Passport Photo Size Malaysia: Picture Requirements

Passport Photo Size Malaysia requirements for renewal using standard picture

passport photo size malaysia

Before this, applying for a passport, you must bring your own photo.

The photograph must adhere to the passport picture size guidelines set by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Now, all preparations have been completed. However, they will only take your picture if you are appropriately dressed.

Everything will be ready for you to take images of passport in less than 2 hours.

What Is The Standard Malaysia Passport Size Photo

Standard photo that have been set passport malaysia size in cm by MID to approve passport applications are 35mm wide and 50mm high.

Every applicant must follow the passport size photo malaysia specifications and requirements outlined by the MID.

What Should I Wear To Take Pasport Photo Malaysia

The Malaysian Immigration Department (MID) has set some specifications for passport applicants in terms of application when making a new application or passport renewal.

Only clothes that meet the specified specifications will be approved for their application.

The following are guidelines for passport applicants to follow when applying for and renewing passport in malaysia:

  1. Applicants are required to wear dark-coloured clothing.
  2. The clothing must cover the shoulders and chest of the applicant.
  3. Applicants who wear a scarf must wear a dark-coloured scarf that does not cover the face.


Can I Take My Own Photo

For the purpose of online passport renewal, applicants need to capture their own passport photo malaysia, which must be uploaded when filling out the passport renewal application form.

For this reason, applicants who take photos for the purpose of applying for a passport must follow the specifications set by the MID.

What Photo Is Not Accepted For Passport Renewal Malaysia

Photos that do not meet the specifications set by the MID will be rejected in their application.

Photos with a background colour other than white, photos not according to the size of the malaysia passport photo requirements as has been set, and applicants wearing bright clothes when taking the passport renewal malaysia will be rejected, and their application will be considered as not meeting the malaysia passport photo requirements.

Is Malaysian Background Photo Blue Or White

Photos for all passport holders must have a white background.

It is important to ensure that the applicant’s photo is clear for clearance and immigration checks to exit the country.