Tabung Haji Dividend 2024: History Interest Rate & Payout Date

How to open tabung haji account, How calculate Tabung Haji Dividend 2024 interest rate History & Payout Date

tabung haji dividend 2024 history

The Hajj Fund Board (Lembaga Tabung Haji) is a statutory body that facilitates savings for the pilgrimage to Mecca through Shariah-compliant investments. Not only that, but the Hajj Fund Board also plays a role in providing and managing excellent Hajj services for pilgrims.

Many industries are engaged with this institution, such as finance, plantations, hospitality, property, and technology.

Lembaga Tabung Haji was established by the Malaysian government in 1963. Prior to its establishment, it was governed under the Tabung Haji Act 1995 (Act 535).

Thus, this board is recognized as the first Islamic financial institution that has been established in Malaysia.

When Will Dividend Tabung Haji Announcement Date

Lembaga Tabung Haji is a financial institution that carries out savings and investment activities for pilgrims.

For this reason, every savings and investment made by pilgrims through Tabung Haji will be entitled to an annual dividend.

Usually, Tabung Haji’s dividend announcement date is in February or March of each subsequent financial year.

For the year 2023, the dividends earned for savings and investments for the 2022 financial year will be announced on April 28, 2023.

It must be audited and approved by the Board members before it is announced and distributed to depositors.

When Will Tabung Haji Dividend 2024 Payout Date

Annual profit distributions in the form of dividends will be distributed after the dividend announcement date.

Usually, it only takes a few days to be credited into the depositor’s Tabung Haji account.

For the 2022 financial year, depositors will receive dividend profits starting on April 29, 2023.

Depositors can check online the amount of dividends received in that financial year.

Dividend Tabung Haji History Return Rate Last 5 Years

What is the dividend history for the last 5 years? The above statistic shows the th dividend history for the past 5 years, which is distributed to tabung haji depositors for each financial year.

Lembaga Tabung Haji sustained the dividend rate at an optimal level starting in the financial year 2020 until now which is, 3.10%.

Tabung Haji interest rate 20233.10%
tabung haji rate 20223.10
tabung haji rate 20213.10%
tabung haji investment returns 20181.25%
20174.5% + 1.75%

How To Open Tabung Haji Account Online

How to open tabung haji account? Opening a Tabung Haji account can be done in two (2) ways, which is through online and through a Tabung Haji counter or any of its branches.

With the availability of sophisticated technology, opening a Tabung Haji account through online is easier and more efficient.

The following are ways to open a Tabung Haji account online: 

  1. Visit the official link of Tabung Haji, known as THiJARI, at
  2. Click on the “No TH Account? Open Now”. 
  3. Complete the requested personal information. 
  4. Then, attend any Tabung Haji branch that is close to the customer with a MyKad and deposit the initial amount for the biometric verification of the Tabung Haji account opening.
  5. Finally, the customer’s Tabung Haji account is successful.

How Does TH Calculate Dividend

Tabung Haji’s annual dividend calculation is based on the lowest average depositor’s savings balance in each month throughout the financial year and multiplied by the dividend rate declared in that year.

For example:

Monthly lowest average saving balance X dividend rate (i.e 3.10%) 

 = Dividend received by depositors

ASB vs Tabung Haji Investment Returns

Amanah Saham Berhad (ASB) and Tabung Haji profit are both statutory bodies that offer savings and investment services.

Depositors will receive dividends every financial year from their savings and investments through ASB and Tabung Haji. Both guarantee good returns through this low-risk investment. 

In general, the dividend received by depositors through ASB is higher in annual dividend rate compared to Tabung Haji.

For example, for the year 2023, the dividend distribution rate for ASB is 4.25 sen per unit, while that for tabung haji investment returns is 3.10%.

If you look at the rate, ASB is more profitable than tabung haji interest rate. 

However, the ASB dividend rate is the value of the dividend only where it is not deducted from the amount of zakat that must be paid by the depositor. This is because ASB is a conventional financial institution.

It is different from Tabung Haji; the dividend distributed has a net value because the distribution of zakat has been done by Tabung Haji. Depositors do not need to make zakat distributions again.

This is because Tabung Haji profit is an Islamic financial institution. 

In conclusion, Tabung Haji profit is the best investment for Muslims. Nevertheless, ASB’s investment is the best in terms of the dividend rate offered every year to depositors. Therefore, both have their own advantages. Specifically speaking, ASB is much more better investment compared to Tabung Haji. 

How To Withdraw From Maybank2u

Savings and investments in Tabung Haji are not solely for the purpose of saving pilgrims to perform Hajj in Mecca.

Depositors can also use their savings and investments for other purposes.

Therefore, one of the banking institutions, namely Maybank, offers depositors’ savings and investment withdrawal services through Maybank2U.

Here are the ways to withdraw Tabung Haji savings through Maybank2U: 

  1. Visit the Maybank2U website at
  2. Log in to your Maybank2U user account. 
  3. Click on the “My Accounts” icon on the top left of the home page. 
  4. Then, select “Pay & Transfer”. 
  5. Next, click on the “Tabung Haji” section. 
  6. Click on the “Transfer From” column and select Tabung Haji, while “Transfer To” is to the user’s Maybank2U account. 
  7. Click on the “Transfer” button. 
  8. After that, click on the “Request” button and enter the code in the “Secure Verification” column. 
  9. The review must be done first, and then click on the “Approve” button.
  10. Finally, the withdrawal of Tabung Haji money is successful.