to display the plate number as specified by JPJ, the user can be charged a penalty by JPJ. This is because it’s one of those road mistakes.

How To Check JPJ Latest Running Number Plate

Vehicle owners who want to make a plate number checking can do so online.

Here are the ways to check jpj latest running number through online: 

  1. Browse the official JPJ portal page at to check jpj latest running plate number
  2. Select the region or country of the owner of the vehicle. 
  3. Enter the security code displayed in the provided box. 
  4. Finally, the current plate number will be displayed.

How Much JPJ Number Plate Price in Malaysia

The price of the jpj plate number in Malaysia is according to the category of plate number chosen by the vehicle owner.

It is divided into several categories, including jpj car number plate price as follows:

Popular Numbers (3 angka)121, 242, 595, 909RM800
Attractive Numbers11, 44, 55, 99, 333RM3000
Golden Numbers (digit tunggal)1, 2, 3, 4, 5RM20000
Running Numbers (current plat number)8595, 5887, 4556, 9550,RM300

How Buy JPJ Number Plate Online 2023 in Malaysia

How buy jpj number plate online? The purchase of the vehicle plate number can be done after checking the plate number online by the owner.

These purchases can be made online via the JPJeBid system. Here are the ways to buy jpj running plate number online: 

  1. JPJeBid account registration must be done first by the user.
  2. After successful registration, log in to the user’s JPJeBid account. 
  3. Do a search for the user’s vehicle plate number. 
  4. Next, click on the “Bid” button for the selected plate number. 
  5. Then, enter the bids payment and click on the “Bid” button. 
  6. Finally, make a payment based on the amount of the fee.

How Can i Change My Jpj Plate Number in Malaysia

The JPJ authorizes vehicle owners to exchange their vehicle plate numbers. Plate number exchange is the process of exchanging the plate number of a registered motor vehicle (of origin) with an unregistered motor car (new).

Some conditions must be met by the vehicle owner for the purpose of this exchange, which is included with the plate number exchange fee. 

Here are the ways to make a plate number exchange for motor vehicles in Malaysia: 

  1. Owners need to buy the latest plate number of their choice. 
  2. The owner’s vehicle must pass the PUSPAKOM inspection. 
  3. Then, the owner should be present at the nearest JPJ branch with all documents related to the exchange. 
  4. Finally, the plate number exchange process can be done in any workshop after obtaining jpj number plates approval.

Who Is The First Car Owner in Malaysia

The first car owner in Malaysia was Eu Tong Sen. He owns a Chinese medicine store called Eu Yan Sang. He was born in Perak.

He was recognized as the first person to bring a car into Tanah Melayu in 1902, according to history. 

Thus, Eu Tong Sen has made Perak the first state to create a traffic light and the first parking lot.

buy jpj number plate online

Eu Tong Sen’s car plate number uses the letters PK due to the absence of a uniform plate number registration system.

After the era of Japanese colonization, this plate numbering system continued to be uniform to this day.

Plate Number Check Based On State, NGO & University in Malaysia

Here is a list of jpj number plates available in Malaysia;

a) State

Number plate PerakA
Number plate SelangorB
Number plate PahangC
Number plate KelantanD
Number plate PutrajayaF
Number plate JohorJ
Number plate KedahK
Number plate LangkawiKV
Number plate Labuan L
Number plate MelakaM
Number plate Negeri SembilanN
Number plate Pulau PinangP
Number plate Perlis R
Number plate TerengganuT
Number plate Kuala LumpurV
Number plate SarawakQ
Number plate SabahS

b) JpJ Running Special Plate Number

Special Plate NumberPLATE CODE
King Perlis (Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra JamalullailR1
Commander of the Army (Pemerintah Tertinggi ATM)Z
Malaysian Army (TDM)ZA-ZD
Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM)ZL
Kegunaan Staf Kementerian Pertahanan MalaysiaZZ
Deputy Loyal Officer of Johor State (JMF)JZ & JMF
The number of plates issued when the Putrajaya Federal Territory openedPUTRAJAYA
The jpj running plate number issued for a specific Proton vehiclePROTON
The plate number issued for a specific Proton TiaraTIARA
The plate number issued for a specific Proton PerdanaPERDANA
The plate number issued for a specific Proton SatriaSATRIA
The plate number issued for a specific Proton ChancellorCHANCELLOR
The plate number issued for a specific Proton WajaWAJA
The plate number issued for a particular Perodua vehiclePERODUA
The plate number issued for a specific NAZA carNAZA
The plate number issued for a specific LOTUS carLOTUS
The plate number issued for the Modenas Kriss motorcycle   KRISS
The plate number issued for the Modenas Jaguh motorcycle  JAGUH
Plate numbers issued during the Thomas and Uber Cup 2000 held in Kuala LumpurBAMBEE
Plates issued during the 1998 Commonwealth Games held in Kuala LumpurSUKOM
The plate number issued during the 2003 OIC Summit held in Kuala LumpurX OIC
The plate number issued during the 2003 NAM Summit held in Kuala LumpurXIII NAM
The plate number issued during the 2005 ASEAN Summit held in Kuala LumpurXI ASEAN
The plate number issued to the participants or members of the Islamic Development Bank Conference  XXX IDB
The plate number offered by the Malaysian Exploration Club of the Seven Continents, means Gagasan 1 Malaysia.G1M
Number of plates issued in conjunction with the launch of 1 Malaysia Campaign for Youth1M4U
Number of plates issued to volunteer members of the National Malaysian Patriot FoundationPATRIOT
The number of plates issued in conjunction with the launch of the slogan ‘New Terengganu Transformation’ by the government of the state of TerengganuTTB
Number of plates offered by 7 Continent Malaysia Exploration Club   GT
The plate number issued for the Putra’s Proton carPUTRA
Only issued in conjunction with the Launch of the Visiting Year of Pahang (Visit Pahang) 2017VIP
Only issued for official vehicles (Prime Proton) used by the management of the Proton Group and DRB-HICOMGP
It was released on the occasion of the 40th Birth Anniversary of KDYMM Sultan Ahmad Shah and was used only by him.SAS
Only issued in conjunction with the launch of the Quotation Fund for the Malaysian Ping Pong AssociationPERFECT
Only released in conjunction with the 29th Kuala Lumpur 2017 Sea Games and the 9th ASEAN GamesRIMAU
Only released in conjunction with the theme of the 2018 National Day ‘Sayangi Malaysiaku’   MALAYSIA
Only issued to members of the Human Capital Foundation (YMIH).  GG
Only issued to Lee Chong Wei FoundationG
It was only released by the NGO Youth Transformation Organization of MalaysiaT1M
Only released under the National Blue Ocean Strategy program   (NBOS).NBOS
Only issued for 1Malaysia Artists FoundationA1M
The New Affirmative Action Movement is a non-governmental organization that focuses on the development of the Indian youth economy through entrepreneurship, business financing and human capital development.NAAM


1. Why Does Perak Number Plate Start With A

Perak is a state that uses a plate number that begins with the alphabetic prefix “A.”.

This is because the first car brought into Malaysia was owned by a Malaysian citizen of the state of Perak.

The beginning of the alphabet “A” on the plate number was 1945.

2. What Is The Most Expensive Number Plate in Malaysia

The most expensive number plate in malaysia is “FF1”. It is the vehicle plate number of Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

Sultan Johor has been granted the special number and paid the government RM1.2 million for it.