Best Paying Job in Malaysia: Top & High Salary Jobs in 2023

Top paid and Best Paying Job in Malaysia, High Salary Jobs in 2023

top paid jobs and best paying job in malaysia

What is a very good salary in Malaysia? With our current improving economic growth, the government needs to take the initiative to review the salary system that it has set for workers in Malaysia, regardless of the type of industry involved. The increment in wages also needs to be taken into account by the government so that it is consistent with the rise in living standards today.

A highest paying jobs is considered good when it has been established and implemented by the government in a way that can entirely reduce the poverty rate and meet the current standard of living of a country.

Not only that, salaries are also considered good if the people in a country have high purchasing power in order to generate the economy of the country.

Thus, the government plays a significant role in ensuring that the salary rate of every worker can benefit their lives. 

Best Paying Job in Malaysia 2023

There are various kinds of job opportunities offered in Malaysia to the public, and the following are among the jobs that promise a highest and best paying jobs in malaysia to the workers:

1. Among Top Paid Jobs in Malaysia: Specialist Doctor in Malaysia

Specialists’ doctors are among the fields of job that offer one of the highest salary job in malaysia.

They are responsible for treating and advising patients in their various areas of expertise.

The doctor’s salary depends on their field of expertise, level of experience, and level of education.

Their wages range are from RM25,000 to RM50,000 a month.

2. One Of The Highest Paying Job in Malaysia: Surgeon in Malaysia

Surgeons are also one of the jobs in the healthcare industry that offer highest salary job in malaysia

They are responsible for ensuring that the surgery is performed successfully and that the job requires a high level of expertise. A surgeon’s salary is RM5,000 and above.

3. Best Paying Jobs in Malaysia Like Chief Procurement Officer

The salary of the chief procurement officers is around RM10,000 to RM50,000 a month, depending on the industry they work in.

They are responsible in purchasing, negotiating, and making sure that the supplies offered by the supplier meet the standards of the company.

4. Chief Marketing Officer in Malaysia

The salary of the marketing managers is about RM10,000 to RM30,000 per month, depending on the level of experience and industry they are engaged in.

They are responsible in planning and implementing marketing strategies to increase the company’s sales and revenue

5. Chief Human Resources Officer in Malaysia

The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible in managing the well-being of the staff and the company to enhance the development of a company or organization.

The salary rates received by them are in the range of around RM5,000 to RM15,000 per month, depending on their level of experience.

6. Chief Risk Officer in Malaysia

The Chief Risk Officer is responsible for ensuring, monitoring, and managing the level of risk that a company may face and controlling and making good decisions when dealing with company risks such as financial risks, marketing risks, and so on.

This job with high salary in malaysia salary rates received by them are in the range of around RM40,000 per month, depending on their level of experience and their level of knowledge.

7. Head Data Center in Malaysia

The head of the data center is usually responsible in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data generated from various sources for the use of the public.

They are the categories of people receiving the best paying jobs, i.e., in the range of RM90,000 to RM150,000 per year, based on experience and the type of data collected.

8. Head Of Corporate Banking in Malaysia

The job job with high salary in malaysia of the head of corporate banking is about RM240,000 and above for a year.

They are responsible in managing corporate finance, making financial reports, and providing financial advice for strategic management and investment in the corporate field.

In the legal field, heads of legal, such as judges and so on, are responsible in providing legal advice and representing clients in trial cases or legal matters.

The monthly salary paid to this individual is around RM120,000 a year.

10. Senior Insurance Manager in Malaysia

The salary of a senior insurance manager is about RM300,000 a year, depending on the amount of insurance the public has contracted.

They are responsible for managing insurance affairs, marketing the insurance policies by attracting the public to subscribe to the insurance, and leading teams to the goals of the insurance company by providing and offering diverse protection.

11. Managing Director, Operation in Malaysia

This one of the highest salary job in malaysia of the managing and operations director is about RM600,000 a year.

They are responsible for managing and controlling the company’s day-to-day operations, establishing business strategies, and leading teams to the company’s goals to sustain the company’s performance for short and long-term survival.

SOURCE: Investtopedia

What Is High Demand Jobs In Malaysia

The technological developments that are occurring today have led to many job opportunities that require the use of digital technology.

Here is one of the current jobs that are in demand in Malaysia;

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Salary in Malaysia

Artificial intelligence (AI) is well explained as it is a robot. It is created to be and functions the same as human beings and other species with consciousness and emotions.

It is divided into four categories: reactive machines, limited memory, self-awareness, and theory of mind. Currently, this AI has been applied in several industries, such as agriculture, healthcare, gaming, space challenges, finance, banking, and marketing, to name a few. Therefore, an artificial intelligence engineer plays a significant role in producing and setting up these AI robots.

The skills that need to be required by them are expertise in mathematics, fundamental physics, machine learning, computer science, and programming.

Day by day, society starts to realize the importance of AI in the workplaces of any industry.

This is because it makes every working process accurate, error-free, and gives easy and fast solutions to any problems that are difficult to find manually with natural intelligence.

By 2023, it will be one of the fastest-growing vocations in Malaysia, it will become the most demanding job in Malaysia and will offer highest salary job in malaysia in future.

High Demand Jobs in Malaysia Like Digital Marketing

One of the most high demand jobs in malaysia is digital marketing. Most of the daily activities associated with societies today are based on digital platforms and technologies.

It is found all over the world. As we can see, online-based digital technologies such as mobile phones and other digital media have been employed to promote services and products.

This digital marketing is widely used in all sectors of employment, for example, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, digital advertising, affiliate marketing, and PPC (pay-per-click).

According to recent data, nearly 78% of Malaysia’s population actively engages in social media.

Therefore, digital marketing is a demanding job, as there is a huge market for this highest salary job in malaysia since it is a large and fast-expanding field.

User Experience (UX) in Malaysia

The user experience (UX) is among designers, website developers, and developers.

Their role is to make a product or service usable, enjoyable, and accessible to the public.

Their responsibilities are to create and design user interfaces, manage, and edit websites and webpages.

These positions open up many employment opportunities due to high demand, especially in giant organizations like Google. Therefore, these careers have become in high demand because most companies rely on digital platforms to market their products and services.

Cybersecurity Salary in Malaysia

According to the MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), Malaysia is one of the top-ranking countries in the realm of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a protection from any harm to computer systems and networks against information disclosure to the public.

Nowadays, in the era of digitalization, cybersecurity occupations are expected to grow rapidly in all industries, making them a demanding profession in Malaysia and the entire world.

This is because the rapid development of computer systems and internet usage is making the cybersecurity career increasingly popular.

Therefore, individuals with problem-solving capabilities, technological acumen, knowledge of security across many platforms, good communication skills, a zest for learning, and awareness of hacking may apply for this cybersecurity job.

Data Analysis Salary in Malaysia

Data analyst is one of the high demand jobs in malaysia and also in the world, including in Malaysia.

As a data analyst, they need to have expertise in converting raw data into a format that can be used by the public.

Most of the big businesses and companies highly rely on data analysis in processing and analyzing their information.

Therefore, large corporations are currently looking for individuals with a data analysis qualification to be part of their team, which can assist them in expanding in a competitive industry.

What Is The Most Respected Job in Malaysia

The job that is mostly associated with Malaysian society is one of the most respected jobs in Malaysia.

Here is one of the most respected jobs in Malaysia;

Doctor Salary in Malaysia

A doctor is the one who is responsible for healing or treating sick patients.

To become a doctor usually requires specialized training and holding a special certificate, as in Malaysia, a certificate from the Malaysian Medical Council in addition to a doctorate from any university recognized by the government.

A career as a doctor was divided into several sections: doctor general, doctor specialist, doctor surgeon, and dentist.

This job is listed as the most respected job because their service to society today is so great in encouraging and enhancing a healthy lifestyle in society.


Teacher Salary in Malaysia

With increasing awareness on the importance of education and the need to develop a quality workforce, demand for teachers, professors, consultants, and educational administrators continues to increase.

There are vast opportunities at all levels of education, from early childhood education to higher education.

A career as a teacher is highly respected because the teacher is a role model to the student, building a nation with successful citizens in academic, religious, and social ways.

Each teacher must undergo a program and course to become a dedicated teacher; for example, the Bachelor of Education Degree Program (PISMP), the Postgraduate College Course (KPLI), and the Master Graduate Special Program (PKPG).

Professor Salary in Malaysia

A professor is someone who teaches at a college or university. It is a higher position than that of a teacher or tutor.

They are appointed once they have reached a certain level and demonstrated excellence and expertise in a field.

A professor must have a new contribution in his field, whether it is in the form of an idea, a discovery, or a new product that adds to inquiries about the field and the idea or new thing that wants to be shared with the public for the good of universal humanity.

In Malaysia, there are several categories of professors, such as royal professors, professors of honor, professor’s emeritus, deputy professors, and university professors.

Thus, these professors’ careers were very significant and respected due to their contribution to the nation.

Judges in Malaysia

The judge has a wide and complex scope of work in Malaysia. The primary duty of a judge is to hear and settle legal cases, to weigh testimony and evidence presented in court, and to make a fair and law-based decision.

In addition, the judge must also consider the public interest in each case and ensure compliance with the principle of justice.

Other duties include giving orders, making decisions on important issues related to the law, and ensuring the safety and well-being of the plaintiff and defendant in the case.

A judge must have a high degree of integrity, competence in handling cases, and the ability to make decisions based on the law.

The work of these judges is respected because they make a major contribution to the national justice system and help ensure compliance with the law.

Diplomat in Malaysia

Diplomatic officers play a role in planning, formulating, and implementing public policies on human and organizational resource management, financial, economic, administrative, and territorial development, social planning and administration, international relations and foreign affairs (including foreign services), national security and resilience, and information technology management.

It’s better known as a diplomatic officer.

A diplomat’s contribution to the country is enormous, thus making it a valuable career appreciated by all societies.

Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia For Fresh Graduates

After graduating, these fresh graduates must start looking for jobs that match their field of study with high pay rates.

Here are some of the highest-paying jobs available in Malaysia that fresh graduates can apply for;

Software Engineer Salary in Malaysia

The IT sector is not only among the hard-to-do fields, but it is also among the careers that guarantee high incomes, especially for new graduates.

Software engineers have a wide range of job options in the fast-growing IT sector of Malaysia.

There are many opportunities to help with program development, website development, technology support, and other tasks in programming and other related fields.

In Malaysia, a software engineer can expect an income of around RM65,994 a year.

So, holding a degree in computer science or information technology is necessary to become a successful software engineer.

Auditor Salary in Malaysia Per Month

In Malaysia, an auditor can earn an average salary of RM60,000 a year. Auditors are an accounting profession that can earn a good income, especially for new graduates.

It’s responsible for auditing the finances of a company so that it’s free from money smuggling.

Pilot Malaysia Salary Per Month

A career as a pilot is estimated to receive a fresh start income of around RM10,000–RM12,000 a month, depending on flight hours handled by the pilot.

This is because a career as a pilot is not just popular, but the responsibility to bear is very heavy: controlling an aircraft on one journey from one destination to another, ensuring all the passengers of the aircraft fly safely to their destination.

Any critical situation needs to be dealt with quickly and wisely in order to avoid loss of life.

Digital Marketing Manager in Malaysia

In today’s world of digitalization, employment opportunities are widely opened up to individuals who specialize in the field of technology.

A digital marketing manager is responsible for promoting a brand to customers using the Internet or other digital communication channels.

Digital marketing can take various forms, including online video, search engine optimization (SEO), display ads, content marketing, search engine marketing, paid social advertising, social media marketing, and much more.

It allows you to reach a wider audience than before, making it an essential tool for business growth.

Sales Executive in Malaysia

A sales executive is responsible for the overall management of the sales and marketing departments.

Those responsibilities include designing, implementing, and reviewing a company’s sales and marketing approach.

Besides, it is necessary to reach the sales targets set by the superiors. Sales are counted rather than marketing, as seen from digital aspects like social media and blogs.

With new marketing and sales, sales targets will rise. Thus, the salary of a sales executive can reach RM35,000 per month.

Oil & Gas Salary in Malaysia Per Month

Fresh graduates today can also generate income by applying for jobs in the oil and gas field.

They can choose to run their fields of work offshore or onshore. Graduates who qualify for a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering can engage in this field.

The monthly salary that can be earned by fresh graduates working in the oil and gas field is around RM5,000 to RM20,000 per month, depending on the position held.

Business Analyst Salary in Malaysia

A business analyst is an individual who performs an analysis of the business activity of a company or organization.

Their goal is to develop sustainable business methods and goals. Thus, these jobs are suitable for fresh graduates as they can contribute new and sophisticated ideas to producing clear business analysis.

High Salary Job in Malaysia Such As Medical Officer

Medical officials are mandatory positions in every health institution, including hospitals and health clinics.

This medical officer acts like a doctor, but this position is suitable for graduates to begin their journey as a doctor.

Insurance Agent Income in Malaysia Per Month

Agent insurance is one of the most popular jobs for fresh graduates. This is because to be an insurance agent, graduates do not need to have excellent academic results; it relies entirely on marketing and communication skills.

Therefore, many fresh graduates who are unemployed choose to work as insurance agents to generate their monthly income.

Property Agent Income in Malaysia Per Month

As a property agent, the scope of their work is more focused on soft skills like negotiation and communication.

For us, this job is one of the easy job with high salary job in malaysia besides becoming property agent.

The income of a property agent can be RM50,000 a month without any other commission from the sales they make.

In fact, the commission and their income are the result of advertising a property and looking for prospects who are interested in buying it.