Rolex Watch Price Malaysia: Best Investment That Appreciate in Value

Rolex Watch Price Malaysia: Best Investment That Appreciate in Value

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Rolex is one of the world’s most luxurious watch brands in watchmaking innovation and industry. It is popular as the watch itself portrays a symbol of luxury, status, and wealth. It was founded in 1905 by a Swiss watch designer and manufacturer in Geneva.

The visionary spirit of Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex, has proven his ability to launch this elegant timepiece. Each of his designs for the watch is very well known for its unrivalled quality and expertise.

For decades, Rolex has mostly been worn by high-end society, including celebrities, politicians, and businesspeople.

Therefore, Rolex is well recognized worldwide as a luxurious watch with high-quality timepieces and continues to be one of the favourite choices among elites.

Why Are Rolex Price In Malaysia So Expensive

Malaysia Rolex is synonymous with luxury. The unbeatable high quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and ability to function flawlessly under any circumstances that fit every occasion made them so priceless.

That’s one of the main reasons why Rolex is so expensive. Besides that, every Rolex collection has never been out of fashion.

Every single watch model is crafted with advanced technologies perfectly associated with a high level of finishing.

Not only that, Rolex timepieces have their own immense quality, so purchasing them as part of an investment.

Rolex holds its price over a time period. It can be sold at some prices because of its incredible value.

The profit can be made out of it. Thus, Rolex is pricey compared to other watch brands in the world due to its significant exclusivity and desirability.

Rolex Malaysia Price

There are various models launched by Rolex. Every single model has its own specifications that price the watch differently.

Below are the Rolex Malaysia prices according to the models;

Rolex Air-KingRM55,000
Rolex Cosmograph DaytonaRM56,750 – RM175,400
Rolex DatejustRM28,400 – RM62,850
Rolex Lady-DatejustRM26,300 – RM145,800
Rolex Day-DateRM144,900 – RM157,650
Rolex ExplorerRM27,900 – RM43,550
Rolex GMT-Master IIRM72,200
Rolex Oyster PerpetualRM20,900 – RM23,850
Rolex Sea-DwellerRM58,600 – RM70,786
Rolex DeepseaRM181,500
Sky-DwellerRM71,050 – RM193,350

Does Hold Value In Malaysia

Rolex is more than just a timepiece; it has its own value. It secured a significant position in the resale market, which collectively makes it a to-die-for investment.

Apparently, the value of Rolex watches’ value has maintained over time. Sometimes the resale value can be higher than the actual value. The value does not depreciate, even though it is an old model.

Therefore, Rolex holds a precious value because of its prominent design, brand heritage, and finest craftsmanship, which are valued as part of the investment.

Are Older Rolex Watches Worth More?

Most of the time, vintage goods have their own worth, and the same goes for Rolex.

The older Rolex is sometimes worth more than the new model of Rolex. The old model seems to be very rare. Since it is rare, the demand for that particular model will increase, and so will its value.

Their value was maintained without any influence from market fluctuations or economic conditions. Their original dials, movements, or bezels will determine the worthiness of the Rolex watches.

Thus, Rolex’s old model watches are priceless compared to the new model.

Does A Rolex Value If Worn

Generally, every single rolex watch malaysia has its own value. The value does not depreciate over time, even when it is worn.

As long as the watch is treated well, it tends to hold its value exponentially. When the years pass, the old Rolex watches worn by the watch wearer will be incredibly rare.

The rare model of rolex watch malaysia draws attention to other watch enthusiasts. This is where the investment stands.

Therefore, the Rolex watches could potentially increase their value more than before, even though they are worn.

Does Rolex Hold Value Better Than Gold Investment in Malaysia

Technically speaking, some Rolex watches are worth an investment, and some are not. For Rolex that do so, it is literally a profitable investment because it has been proven to hold value for decades.

The rarity and exclusivity of these elite timepieces have made them hold value through generations. The ability to hold value well increases demand for them.

Compared to gold, gold is also an investment, and it also holds value for a long-term investment. However, it is subject to market fluctuations and economic movements. The value is affected by the circumstances. Hence, the value of gold is volatile from time to time.

In a nutshell, practically, both hold values very well, depending on their performances. Despite that, rolex watch malaysia price holds value better than gold-investments in Malaysia.

Why Are Rolex Price in Malaysia So Expensive

Rolex is a luxurious watch brand that often come with a hefty rolex watch price in malaysia tag. The price of rolex watch in malaysia is from RM15,000 up to RM500,000.

Even so, it is depending on the model of the Rolex. The currency of Ringgit Malaysia keeps fluctuating over time, due to the up and down of the Malaysia’s economy.

This effected the Rolex price in Malaysia. The weakening of Malaysia’s currency has made prices of Rolex increasing. Therefore, Rolex in Malaysia is overpriced.

Who Owns Rolex Brand

Rolex is one of the most iconic and famous luxury watch brands in the world. It creates a huge mark on the watch industry by crafting a finest and high-quality timepiece.

The impeccable luxurious watch is designated by the visionary soul, Hans Wilsdorf.

Historically, it is owned by Hans Wilsdorf Foundation since 1960, until it became a well-known luxurious watch brand among the elites.

How To Check Rolex Serial Number in Malaysia

Every Rolex watch has their own serial number, as part of their identity.

Engravement of the serial number for every model can be founded between the watch-casing lugs or on the inner bezel of the watch.

The serial number illustrated the model type, bezel and material of the watch.

It consists of 4-6-digit serial numbers. Based on the serial number, it indicates the authenticity of the watch.

Figure 1.0 shows that the example of the serial number is located on the Rolex watch.

How To Check Rolex Authenticity Online

The authenticity of the Rolex watch is measured based on its serial numbers.

The right serial number indicates the originality of the watch.

The serial numbers of the watch model can be found on its official website at

Where Is The Cheapest Country To Buy Rolex?

In certain countries, Rolex can be purchased at a lowest price. It depends on which country you purchase it. Recently, the cheapest place to buy Rolex watches is in Japan.

First and foremost, it is because of the currency exchange between Japanese Yen and US Dollar.

Since the Japanese Yen is weakening, it makes the Rolex watch affordable for buyers, especially for foreigners.

Besides that, Japan is also a country that produces various types of luxurious goods, that include a Rolex-watch. Competition between all of those luxurious goods has effect on the prices of certain goods such as Rolex.

Therefore, any Rolex-Watch-Buyers tend to obtain Rolex at a lower price in Japan.

Why Are Rolex Price Cheap In Japan?

As all people know, Rolex is a global luxury brand that is demanded by all watch enthusiasts at an affordable price tag.

Undeniably, Japan is one of the countries where luxury watch enthusiasts and collectors look.

They can get the luxury watches at a lower price than in other countries.

Rolex is one of the luxurious goods that is widely available in the Japanese market and has a strong presence in Japan.

There are various factors that influence the pricing of Rolex, including import taxes, currency exchange rates, and market dynamics.

Since Rolex is a global luxury goods brand, its pricing is mainly influenced by currency exchange rates. It will determine the price tag of the Rolex in the local market.

The fluctuation of Japanese yen rates will impact the affordability of the Rolex timepiece, which creates favour for potential buyers.

Apart from that, the Japanese market offered low import taxes on all luxury goods, including Rolex watches. The low tax imposed will reduce the retail price of Rolex.

That is why most watch enthusiasts and collectors will look into the Japanese market to make purchases of the watches.

Finally, local market dynamics such as supply and demand and competition among retailers can influence Rolex pricing. Rolex’s authorised dealers will adopt the pricing strategy to control the pricing from crossing any brand’s pricing guidelines.

The market conditions in Japan prevailed over the competitive prices of Rolex watches.

Furthermore, Rolex is very well established in Japan, which makes it highly demanded. It creates competition between retailers and buyers.

Indirectly, it affects the pricing of Rolex in Japan, which is much cheaper than in other countries.

Why Are Rolex Price Cheap In Dubai?

Dubai is one of the wealthiest United Arab Emirates’ countries. The cost of living in Dubai is very high. Most of the goods in Dubai is expensive.

However, since Dubai imposed a low tax rate and their own luxury lifestyles, has Rolex in Dubai been underpriced. Anyone can get the Rolex watches in Dubai at a lower price.

Is Rolex A Good Investment in 2024?

Rolex is synonymous with wealth. Potentially, it can be a solid investment.

By 2024, it appears that Rolex anticipates raising its retail prices by an average of 4%. This means resale prices will also increase.

They can make a profit out of that. Therefore, Rolex is a good investment as it holds high value, and the demand for the watches keeps attracting the attention of buyers.

Best Rolex For Investment in Malaysia

Below are among of the Rolex watches that worth for investment in Malaysia;

1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 126500LN

For those looking for a sophisticated timepiece, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 126500LN is a great option. It was initially made in 1963.

It is an iconic and special timepiece that is suitable to be worn by actors, racers, and entrepreneurs.

The model comes in two-tone steel, gold, and platinum versions, in which the Oystersteel case measures 40mm, the thickness of the lug-to-lug is around 11.9 mm, and the lug-to-lug is 46.5mm.

There is a shiny black ceramic bezel of a nod to the 1965 version at the center of the watch. It comes with a high-performance chronograph.

All the features associated with this timepiece have been favourites among collectors and enthusiasts. Thus, it is listed as the best Rolex to be invested in.

2. Rolex GMT-Master II Yellow Gold 126718GRNR

Rolex GMT-Master II Yellow Gold 126718GRNR is crafted and designated specially for travellers to meet their needs on a long-haul international journey.

By means, it is the perfect choice among globetrotters and pilots. The design is equipped with two different time zones and comes in a versatile look with a combination of modish and classic. It was first founded in the 1950s.

This timepiece is finished in 18-karat yellow gold with a black bezel face, which makes it absolutely stunning in performance.

All the features associated with the version draw the attention of the collectors to owning this model as part of their collection and investment.

3. Rolex Submariner “Starbucks” 126610LV

This timepiece is well designed for professional divers. The unrivaled elegance and functionality of the Rolex Submariner “Starbucks” 126610LV benefit from military and World War II heritage.

The key highlight of this version is that it has a rotatable bezel that is suitable to be worn for rugged deep-water diving activities that allow for accurate monitoring of the diving time.

In addition, this model is waterproof up to 300 meters underwater. Therefore, it is worth the investment and high-core underwater activities.

4. Rolex Sea-Dweller “triple Six” 16660

One of the most popular Rolex watch models among collectors and enthusiasts is the Rolex Sea-Dweller “Triple Six” 16660, which was first released in 1967.

Like the submarine model, the design is crafted for deep-sea activities.

This timepiece is larger and thicker to fit the rough environment of under-sea expeditions, with the added feature of a helium escape valve (HEV).

The reference number for triple sixes is made known by the watch as “Triple Six.”

It is considered a vintage model that holds a high value. The market price of this timepiece can reach up to $12,000, which is considered a great investment.

5. Rolex Explorer II 16570

The classic design of the Rolex Explorer II 16570 was created to withstand extreme environments.

All the features associated with this model attracted buyers and collectors among polar explorers, volcanologists, and speleologists. It was made in 1953.

It displays a bright white color in sunny weather and a blue glow in the dark. Therefore, it makes it easier for the wearer to differentiate between day and night.

The function and technology equipped within this timepiece make it very rare and precious.

Precisely, it is desirable among Rolex collectors and enthusiasts to make a profit out of it.

6. Rolex Submariner 16610

Generally speaking, the Rolex Submariner 16610 is the perfect combination of vintage and modern.

It comes in a stainless-steel case that simply covers all the features and looks of all Rolex.

It is highly demanded by collectors as it is a classic model that suits all occasions.

This luxury timepiece is very popular among the others, and of course it will always have a place in the vintage Rolex market, even as the years pass.

7. Rolex GMT-Master II16710

Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 started its production in 1989 and continued until 2007.

This model is very well-known as “Pepsi.” It is because of its stunning read and blue bezel at the face of the watch.

The key highlight of this model is that it displays two time zones at a time: either local time or reference time.

This model gives a remarkable look to its wearer in all circumstances.

Therefore, it is highly demanded by all collectors to have this model as part of their collection and investment.